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  • Henry Gates Jr. Tells Geraldo "I Don't Think He (Obama) Regrets" Remarks on His Arrest - Video

    08/23/2009 4:17:58 AM PDT · by Federalist Patriot · 11 replies · 514+ views
    Freedom's Lighthouse ^ | August 23, 2009 | BrianinMO
    Here is video of Geraldo Rivera interviewing Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. on Martha's Vineyard where he is vacationing. Gates said the whole controversy surrounding his arrest was about "racial profiling." It had nothing to do with racial profiling! The police went to his home to protect his home! They were called to his home! They were not cruising around profiling anyone. Gates says Sgt. Crowley, who arrested him, is "reading his book" and "sent him a fan letter" the other day. He also said he does not think President Obama regrets his remarks on his arrest, apparently referring...
  • O'Reilly and Bolling bend over for Geraldo

    06/16/2016 8:44:01 PM PDT · by DAC21 · 20 replies
    Fox News | 6-16-16 | DAC21
    Can not believe what those two dopes let Whoraldo get away with.
  • VIDEO: Woman Pelted with Eggs, American Flag Burned at Violent Trump Protest

    06/03/2016 7:57:26 AM PDT · by GonzoII · 78 replies ^ | June 3, 2016
    Chaos erupted once again outside a Donald Trump rally, with protesters attacking Trump supporters and burning the American flag. One woman who was yelling back at protesters ended up being pelted with eggs by the protesters. Some are criticizing the San Jose police for letting the rally go on for far too long and grow out of control before they stepped in. On Fox and Friends this morning, Geraldo Rivera said these violent displays are going to hurt the Democrats' chances in November. "The violence is absolutely the worst thing that can possibly happen to the Democrats. Every time you...
  • Geraldo Rivera blasts Ted Cruz for ‘stinking anti-Semitic’ comments

    04/08/2016 5:24:59 AM PDT · by Washi · 90 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | April 7, 2016 | Victor Morton
    Geraldo Rivera said Thursday night that Sen. Ted Cruz’s attack on “New York values” is actually a form of anti-Semitism. In an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “O’Reilly Factor,” Mr. Rivera, also a Fox News correspondent, said that Mr. Cruz’s explanation that he meant to attack a certain sort of liberalism didn’t hold water because “”He could have very easily said that.” Mr. Rivera called the “New York values” comment an example of “stinking anti-Semitic implications” pandering to Iowa voters, the nominal audience for the debate during which Mr. Cruz made the remarks about real-estate tycoon Donald Trump.
  • FNC's Rivera Lauds Trump's 'Unparalleled Courage' of Not Siding with Israel

    02/26/2016 7:25:36 PM PST · by Kaslin · 43 replies ^ | February 26, 2016 | Brad Wilmouth
    Appearing as a guest on Friday's Fox and Friends, FNC's Geraldo Rivera touted GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump as "the reasonable man on the stage" at last night's presidential debate, and went on to praise Trump's "unparalleled courage" for taking a position of neutrality on the Arab-Israeli conflict. After acknowledging that the GOP presidential candidate would have to answer for his history of having illegal immigrants doing construction work for him, Rivera brought up Trump's position on Israel as he added: My point, Brian, is that in the big picture this was the reasonable man on the stage. How is...
  • Geraldo Rivera: Anger against Sean Penn's 'El Chapo' interview is misdirected

    01/11/2016 10:40:25 AM PST · by Zakeet · 32 replies
    Fox News ^ | January 11, 2016 | Geraldo Rivera
    Folks are furious at actor Sean Penn and Mexican-American actress Kate del Castillo because they got chummy with El Chapo, the notorious drug kingpin rearrested last Friday. Why exactly is that? Penn was not "acting" as a journalist, he was one when he and the soap star bravely entered the jungle and risked physical and financial harm to pursue the huge exclusive interview with the fugitive who was the most wanted man in the world. I would have done it. And I would have kept my mouth shut if I promised the source that I would keep my mouth shut...
  • Jerry Rivers....a real piece of work *vanity*

    10/06/2015 10:54:18 PM PDT · by Kevin in California · 8 replies
    10-06-2015 | Me
    Watching the Hannity replay right now and Hannity had Sheriff Clark and Jerry Rivers on in the segment. HAD TO LMAO at two things Jerry said. "I'm not a liberal" and "I'm a member of the NRA!"
  • Geraldo sets panel on fire: Don’t talk to me about grief of families in ‘FAKE Benghazi scandal’

    09/06/2015 6:45:53 AM PDT · by HomerBohn · 88 replies
    BIZ ^ | 9/5/2015 | Michael Dorstewitz
    On Friday’s edition of Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” occasional co-host Geraldo Rivera expressed little sympathy for the families of four Americans murdered by terrorists in Benghazi, Libya. Panelists were discussing the “drip, drip, drip” of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails, and the scandal that was much of their focus. “At the end of the dripping, like the fake stand-down order in Benghazi, this will be a fake scandal. It will have done its job…” Rivera started to say. Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., exploded. “Benghazi is a fake scandal?” she cut in. “Benghazi is...
  • Geraldo Rivera explains the position of liberal Jews toward Iran

    07/30/2015 9:44:56 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 14 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 07/30/15 | Arthur Weinreb
    If Iran does take steps in the future to annihilate Israel, the leftist Jews who are criticizing Huckabee will never see it coming. And that, Mr. Obama is “sad.” As much as can be generalized, Jews have traditionally been liberal. This can be explained by the fact that Jews have been persecuted throughout history and they tend to identify with people and groups that are or appear to be marginalized. With the rise of the new anti-Semitism on the left under the guise of being anti-Israel but holding Israel to a different standard than other countries with serious human rights...
  • So.... Geraldo just threatened to kick Eric Bollings a$$ on 'The five' (Vanity)

    07/13/2015 2:19:35 PM PDT · by Bullish · 94 replies
    7-13-15 | bullish
    Did anyone else see it. Geraldo's such a punk I wish Eric would have clocked him.

    06/09/2015 2:51:02 PM PDT · by TexasCajun · 31 replies ^ | 09 Jun 2015 | AWR HAWKINS
    The armed guard who protected Geraldo Rivera as he covered the Baltimore riots has been under arrest since May 1 due to the fact that he did not have a license to carry a gun in Maryland. According to the The Baltimore Sun’s Kevin Rector, the guard “has been in jail since May 1 for carrying guns around Baltimore protest w/o an MD carry permit.” The Sun reports that Baltimore Officer John Potts “spotted a man holding handcuffs and an ammunition box” on May 1. He kept watching and saw Donald F. Scott allegedly “open the rear hatch of a...
  • Geraldo: ABC Fired Me for $200 Donation, Why Not the Same for Stephanopoulos?

    05/15/2015 10:27:37 AM PDT · by tcrlaf · 42 replies
    Mediaite ^ | 3-15-2015 | Matt Wilstein
    Geraldo Rivera sees a double standard at work in ABC News’ decision to stand by George Stephanopoulos after the network’s chief anchor apologized for failing to publicly disclose $75,000 in donations to the Clinton Foundation over the last three years. In a Facebook post Friday morning, Rivera claimed he was fired by ABC News in 1985 for making a $200 political donation and wondered why Stephanopoulos isn’t getting the same treatment. “In 1985, after fifteen great years, I was fired by ABC News,” Rivera wrote. “The official reason for my firing was a non-disclosed $200 donation to a family friend...
  • Geraldo Trashes Pamela Geller: ‘Every Time I See Her on TV, I Want to Take a Shower’

    05/08/2015 1:25:52 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 122 replies
    Mediaite ^ | 05/08/2015 | Andrew Kirrell
    Fox & Friends had Geraldo Rivera on the show Friday morning to discuss Pamela Geller and the shooting incident outside her “Draw Muhammad” contest. As you might expect, given his recent comments, Rivera had a plethora of harsh things to say about the anti-Islam activist. “She most reminds me of the Aryan Nation, KKK, racists,” he said. “I see them on television now and I feel like taking a shower.” Tell us how you really feel. “If Pamela Geller, if you put ‘Jew’ in there or ‘Irish’ in there or ‘black’ in there, any other groups, she would not be...
  • Geraldo to Fox & Friends: I’ve Been Warning You People About Netanyahu for Years

    03/20/2015 7:01:52 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 86 replies
    Mediaite ^ | March 20, 2015 | Evan McMurry
    Geraldo Rivera told the Fox & Friends troika that Benjamin Netanyahu was a divisive and petty leader who had fractured U.S.-Israeli relations — as a certain mustachioed someone has been warning for years. “If I were President Obama, I would have sent Bibi Netanyahu a congratulatory postcard by snail mail on a form written ‘congratulations on your recent election,’” Rivera said. “It is the appropriate thing to do to someone who has absolutely insulted the American constitutional system.” “It caused a division in the U.S./Israeli relationship that has never existed before,” he continued. “And then for Bibi Netanyahu to run...
  • Gun-Grabbing Geraldo: 'Far Too Many Creepy Untrained People with Deadly Weapons'

    03/01/2015 6:51:38 AM PST · by KeyLargo · 42 replies
    Newsbusters ^ | February 28, 2015 | Melissa Mullins
    Gun-Grabbing Geraldo: 'Far Too Many Creepy Untrained People with Deadly Weapons' By Melissa Mullins | February 28, 2015 | 10:52 PM EST Fox News host Geraldo Rivera made another outrageous statement regarding gun control, and his distaste for those who choose to exercise their right for the Second Amendment. On Friday’s Fox & Friends show, Geraldo was asked to comment on a recent story out of Pasadena, Texas about a mother who was “charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.”
  • Geraldo: Obama Got His 'A** Kicked' By ‘Millions of Angry Old White Folk’

    11/06/2014 9:00:47 AM PST · by Impala64ssa · 73 replies
    Truth Revolt ^ | 10/6/14 | Bradford Thomas
    “Deserted by Latinos, blacks and his feckless lazy Millennial supporters…” Geraldo Rivera declared on Twitter Wednesday that the Democrats’ wave defeat was all about race and age. Obama, he wrote, was “deserted” by Latinos, blacks and “his feckless lazy Millennial supporters,” which allowed the president to get his "a** kicked" by “millions of angry old white folk.” In addition to the racial implications of his statement (sure sounds like the description of a lynching…), as Twitchy notes, Rivera’s assertion is egregious in its assumptions about age demos: By the way, according to CNN’s exit polls, Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., won...
  • Geraldo Rivera makes a complete mess of the Taylor Woolrich case on Fox News

    08/07/2014 5:50:28 PM PDT · by richardb72 · 21 replies
    Crime Prevention Research Center ^ | August 7, 2014 | John R Lott
    Taylor Woolrich’s case was discussed on Fox News this afternoon. Unfortunately, Geraldo Rivera was on to discuss Taylor’s case and he was very ill informed about what was happening. Here are just five errors in his discussion. 1) Bennett could be released from jail at any time and Taylor calls up every day to make sure that he hasn’t posted bail. Bennett has hired one of the very best defense lawyers in San Diego county, and apparently has been able to post a large retainer of hundreds of thousands of dollars for the lawyer. His bail is set at $300,000,...
  • Geraldo Rivera: Matt Drudge ‘doing his best to stir up a civil war’

    07/31/2014 12:13:29 PM PDT · by Impala64ssa · 53 replies
    Washington Times ^ | 7/31/14 | Jessica Chasmar
    Fox News host Geraldo Rivera has accused conservative blogger Matt Drudge of trying to inflame conservatives and “stir up a civil war,” due to his website’s aggressive coverage of the border crisis. “Shame on Drudge,” Mr. Rivera tweeted Wednesday morning. “His authoritative website has gone hysterical on issue of immigrant children. 14 stories like ‘Could Ebola sneak across?’” Mr. Rivera argued during his radio show that Mr. Drudge, founder of “the most powerful website,” is “doing his best to stir up a civil war” with his headlines, Mediaite reported. “This is exactly what they did to the Irish in the...
  • Bolling Blasts Dershowitz for Anti-Cruz Comment: ‘People Actually Pay’ To ‘Have You Teach Children?’

    10/20/2013 6:17:40 PM PDT · by markomalley · 4 replies
    Mediaite ^ | 10/20/2013 | Noah Rothman
    Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz was on the receiving end of a blistering attack by Fox News Channel host Eric Bolling over the weekend during a heated argument over Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and the tactics he used to seek the defunding of the Affordable Care Act. “Do people actually pay,” Bolling asked, “to have you teach children?” In a segment on Fox News Channel’s Geraldo At Large on Saturday night, Dershowitz began by insisting that “health care is the best thing to happen to this country in my adult life.”finally, finally, we’re becoming a first world country,” he continued....
  • Rand Paul: Stephanopoulos Might Have Helped Obama Manufacture the 'Republican War on Women'

    08/08/2013 12:10:51 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 13 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | 08/08/2013 | Noel Shepphard
    Last year NewsBusters repeatedly made the case that members of the press – in particular ABC’s George Stephanopoulos – aided and abetted President Obama’s claim that the Republicans were engaging in a so-called War on Women. In a radio interview with Geraldo Rivera Wednesday, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said this might have been the case (video follows with transcript and commentary): GERALDO RIVERA: Reince Priebus, the RNC chair was on the Republican, top politician on the Republican side, just saying that if CNN and NBC don’t cancel their planned films about Hillary Clinton, that he’s not going to allow any...
  • Good thing Geraldo isn't running the NSA

    07/25/2013 3:32:39 AM PDT · by IbJensen · 12 replies
    GOP USA ^ | 7/24/2013 | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    When Geraldo Rivera stepped out of the shower sometime over the weekend, he examined his lithe 70-year-old body in the mirror and smiled. The Fox News contributor really couldn't think of a good reason to deprive the world the pleasure of ogling his torso. After all, admiring his own chiseled awesomeness has kept him entertained for years. Before positioning himself in front of one of his favorite mirrors, the newsman grabbed his smartphone, his red-tinted shades and a towel he could use strategically in the unlikely event he was overcome by actual feelings of modesty. Without further ado, the...
  • Geraldo Says Tequila Is To Blame For Naked Selfie & Fox News Made Him Take It Down [NO foto]

    07/22/2013 3:42:47 PM PDT · by BunnySlippers · 81 replies
    Radar Online ^ | 07/22/13
    “I took it Saturday morning,” Geraldo said, and explained that after doing his Fox News show that night he was too wired to just go home and go to bed, so he busted open the booze. “I was back in the bathroom at 2:30. I had a couple of drinks. I said ‘Dammit I like that picture!’ I learned how to use Twitter a couple weeks ago.” Geraldo explained what his drink of choice was that night. “This weekend was tequila. I never do tequila when I’m alone and I had a new bottle that someone had given me. I...
  • Geraldo sends, then deletes, nearly-naked self pic (Hopefully he's history)

    07/22/2013 8:51:06 AM PDT · by NKP_Vet · 58 replies ^ | July 21, 2013
    (Newsday) Fox News host Geraldo Rivera tweeted, then deleted, a nearly-naked self photo on Sunday morning in an online faux pas amazingly similar to the scandal that engulfed former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY). Thankfully, the photo did not feature the 70-year-old anchor’s, erm, parts. “70 is the new 50 (Erica and family are going to be so pissed … but at my age … )” the host of “Geraldo At Large” wrote in his early morning tweet, attaching a shirtless, self-shot photo of him wearing his signature red glasses and a towel that’s a bit too low for comfort. After...
  • Geraldo Rivera posts nude selfie to Twitter: ‘70 is the new 50’ (Running for mayor of NYC?)

    07/21/2013 9:54:52 AM PDT · by jimbo123 · 58 replies
    NY Daily News ^ | 7/21/13 | CHIDERAH MONDE
    Some things you just can't unsee. Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera took a break from tweeting about the week's biggest news stories early Sunday morning to share a more personal tweet — a nude selfie.
  • Internet Stunned: Geraldo Rivera Tweets Semi-Nude Photo of Himself

    07/21/2013 8:37:19 AM PDT · by KeyLargo · 82 replies
    The Blaze ^ | Jul 21, 2013
    Internet Stunned: Geraldo Rivera Tweets Semi-Nude Photo of Himself (Warning: You Will Not Be Able to Unsee This) Jul. 21, 2013 10:12am Madeleine Morgenstern Fox News host Geraldo Rivera tweeted a jaw-dropping half-nude “selfie” mirror photo early Sunday. “70 is the new 50,” the shirtless Rivera wrote from what appears to be a bathroom, a fluffy white towel or robe positioned very low in front of his hips. “(Erica and family are going to be so pissed…but at my age…)”
  • Geraldo Demands To O’Reilly: No More Saying ‘Illegal Alien,’ Because It’s Like Saying ‘Negro’

    04/09/2013 6:46:06 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 156 replies
    MediaIte ^ | 04/09/2013 | by Andrew Kirell
    On his radio show last week, Geraldo Rivera applauded the Associated Press’ decision to drop the term “illegal immigrant” from its official style guidelines and then decreed that no one should use the phrase any longer, seeing as how he believes it is akin to saying “negro” to describe a black person. “You can never use the expression ‘illegal alien’ again,” the radio host said to his colleague Bill O’Reilly. “It is a pejorative. It’s like saying ‘negro’ or ‘homosexual.’ It is a loaded term that doesn’t accurately describe.” “Why don’t you just give me a list of things I...
  • Geraldo Demands O’Reilly Stop Saying “Illegal Alien”

    05/12/2013 11:31:52 PM PDT · by Kevin in California · 81 replies
    Why? Because Mr. Rivera likens it to calling someone a “negro” or a “homosexual.”
  • Geraldo Rivera Places Blame Of Trayvon Martin Death On Hoody

    03/23/2012 10:05:45 AM PDT · by smoothsailing · 33 replies · 3+ views
    WebProNews ^ | 3-18-2012 | John Vinson
    March 18, 2012Geraldo Rivera Places Blame Of Trayvon Martin Death On Hoody Watch video ten times, take shot every time Rivera says "gangsta" by John Vinson Here’s a quick breakdown of Geraldo Rivera’s Trayvon Martin segment on the show Fox & Friends: 0:01 – 0:18 – Talking about how George Zimmerman, "the person responsible for gunning down Trayvon Martin should be investigated to the full extent of the law." 0:19 – 2:55 – Goes on an asinine diatribe about how black & latino people shouldn’t wear hoodies, and how white people cross the street when someone of a darker color...
  • Geraldo Rivera’s son: I’m ‘ashamed’ of my father’s remarks about Trayvon Martin and his hoodie

    03/24/2012 9:56:44 AM PDT · by JoeProBono · 78 replies · 3+ views
    Rivera created a firestorm earlier this week when he argued the hoodie the unarmed teen chose to wear when he was killed in Florida was as much to blame for his death as the man that shot him Even Geraldo Rivera's son is disappointed in his father's controversial remarks about Trayvon Martin. "My own son just wrote to say he's ashamed of my position," the Fox News contributor tweeted on Friday. Rivera created a firestorm earlier this week when he argued the hoodie the unarmed teen chose to wear when he was killed in Florida was as much to blame...
  • Geraldo contemplating run for Senate

    01/31/2013 12:17:53 PM PST · by Sub-Driver · 58 replies
    Geraldo contemplating run for Senate By Jonathan Easley - 01/31/13 02:02 PM ET Television personality and radio host Geraldo Rivera announced Thursday he’s “truly contemplating” a run for Senate in New Jersey. “I mention this only briefly, fasten your seatbelt,” Rivera said on his radio show. “I mentioned this only briefly to my wife ... but I am and I’ve been in touch with some people in the Republican Party in New Jersey. I am truly contemplating running for Senate against Frank Lautenberg or Cory Booker.” 
New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D), 89, is up for reelection in 2014 but...
  • Geraldo Makes A Tough Decision

    06/07/2013 7:17:19 AM PDT · by AdaGray · 19 replies
    06/07/2013 | AdaGray
    I can't believe I am hearing Geraldo (ie. Gerry Rivers) on the Mike Gallagher Show talking about how difficult it was for him to decide NOT to run for NJ Senate. What a puffed up circus barker. The moron even blamed the Koch Brothers.
  • Quote of the evening....

    07/13/2013 10:47:54 PM PDT · by Sporke · 32 replies
    Fox News | 07/14/13 | Sporke
    Geraldo just said, " heart bleeds for the Martin family..." Wasn't their Son killed by a shot through his heart???? What a maroon....
  • Geraldo Rivera 'truly contemplating' run for Senate. Could he win?

    01/31/2013 4:56:09 PM PST · by ConservativeMan55 · 47 replies
    Broadcast journalist Geraldo Rivera said on his radio program Thursday that he's been in touch 'with some people in the Republican Party in New Jersey' about a run in 2014.
  • Is there an alternative to Whorealdo and Judge Janine?

    07/13/2013 9:09:46 PM PDT · by Vendome · 46 replies
    Vanity | 7/13/2013 | Vendome
    I'm just trying to get good info on TV and know already what I'd be treated to on the other channels but, I turn on Fox and there's Whorealdo, couching his language that implies Zimm was wrong. Further, he invites Judge Janine Piero and they both go on and on about Stand your Ground and the law needs to be changed because it leads to far too many vagaries and can only result in further unnecessary deaths.
  • The Journalist's Guide to Gun Violence Coverage

    12/21/2012 9:17:57 PM PST · by TurboZamboni · 10 replies
    Alan Korwin ^ | 1999 | Dr. Michael Brown
    Guns are a sad fact of life in American culture and are a major topic in modern journalism. A good Journalist has a duty to get involved and make a difference in this important societal debate. By following certain guidelines, the concerned Journalist can be assured of having the maximum impact on this shameful problem. The first principle to remember is that subtle use of terminology can covertly influence the reader. Adjectives should be chosen for maximum anti-gun effect. When describing a gun, attach terms like "automatic," "semi-automatic," "large caliber," "deadly," "high powered," or "powerful." Almost any gun can be...
  • Shameful Liberal Geraldo Rivera Attacks Herman Cain's Spokesman Over Allegations

    10/31/2011 9:57:05 AM PDT · by copland1980 · 20 replies
    Breaking Economics Blog ^ | October 31, 2011 | Breaking Economics Blogger
    On Sunday night, Gordon called Rivera's cell phone to answer some questions about the allegations. Rivera, who was live on television at the moment, proceeded to put Gordon on speaker for the audience to hear. The video is below...
  • Geraldo blames Talk Radio for anti-immigration tone that offends Hispanics

    01/23/2011 4:32:09 AM PST · by Suvroc10 · 44 replies
    Examiner ^ | January 23, 2011 | Marc Schenker
    Geraldo Rivera blames Talk Radio for creating anti-immigration tone that offends Hispanics. In an interview with Bill O’Reilly from this past Friday, Geraldo Rivera launched into a tirade on the apparent tone of the immigration debate in America over the last few years. For anyone who’s ever listened to Mr. Jerry Rivers, they know exactly that he is staunchly in favor giving illegal aliens amnesty protection, which is rewarding illegals for their law-breaking disrespect of American law. After declaring that the immigration debate’s tone was vile, Rivera then went on to blame Talk Radio (as in Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, etc.)...
  • Freeper help needed: Recording of tonight's Geraldo At Large mentions of Free Republic

    11/20/2010 8:16:17 PM PST · by kristinn · 146 replies
    Saturday, November 20, 2010 | Kristinn
    Can someone record the Grealdo At Large replay on the Fox News Channel tonight, please?On the first half hour of the show, he brings up Free Republic with regard to the Bristol Palin/Dancing With the Stars controversy:Oh my goodness! “Geraldo at Large” is on Fox right now (PST) and Geraldo’s doing a segment on Bristol’s stint on DWTS. He just said that FreeRepublic dot com is one of the websites with an organized voting effort. He put up graphics of several posts from the FR DWTS threads about voting like democrats, and how to vote from multiple phone lines and...
  • Whorealdo is live from Martha's Vineyard

    08/22/2009 10:10:33 AM PDT · by TornadoAlley3 · 18 replies · 1,348+ views ^ | 08/22/09 |
    Weekends at 10 p.m. ET • Geraldo is live from Martha's Vineyard with the latest on Hurricane Bill and the president's upcoming stay!
  • Geraldo: Latinos who vote for an anti-amnesty candidate are “Uncle Toms”

    05/27/2008 9:00:53 PM PDT · by KentTrappedInLiberalSeattle · 69 replies · 190+ views
    Hot Air ^ | 05/27/2008 | Allahpundit
    Noteworthy, not because this is the first time he’s said something this vile but because it’s not. He floated it to our favorite liberal in February during an interview on Fox News radio (and, sad to say, wasn’t called on it) and thought so highly of his bon mot that he recycled it for his new book. Either no one’s taken him aside to explain how disgusting it is or someone has taken him aside but he thinks it’s so important and righteous that he’s going to keep deploying it anyway. I don’t know which is worse. Bear in mind,...
  • Geraldo Rivera unhinged [Geraldo would spit on Michelle Malkin if he saw her]

    09/01/2007 10:17:03 AM PDT · by PajamaTruthMafia · 209 replies · 5,901+ views ^ | 9/1/2007 | Michelle Malkin
    The Boston Globe has a fawning Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous-ish profile of Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera. In between musing about his favorite pair of soft Uggs (”I’ve worn these in Tora Bora and Somalia,” he says, admiring the suede slip-ons with the sheepskin lining. “They’re so comfortable. I love them.”), his “36-foot Hinckley powerboat,” and his massive estates (including “Seagate, the spectacular, 10-bedroom estate he bought several years ago with his fourth wife” and another “Kennedy-esque compound” with his current wife), he spews this: Rivera, who as a fledgling lawyer in the ’70s counseled the Puerto Rican...
  • Rep. Tom Tancredo and Geraldo Rivera Face Off Over Sanctuary Cities (Transcript)

    08/23/2007 9:15:55 AM PDT · by yorkie · 48 replies · 1,708+ views
    Fox News ^ | August 23, 2007 | Staff
    ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Welcome to "Hannity & Colmes." I'm Alan Colmes. We get right to our top story tonight. Following the brutal slaying of three teenagers in Newark, New Jersey, the nation is focused on sanctuary cities or cities that have made it a policy not to report immigration violations to federal authorities. And just this week, presidential candidate Mitt Romney launched a radio ad criticizing the practice. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Immigration laws don't work if they're ignored. That's the problem with cities like Newark, San Francisco and New York City that adopt sanctuary policies. Sanctuary cities become...
  • Geraldo calls Second Amendment "Loathsome"

    04/20/2007 5:58:07 PM PDT · by ozzymandus · 77 replies · 2,625+ views
    O'Reilly Factor | april 20, 2007 | self
    I just saw Geraldo on The O'Reilly Factor refer to the 2nd Amendment as "loathsome". Please contact Fox News and demand that they not employ anyone who considers the Bill Of Rights as "loathsome".
  • Geraldo Rivera: Sharpton is a Great Man

    04/13/2007 8:16:04 PM PDT · by don-o · 143 replies · 3,129+ views
    Fox News via XM | April 13, 2007 | dono
    Said he will go down as greatest civil right leader of the "late 20th century."
  • Geraldo calls Minutemen 'vigilantes'

    09/19/2005 8:29:18 PM PDT · by Hunterb · 61 replies · 1,125+ views ^ | September 19, 2005 | 2005
    Geraldo Rivera, senior correspondent for Fox News, told a group of Hispanic journalists vigilantes had created "hysteria along the borders" and advised his colleagues not to "let your newsroom push you around on the issue of immigration." "Bust them on their hypocrisy," Rivera said at the annual awards gala of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists in Washington last week, according to a report by the Robert C. Maynard Institute of Journalism Education. Rivera, who served as honorary gala chairman of the event, announced from the hotel stage that he was donating $80,000 to NAHJ and $20,000 to Unity: Journalists...
  • LA Times Critic: Geraldo Rivera at Katrina Was Like a "Vulture on Crystal Meth"

    09/18/2005 3:53:04 PM PDT · by infoguy · 34 replies · 1,468+ views ^ | 18 September 2005 | Dave Pierre
    Los Angeles Times' media critic Tim Rutten has long had a somewhat troubled relationship with reality (for just a few examples, see here, here, and here). He also has never been shy about letting his liberal political views get in the way of doing what he actually should be doing: Analyzing the media in a fair and objective way.However, his liberal slams on conservative media reached a new low in his weekly column, "It's hard to feel bad for Geraldo" (Sat. Sept. 17, 2005) (reg. req'd), which begins as follows (emphasis mine): "IT would be comforting to believe that Geraldo...
  • A city in ruins(Geraldo the fraud)

    09/06/2005 8:00:52 PM PDT · by Bubbasucks · 58 replies · 2,504+ views ^ | Sept. 5, 2005 | Stephen Elliot
    Geraldo Rivera arrives in a Fox News truck. An elderly woman with blond hair grips his elbow. She's wearing thick dark glasses and a pink shirt. He carries her small white dog in his arms. He's wearing thigh-high waders unzipped to below his knees. We shake hands. "Her relative called one of our stations," Geraldo tells me, explaining how that call went to another station, and then another, and finally to him. The woman had been stranded in her home for six days. Geraldo picked up the woman and her dog and brought them here. The woman looks frail on...
  • New York Times Prints False Story About Geraldo Rivera (VIDEO)

    09/06/2005 6:48:11 PM PDT · by ianschwartz · 29 replies · 942+ views
    Geraldo Rivera appeared on The O’Reilly Factor this evening to discuss a false story printed by The New York Times. Television journalist, Alessandra Stanley wrote the following snippet that is hidden at the bottom her the article: Some reporters helped stranded victims because no police officers or rescue workers were around. (Fox’s Geraldo Rivera did his rivals one better: yesterday, he nudged an Air Force rescue worker out of the way so his camera crew could tape him as he helped lift an older woman in a wheelchair to safety.) News reports alerted the world, and, it seems, an inattentive...
  • Geraldo excuses Mayor Nagin's incompetence on Hannity and Stupid...

    09/06/2005 6:41:49 PM PDT · by frogjerk · 117 replies · 3,194+ views
    Whoraldo basically excused Mayor Nagin's non action when specifically called on the "2000 buses" question from Hannity. He than said "We need to come together" when he was losing the argument...
  • Summer of The Shark Part II (New Shark Attack In Florida An Hour Ago)

    06/27/2005 9:57:41 AM PDT · by My Favorite Headache · 232 replies · 10,619+ views
    AP | 6-27-05 | my favorite headache
    A swimmer has been attacked at Port St.John Beach/State Park in Florida by a shark. Beaches are closed down as of 12:30 PM EST. More to follow...