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  • Scientists discover gigantic 400 million year old extinct worm in Canadian museum

    02/22/2017 10:06:12 AM PST · by DUMBGRUNT · 40 replies
    International business times ^ | 22 Feb 2017 | India Ashok
    new species of an extinct giant worm was found to have terrifyingly large snapping jaws. noting that its gigantic size is comparable to the living species of the 'giant eunicid' species, better known as 'Bobbit worms', which are considered to be terrifying and opportunistic ambush predators that use powerful jaws to capture their prey. We know that being giant is related to things like competitive dominance and the modern worms that get this big are fearsome predators.
  • World's Heaviest Earthworm Found, Then Killed

    11/11/2016 11:58:52 AM PST · by nickcarraway · 67 replies
    Nationak Geographic ^ | NOVEMBER 4, 2016 | Mary Bates
    Dave, a 16-inch-long earthworm discovered recently in England, will become part of the collection at the Natural History Museum in London.What Paul Rees recently discovered among his vegetables in England's Cheshire County is anything but garden variety: a gigantic earthworm. Rees's stepson, George, named the behemoth Dave. He's the longest earthworm recorded in the United Kingdom—almost 16 inches—but it's his mass that has really impressed scientists. Dave weighs nearly an ounce, almost twice as heavy as any other wild earthworm ever seen. That's about the size of a small chocolate bar. Before Dave, the largest earthworm (Lumbricus terrestris) was a...
  • Barack Obama Officially A Parasite: Scientists Name Worm After President

    09/08/2016 5:36:33 PM PDT · by Biggirl · 20 replies ^ | September 8, 2016 | Breitbart Tech
    WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s no Nobel Peace Prize, but Barack Obama has a new honor to brag about. Scientists have named a parasite after him – and there’s no worming out of it. Meet Baracktrema obamai, a tiny parasitic flatworm that lives in turtles’ blood. A new study officially names the two-inch-long, hair-thin creature after Obama.
  • Man Dies After Tapeworm Inside Him Gets Cancer

    11/04/2015 7:52:23 PM PST · by Dallas59 · 46 replies
    Live Science ^ | 11/4/2015 | Live Science
    A Colombian man's lung tumors turned out to have an extremely unusual cause: The rapidly growing masses weren't actually made of human cells, but were from a tapeworm living inside him, according to a report of the case. This is the first known report of a person becoming sick from cancer cells that developed in a parasite, the researchers said.
  • Scientists name the deepest cave-dwelling centipede after Hades—the Greek god of the underworld

    06/30/2015 1:48:02 PM PDT · by Red Badger · 7 replies
    Phys.Org ^ | 06-30-2015 | Provided by Pensoft Publishers
    The newly discovered Hades centipede. Credit: J. Bedek An international team of scientists has discovered the deepest underground dwelling centipede. The animal was found by members of the Croatian Biospeleological Society in three caves in Velebit Mts, Croatia. Recorded as deep as -1100 m the new species was named Geophilus hadesi, after Hades, the God of the Underworld in the Greek Mythology. The research was published in the open access journal ZooKeys. Lurking in the dark vaults of some of the world's deepest caves, the Hades centipede has also had its name picked to pair another underground-dwelling relative named after...
  • Spiky monsters: New species of 'super-armored' worm discovered

    06/30/2015 9:59:45 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 29 replies
    Phys.Org ^ | 06-29-2015 | Provided by University of Cambridge
    Collinsium ciliosum, a Collins' monster-type lobopodian from the early Cambrian Xiaoshiba biota of China. Credit: Javier Ortega-Hernández A new species of 'super-armoured' worm, a bizarre, spike-covered creature which ate by filtering nutrients out of seawater with its feather-like front legs, has been identified by palaeontologists. The creature, which lived about half a billion years ago, was one of the first animals on Earth to develop armour to protect itself from predators and to use such a specialised mode of feeding. The creature, belonging to a poorly understood group of early animals, is also a prime example of the broad variety...
  • Newly found ring of teeth uncovers what common ancestor of molting animals looked like

    06/25/2015 8:35:35 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 13 replies
    Phys.Org ^ | 06-24-2015 | Provided by University of Cambridge
    Hallucigenia sparsa from the Burgess Shale (Royal Ontario Museum 61513). The fossil is 15 mm long. Credit: Jean-Bernard Caron A new study of an otherworldly creature from half a billion years ago - a worm-like animal with legs, spikes and a head difficult to distinguish from its tail - has definitively identified its head for the first time, and revealed a previously unknown ring of teeth and a pair of simple eyes. The results, published today in the journal Nature, have helped scientists reconstruct what the common ancestor of everything from tiny roundworms to huge lobsters might have looked like....
  • Beware of new worm targeting Linux PCs – Symantec

    12/03/2013 6:12:54 AM PST · by ShadowAce · 19 replies
    GMA News ^ | 1 December 2013 | KDM
    A new worm is targeting personal computers running the Linux operating system, and may also pose a threat to embedded devices such as home routers and set-top boxes, a security vendor reported this week.   Symantec said its researchers warned the malware, named Linux.Darlloz, spreads by exploiting a vulnerability in php-cgi that had been patched as early as May 2012.   "The worm is capable of attacking a range of small, Internet-enabled devices in addition to traditional computers. Variants exist for chip architectures usually found in devices such as home routers, set-top boxes and security cameras," researcher Kaoru Hayashi said...
  • Worm poo's window into past climate

    07/10/2013 2:10:41 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 7 replies
    BBC News ^ | 7/10/13 | Simon Redfern
    Earthworm poo can be used to measure past temperatures, providing a window into the ancient climate. A study shows that the chemistry of small balls of chalky crystals secreted into soil by the worms varies with temperature. A UK team said the granules could be compared with other climatic "proxies", such as ice cores and deep sea sediments. Details appear in the journal Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. Scientists from the universities of Reading and York, report that the calcium carbonate (calcite) nodules dug up from archaeological sites give a unique measure of the ancient local temperatures. Because the ratios of...
  • “Phallus” Worm Is Evolutionary Missing Link

    03/14/2013 7:40:12 AM PDT · by JoeProBono · 14 replies
    nationalgeographic ^ | March 13, 2013 | Christine Dell'Amore
    A phallus-shaped worm that lived 505 million years ago is heads above the rest—it’s a “missing link” between two lineages of acorn worms, a new study says. Dubbed Spartobranchus tenuis, the odd creature is a type of soft-bodied marine animal that’s rarely preserved in the fossil record. The new specimen was first discovered in the early 1900s in an area called the Burgess Shale, a fossil-rich area in Canada‘s Yoho National Park.But the fossil went mostly unnoticed until a few years ago, when evolutionary biologist Jean-Bernard Caron of the University of Toronto “stumbled on drawers full of these worms” at...
  • Dirty Deeds: Iranian nuclear program hit by 'AC/DC virus'?

    07/24/2012 12:17:53 PM PDT · by GSWarrior · 50 replies ^ | 7/24/12
    Iranian nuclear facilities have reportedly been attacked by a “music” virus, turning on lab PCs at night and blasting AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.” Mikko Hypponen, Chief Researcher at Finnish digital security firm F-secure, publicly released a letter he received from an unnamed Iranian scientist. The researcher, who claimed to work for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), said that another virus has struck the Natanz uranium enrichment facility in central Iran and a secret underground research facility at Fordo, southwest of Tehran. The letter’s author reported that the virus shut down equipment (made by Germany’s Siemens Corporation) and automated systems at...
  • Weekly Gardening Thread Vol. 22 (Keywords 2) June 1, 2012

    06/01/2012 8:06:36 AM PDT · by JustaDumbBlonde · 123 replies
    Friday, June 1, 2012 | JustaDumbBlonde
    Good morning and happy June to my gardening FRiends and fellow gardeners!You may have noticed that I titled last week's thread "Keywords", and then totally forgot to write the first word about the topic. That illustrates perfectly how frazzled my mind is these days. As I was getting ready to hit the post button, I kept thinking there was something I was forgetting, but finally convinced myself that it probably wasn't *that* important, and I posted the thread. I apologize.There has been more than once that great information has been posted by one of our members, but I can't...
  • The Enemy Within (The story has some foul language describing the Conficker computer worm.)

    12/11/2011 10:13:19 PM PST · by neverdem · 38 replies
    The Atlantic ^ | June 2010 | Mark Bowden
    When the Conficker computer “worm” was unleashed on the world in November 2008, cyber-security experts didn’t know what to make of it. It infiltrated millions of computers around the globe. It constantly checks in with its unknown creators. It uses an encryption code so sophisticated that only a very few people could have deployed it. For the first time ever, the cyber-security elites of the world have joined forces in a high-tech game of cops and robbers, trying to find Conficker’s creators and defeat them. The cops are failing. And now the worm lies there, waiting … The first surprising...
  • 'Sky Worm' Drone Readies for US Military Flight Tests (airship drone)

    11/18/2011 9:50:49 AM PST · by LibWhacker · 9 replies
    Argus One airship, U.S. military drone Drones and satellites dominate the U.S. military's surveillance arsenal, but fleets of unmanned airships could soon join in keeping an eye on battlefields. One robotic airship contender, the modular Argus One, has upcoming flight demonstrations scheduled at a U.S. Department of Energy Nevada Test Site that hosted nuclear bomb tests during the Cold War. The Argus One's design resembles a segmented sky worm made of connecting modules, and has the flexibility to quickly change its flight path as it slinks through the sky. It can also carry 30 pounds of surveillance sensors or...
  • Ralph Langner: Cracking Stuxnet, a 21st-century cyber weapon

    When first discovered in 2010, the Stuxnet computer worm posed a baffling puzzle. Beyond its unusually high level of sophistication loomed a more troubling mystery: its purpose. Ralph Langner and team helped crack the code that revealed this digital warhead's final target -- and its covert origins. In a fascinating look inside cyber-forensics
  • NY Times: Yep, Stuxnet is a joint U.S./Israeli project — ordered by Bush (Obama gets credit too...)

    01/18/2011 7:25:03 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 10 replies
    Hotair ^ | 01/18/2011 | Allahpundit
    Greenlit by Dubya, accelerated by Obama. Or at least, that’s what the cyborg time travelers who brought the worm back from the future would have you believe.The evidence is only circumstantial, but … there’s an awful lot of it. Behind Dimona’s barbed wire, the experts say, Israel has spun nuclear centrifuges virtually identical to Iran’s at Natanz, where Iranian scientists are struggling to enrich uranium. They say Dimona tested the effectiveness of the Stuxnet computer worm, a destructive program that appears to have wiped out roughly a fifth of Iran’s nuclear centrifuges and helped delay, though not destroy, Tehran’s ability...
  • Iran dismisses reports on cyber virus on nuclear power plant

    01/18/2011 7:00:27 AM PST · by Libloather · 3 replies
    People Daily ^ | 1/18/11
    Iran dismisses reports on cyber virus on nuclear power plant22:02, January 18, 2011 A spokesman of Iranian Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) dismissed reports about negative impacts of Stuxnet worm on Iran's nuclear facilities, local satellite Press TV reported on Tuesday. Hamid Khadem Qaemi, rejected the report of Daily Telegraph, alleging that Stuxnet computer virus has had a negative impact on the country's nuclear facilities. Khadem Qaemi said Tuesday that the Stuxnet worm has failed to influence the progressing activities of Bushehr nuclear power plant in southern Iran. "The Iranian atomic energy organization's security experts vigilantly identified the virus about one...
  • Stuxnet Worm Was Weapon, Report Says ("cyberwar nightmare for Tehran may have only just begun")

    01/17/2011 10:12:34 AM PST · by Libloather · 29 replies
    PC World ^ | 1/17/11 | Gregg Keizer
    Stuxnet Worm Was Weapon, Report SaysBy Gregg Keizer, Computerworld Jan 17, 2011 11:45 am The Stuxnet worm that disrupted Iran's ability to enrich uranium into bomb-grade nuclear fuel was jointly created by Israel and the U.S., the New York Times said Saturday. Citing confidential sources, the U.S. newspaper claimed that Israel's covert nuclear facility at Dimona was used to test the worm's effectiveness on centrifuges like the ones Iran employs at its Natanz complex, which has been plagued by technical problems. **SNIP** Langner, who has spent months pulling the worm apart, said earlier this week that Stuxnet was a natural...
  • Virus attacking Iran nuke program is Israeli

    01/16/2011 7:49:05 PM PST · by Sharondownunderinnz · 43 replies
    Israel Today Magazine ^ | Sunday, January 16, 2011 | Ryan Jones
    The New York Times reported rather conclusively on Saturday that the super-advanced computer virus that has at least partially crippled Iran’s nuclear program was developed and tested by Israel, with American involvement. Known as Stuxnet, the virus was first identified “in the wild” about two years ago. About one year ago, it infected the computers that control the uranium enrichment plant at Natanz in central Iran. By all accounts, Stuxnet has to date managed to knock out 984 centrifuges and has, according to Israeli officials, set back Iran’s nuclear program by a good three-to-four years. According to the report, the...
  • Russia warns of ‘Iranian Chernobyl' (scientists providing technical assistance)

    01/16/2011 5:57:01 PM PST · by Libloather · 18 replies
    Telegraph ^ | 1/16/11 | Con Coughlin
    Russia warns of ‘Iranian Chernobyl'By Con Coughlin 5:23PM GMT 16 Jan 2011 Russian nuclear scientists are providing technical assistance to Iran's attempts activate the country's first nuclear power plant at the Gulf port. But they have raised serious concerns about the extensive damage caused to the plant's computer systems by the mysterious Stuxnet virus, which was discovered last year and is widely believed to have been the result of a sophisticated joint US-Israeli cyber attack. According to Western intelligence reports, Russian scientists warned the Kremlin that they could be facing "another Chernobyl" if they were forced to comply with Iran's...
  • Once Again, Thank You President Bush

    01/16/2011 12:36:35 PM PST · by big black dog · 28 replies · 2+ views
    midtownrepublican ^ | Georgeann King
    In the New York Times story today that details information on the Stuxnet computer worm that ended up destroying 984 Iranian unranium centrifuges, an interesting “item” pops out. Not immediately, not in the New York Times. But about half way through the story we find out that President Bush got the Stuxnet started in 2008 with Israel. He even managed to get the cooperation of Germany, Britain and the Saudis. Not bad for someone the world supposedly hated. Then, near the end of the piece, we find out that we got a lot of material from Libya after it gave...
  • Israel Tests on Worm Called Crucial in Iran Nuclear Delay [Cyberweapon, Killing Scientists, Mossad]

    01/16/2011 1:35:25 AM PST · by fight_truth_decay · 18 replies
    NYTIMES ^ | Published: January 15, 2011 | William J. Broad, John Markoff , David E. Sanger.
    The Dimona complex in the Negev desert is famous as the heavily guarded heart of Israel’s never-acknowledged nuclear arms program, where neat rows of factories make atomic fuel for the arsenal. Over the past two years, according to intelligence and military experts familiar with its operations, Dimona has taken on a new, equally secret role — as a critical testing ground in a joint American and Israeli effort to undermine Iran’s efforts to make a bomb of its own.
  • Report: U.S.-Israel Tested Worm Linked to Iran Atom Woes

    01/16/2011 5:09:42 AM PST · by nuconvert · 16 replies
    WASHINGTON -- Israel has tested a computer worm believed to have sabotaged Iran's nuclear centrifuges and slowed its ability to develop an atomic weapon, The New York Times reported Saturday. In what the Times described as a joint Israeli-U.S. effort to undermine Iran's nuclear ambitions, it said the tests of the destructive Stuxnet worm had occurred over the past two years at the heavily guarded Dimona complex in the Negev desert.
  • 'Israel tested Stuxnet virus on Dimona plant'

    01/15/2011 9:55:37 PM PST · by americanophile · 54 replies
    Jerusalem Post ^ | 1/16/2011 | staff
    Report: Israel used centrifuges identical to those in Iran to test out worm that set Teheran's nuclear program years back; virus was authorized by Bush administration, rather than allow an Israeli attack. Israel tested the Stuxnet virus in Dimona, according to a Sunday report by The New York Times. Israel reportedly has centrifuges that are identical to those at the Iranian nuclear site in Natanz, which were used to test the Stuxnet computer worm. In 2008, the Times reported, German company Siemens cooperated with the Idaho National Laboratory, allowing it to identify problems in the comany's computer controllers, which are...
  • Stuxnet’s Finnish-Chinese Connection

    12/27/2010 8:47:10 AM PST · by shield · 16 replies · 2+ views
    Forbes/Firewall Blog ^ | 14th December, 2010 | Jeffrey Carr
    I recently wrote a white paper entitled “Dragons, Tigers, Pearls, and Yellowcake” in which I proposed four alternative scenarios for the Stuxnet worm other than the commonly held assumption that it was Israel or the U.S. targeting Iran’s Bushehr or Natanz facilities. During the course of my research for that paper, I uncovered a connection between two of the key players in the Stuxnet drama: Vacon, the Finnish manufacturer of one of two frequency converter drives targeted by this malware; and RealTek, who’s digital certificate was stolen and used to smooth the way for the worm to be loaded onto...
  • Jimmy Carter Vs. Guinea Worm: Sudan Is Last Battle (The left wipes out an entire species)

    12/26/2010 12:12:15 PM PST · by Libloather · 20 replies · 2+ views
    CBS News ^ | 12/26/10
    Jimmy Carter Vs. Guinea Worm: Sudan Is Last BattleJimmy Carter Racing Guinea Worm To Its Death; Remote And Wild Sudan Disease's Last Stronghold Dec. 26, 2010 (AP) ABUYONG, Sudan (AP) - Lily pads and purple flowers dot one corner of the watering hole. Bright green algae covers another. Two women collect water in plastic jugs while a cattle herder bathes nearby. Samuel Makoy is not interested in the bucolic scenery, though. He has an epidemic to quash. Makoy points out to the women the fingernail-length worm-like creatures whose tails flick back and forth. Then a pond-side health lesson begins on...
  • Nuclear scientist killed in Tehran was Iran's top Stuxnet expert

    11/30/2010 9:13:54 PM PST · by Citizen X_Area 51 · 31 replies ^ | 11.29.10
    World Exclusive from debkafile's intelligence sources: Prof. Majid Shahriari, who died when his car was attacked in North Tehran Monday, Nov. 29, headed the team Iran established for combating the Stuxnet virus rampaging through its nuclear and military networks. His wife was injured. The scientist's death deals a major blow to Iran's herculean efforts to purge its nuclear and military control systems of the destructive worm since it went on the offensive six months ago. Only this month, Stuxnet shut down nuclear enrichment at Natanz for six days from Nov. 16-22 and curtailed an important air defense exercise.
  • Stuxnet: The second-greatest story ever told (designed for Iranian program to never succeed)

    11/27/2010 8:26:46 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 25 replies · 1+ views
    Hotair ^ | 11/27/2010 | Allahpundit
    I know, I know — you already know the basics about Stuxnet. No matter. So do I, yet this is the most gripping news feature I’ve read this week, to the point where I started mentally storyboarding the inevitable Hollywood spy movie that’s going to be made about it before I was halfway through. Starring Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg as leaders of an elite team of pasty beta-male hackers, overseeing the cyberwarfare equivalent of the Manhattan Project. Title: “The Nerds Who Saved the World.”Kidding aside, take five minutes to read it all. Nothing else that I’ve come across better...
  • Stuxnet Knocks Natanz Out For a Week, Hits Iran's Air Defense (bug raiding all their military)

    11/26/2010 9:34:16 AM PST · by dselig · 50 replies · 1+ views
    Debkafiles ^ | November 24, 2010, 9:02 AM (GMT+02:00
    Despite Iranian claims in October that their nuclear systems were cleansed of the Stuxnet virus, Iranian sources confirm that the invasive malworm is still making trouble. It shut down uranium enrichment at Natanz for a week from Nov. 16 to 22 over breakdowns caused by mysterious power fluctuations in the operation of the centrifuge machines enriching uranium at Natanz. The shutdown was reported by the director of the International Atomic Energy Agency Yukiya Amano to the IAEA board in Vienna on Tuesday, Nov. 23. Rapid changes in the spinning speed of the thousands of centrifuges enriching uranium to weapons-grade can...
  • Mystery Surrounds Cyber Missile That Crippled Iran's Nuclear Weapons Ambitions

    11/26/2010 11:17:09 AM PST · by Ron C. · 112 replies · 2+ views
    Fox News ^ | 11/26/10 | Ed Barnes
    In the 20th century, this would have been a job for James Bond. The mission: Infiltrate the highly advanced, securely guarded enemy headquarters where scientists in the clutches of an evil master are secretly building a weapon that can destroy the world. Then render that weapon harmless and escape undetected. But in the 21st century, Bond doesn't get the call. Instead, the job is handled by a suave and very sophisticated secret computer worm, a jumble of code called Stuxnet, which in the last year has not only crippled Iran's nuclear program but has caused a major rethinking of computer...
  • 'Stuxnet specifically targeted Iranian nuclear program' (New Details Revealed)

    11/20/2010 8:21:03 AM PST · by mojito · 7 replies · 1+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | 11/20/2010 | Staff
    The German computer security expert who first reported that the Stuxnet worm was designed to attack targets in Iran said the virus specifically attacked the country's nuclear program, in a report posted Friday. In his analysis, Ralph Langner said Stuxnet contained two distinct "digital warheads," specifically designed to attack military targets: Uranium enrichment plants and the Bushehr nuclear power plant. Langner said that the portion of the worm that targeted Uranium enrichment plants manipulated the speeds of mechanical parts in the enrichment process, which would ultimately "result in cracking the rotor, thereby destroying the centrifuge." He said the strategic importance...
  • What really bugs Iran

    10/15/2010 8:22:08 AM PDT · by Pride_of_the_Bluegrass · 5 replies · 1+ views
    Amid the mass of published analysis of the Stuxnet virus, Iran's most obvious vulnerability to cyber-war has drawn little comment: much of the Islamic Republic runs on pirated software. The programmers who apparently cracked Siemens' industrial control code to plant malware in Iran's nuclear facilities needed a high degree of sophistication. Most Iranian computers, though, run on stolen software obtained from public servers sponsored by the Iranian government. It would require far less effort to bring about a virtual shutdown of computation in Iran, and the collapse of the Iranian economy. The information technology apocalypse that the West feared on...
  • Iran acknowledges espionage at nuclear facilities

    10/09/2010 10:05:07 AM PDT · by Pride_of_the_Bluegrass · 2 replies · 2+ views
    AP via Yahoo News ^ | ALI AKBAR DAREINI
    TEHRAN, Iran – Iran acknowledged Saturday that some personnel at the country's nuclear facilities were lured by promises of money to pass secrets to the West but insisted increased security and worker privileges have put a stop to the spying. The stunning admission by Vice President Ali Akbar Salehi provides the clearest government confirmation that Iran has been fighting espionage at its nuclear facilities. In recent weeks, Iran has announced the arrest of several nuclear spies and battled a computer worm that it says is part of a covert Western plot to derail its nuclear program. And in July, a...
  • Stuxnet: Fact vs. theory

    10/09/2010 6:12:24 AM PDT · by Pride_of_the_Bluegrass · 33 replies · 1+ views
    CNET News ^ | Elinor Mills
    The Stuxnet worm has taken the computer security world by storm, inspiring talk of a top secret, government-sponsored cyberwar, and of a software program laden with obscure biblical references that call to mind not computer code, but "The Da Vinci Code." Stuxnet, which first made headlines in July, (CNET FAQ here) is believed to be the first known malware that targets the controls at industrial facilities such as power plants. At the time of its discovery, the assumption was that espionage lay behind the effort, but subsequent analysis by Symantec uncovered the ability of the malware to control plant operations...
  • Stuxnet Threat Gets Scarier

    10/08/2010 6:55:33 PM PDT · by Rabin · 17 replies
    Modern Power Systems ©2010 ^ | 08 October 2010 | Staff
    Stuxnet is a Windows-specific computer worm first discovered in June 2010 by VirusBlokAda, a security firm based in Belarus. It is the first discovered worm that spies on and reprograms industrial systems. It was specifically written to attack Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems of the type used to control and monitor industrial processes.
  • How Stuxnet is Scaring the Tech World Half to Death

    10/03/2010 8:09:37 AM PDT · by GVnana · 82 replies
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 9/30/2010 | Jonathan V. Last
    The computer worm Stuxnet broke out of the tech underworld and into the mass media this week. It’s an amazing story: Stuxnet has infected roughly 45,000 computers. Sixty percent of these machines happen to be in Iran. Which is odd. What is odder still is that Stuxnet is designed specifically to attack a computer system using software from Siemens which controls industrial facilities such as factories, oil refineries, and oh, by the way, nuclear power plants. As you might imagine, Stuxnet raises big, interesting geo-strategic questions. Did a state design it as an attack on the Iranian nuclear program? Was...
  • Russian experts flee Iran, escape dragnet for cyber worm smugglers

    10/03/2010 8:34:55 PM PDT · by Pride_of_the_Bluegrass · 35 replies
    debkafile's intelligence sources report from Iran that dozens of Russian nuclear engineers, technicians and contractors are hurriedly departing Iran for home since local intelligence authorities began rounding up their compatriots as suspects of planting the Stuxnet malworm into their nuclear program. Among them are the Russian personnel who built Iran's first nuclear reactor at Bushehr which Tehran admits has been damaged by the virus. One of the Russian nuclear staffers, questioned in Moscow Sunday, Oct. 3 by Western sources, confirmed that many of his Russian colleagues had decided to leave with their families after team members were detained for questioning...
  • Stuxnet raises virus stakes

    10/02/2010 8:19:45 PM PDT · by Pride_of_the_Bluegrass · 19 replies
    Asia Times Online ^ | Martin J Young
    Industrial control systems made by German company Siemens, which are widely used in Iran, were the targets of the worm, indicating that its creators had advanced knowledge of these types of systems far beyond the scope of a most information technology experts. The code is so specialized that it targets only two models of Siemens programmable logic controllers, the S7 300 and S7 400, and will execute only if it finds very specific parameters within the machine. These controllers are usually associated with the management of oil pipeline systems, electrical power grids, and nuclear power plants
  • Software smart bomb fired at Iranian nuclear plant

    09/25/2010 9:11:15 AM PDT · by Pride_of_the_Bluegrass · 51 replies
    SAN FRANCISCO: Computer security experts are studying a scary new cyber weapon: a software smart bomb that may have been crafted to find and sabotage a nuclear facility in Iran. Malicious software, or malware, dubbed "Stuxnet" is able to recognise a specific facility's control network and then destroy it, according to German computer security researcher Ralph Langner. "Welcome to cyber war," Langner said in a post at his website. "This is sabotage." Langner has been analyzing Stuxnet since it was discovered in June and said the code had a technology fingerprint of the control system it was seeking and would...
  • Stuxnet 'cyber superweapon' moves to China

    10/01/2010 1:43:09 PM PDT · by WellyP · 16 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 30 Sept. 2010 | Breitbart
    "A computer virus dubbed the world's "first cyber superweapon" by experts and which may have been designed to attack Iran's nuclear facilities has found a new target -- China. The Stuxnet computer worm has wreaked havoc in China, infecting millions of computers around the country, state media reported this week..."
  • Stuxnet Intrigue Deepens With Hidden Clues in Code

    10/01/2010 11:38:57 AM PDT · by Pride_of_the_Bluegrass · 64 replies
    AOL News Surge Desk ^ | Dana Chivvis
    (Sept. 30) -- The intrigue surrounding the mysterious, highly sophisticated computer worm Stuxnet got a little more Dan Brownish today with the revelation that there may be hidden messages embedded in the malware's code. The New York Times reported this morning that one of the files in the worm was called "Myrtus," which may be a reference to the Old Testament Book of Esther, in which Jews thwart a Persian plot against them. Along with mysterious Myrtus were two numbers that might be additional clues to who is behind the worm. Or, as the Times points out, they could mean...
  • In a Computer Worm, a Possible Biblical Clue (Myrtus)

    09/30/2010 9:16:19 AM PDT · by Pan_Yan · 34 replies
    NYT via CNBC ^ | Thursday, 30 Sep 2010 | 8:06 AM ET | John Markoff and David E. Sanger
    Deep inside the computer worm that some specialists suspect is aimed at slowing Iran’s race for a nuclear weapon lies what could be a fleeting reference to the Book of Esther, the Old Testament tale in which the Jews pre-empt a Persian plot to destroy them. That use of the word “Myrtus” — which can be read as an allusion to Esther — to name a file inside the code is one of several murky clues that have emerged as computer experts try to trace the origin and purpose of the rogue Stuxnet program, which seeks out a specific kind...
  • Stuxnet worm assault on Iranian nuclear facilities' computers may be Western cyber attack

    09/27/2010 11:13:16 AM PDT · by JoeProBono · 10 replies
    nydailynews ^ | September 27th 2010, | Ethan Sacks
    Iran is going nuclear over a malicious computer worm targeting the country's atomic energy facilities. The Stuxnet worm has targeted not only Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant -- scheduled to go online in a matter of weeks -- but also the personal computers of the government's nuclear officials, the country's national news agency reports. Iran has not yet publically pointed blame to the West, but several Internet security experts publicly stated that they suspect that a hostile government such as the U.S. or Israel may be behind the cyberattack. "This would not be easy for a normal group to put together,"...
  • The Worm Has A Bad Case Of Worms

    09/27/2010 10:32:45 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 11 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 09-27-10 | Skookum
    It's Nothing, Like An Upset StomachTehran, Iran: A computer worm has seized control of Iran's first nuclear power station, just weeks before the facility was ready to go online; possibly explaining Netanyahu's reluctance to bomb the facility. The Bushehr nuclear power plant's project manager, Mahmoud Jafari, said a team is trying to remove the worms from several infected computers, but those readers who are familiar with the problem know, without uninfected back-up the situation may be hopeless. Really talented hackers could also infect the components, making any new computer hooked up to the system vulnerable immediately, imagination is the...
  • Computer super-virus 'targeted Iranian nuclear power station' but who made it?

    09/24/2010 10:51:26 AM PDT · by COUNTrecount · 25 replies · 1+ views
    Daily Mail ^ | Sept. 24, 2010 | Niall Firth
    The world’s first cyber ‘super weapon’ may have been designed to attack a nuclear power station in Iran, experts believe. A computer virus called Stuxnet has been described as the most sophisticated 'worm' ever created and has already infected more than 45,000 networks worldwide. A 'worm' is a type of computer virus that can reproduce by sending copies of itself to any PC that is connected to the infected machine. Now internet security experts fear that Stuxnet, which was first detected in June, is the first 'worm' specifically created to target real-world infrastructure such as power stations and water plants....
  • The War Against Iran Has Already Started

    09/22/2010 8:09:57 AM PDT · by nuconvert · 8 replies
    Forbes ^ | Sept. 21, 2010
    There is little doubt that the fine gradations of history will give cyber war an earlier start. But just as television news was transformed by technology before the Iranian Revolution in 1979, and politics was transformed by social networking before it appeared that Twitter would bring about a second Iranian Revolution, process and progress need crystallizing events, where the political and cultural significance of technological innovation becomes indisputable. Such a moment came in July with the discovery of a worm known as Stuxnet, which sought out a particular version of the Siemens’ SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems that...
  • Obama Plays at Being the Leader of the Pack

    06/25/2010 5:07:55 AM PDT · by vrwc54 · 16 replies
    You Tube ^ | 6/24/10 | RobtKraft/GrannyJan
    Looking at these photos makes me wonder how someone with such obvious character flaws ever became president. Plus he's a fly magnet.
  • Lawsuit: Worm poop not a pesticide

    06/21/2010 7:42:09 PM PDT · by JoeProBono · 15 replies
    upi. ^ | June 21, 2010
    A California man at odds with state regulators regarding whether his worm-waste products are pesticides is taking his fight to court. George Hahn of Cardiff, who was fined $100,000 last year by the state Department of Pesticide Regulation for allegedly selling unregistered pesticides, claims in Sacramento Court his products are made from all-natural ingredients and should not have to be registered, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported Monday. Hahn said his products -- Worm Gold, Worm Gold Plus and Tree Rescue Solution, are made from worm feces, sometimes called castings -- are fertilizers that improve the soil and help plants grow....
  • 1 in 10 Windows PCs Still Vulnerable to the Conficker Worm, 1 in 25 infected

    04/08/2010 4:17:47 PM PDT · by Swordmaker · 19 replies · 680+ views
    Rueters ^ | 04/08/2010
    More than a year after doomsday reports hinted that the Conficker worm would bring down the Internet, one-in-10 Windows PCs still have not been patched to plug the hole the worm wriggles through, new data shows. And 25 of every 1,000 systems are currently infected with the worm. According to Qualys, a security risk and compliance management provider, about 10% of the hundreds of thousands of Windows systems it monitors for customers have not yet applied Microsoft's MS08-067 security update. MS08-067, an out-of-band release that shipped in October 2008, patched a bug in the service Windows uses to connect to...
  • Giant Lungless "Worm" Found Living on Land.

    11/27/2009 6:05:40 PM PST · by GSP.FAN · 24 replies · 1,489+ views
    National Geographic ^ | November 18, 2009 | Matt Kaplan
    A new amphibian species can survive on land with no nostrils, lungs, or legs, say researchers who discovered the bizarre beast. The creature, found in Guyana, is part of the wormlike group of amphibians known as caecilians. Only one other caecilian species is known to live without lungs.