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  • Resurrecting the "Happy Darky"

    09/05/2002 3:16:49 PM PDT · by Coeur de Lion · 35 replies · 1,130+ views
    Jewish World Review ^ | Sept. 5, 2002 | Jack Kelly
    They've got rhythm. They've got watermelon. They've got quaint folk customs. So what need have they for jobs, for education, for civil rights? So went the "Happy Darky" myth, prevalent among well-off whites in the segregated South of half a century or so ago. The "Happy Darky" myth is being resurrected in more pernicious form by environmentalists. The introduction of electricity is "destroying" the cultures of the world's poor, said Gar Smith, who edits "The Edge," the online magazine of the San Francisco-based Earth Island Institute. With the introduction of electricity, African villagers spend too much time watching television and...
  • A Bright Idea on Development

    09/09/2002 12:30:54 AM PDT · by Coeur de Lion · 163+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | September 9, 2002 | James K. Glassman
    As a veteran of too many United Nations environmental mega-conferences, I arrived here a week ago for the World Summit on Sustainable Development in dread of the usual -- a festival of anti-U.S. vituperation dominated by greens and global bureaucrats, with the shameful collusion of pandering businesses. But surprisingly, Johannesburg turned out just fine. Indeed, it may be looked back on as a watershed event, the place where world leaders penned the epitaph to extravagant, unworkable and often damaging multilateral agreements. Serious Business The radicals were sent packing. Their pet issue, global warming, was barely mentioned. They were trounced on...
  • Colin Powell's Finest Hour

    09/06/2002 6:32:10 AM PDT · by tom paine 2 · 26 replies · 448+ views
    Wall Street Journal | Sept. 6, 2002 | WSJ Editorial
    "In one country in this region, Zimbabwe, the lack of respect for human rights and rule of law has [helped] push millions of people toward the brink of starvation." Boooooo! "In the face of famine, several governments in Southern Africa have prevented critical U.S. food assistance from being distributed to the hungry by rejecting biotech corn." Hisssssss! The big story coming out of this week's World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg seems to be that Colin Powell was booed. This is being chalked up by some as one more global U.S. embarrassment, but the closer we inspect this event...
  • Average American Lifestyle Called "Total Bull---t" by Environmentalist

    09/09/2002 4:03:23 AM PDT · by kattracks · 103 replies · 2,811+ views ^ | 9/09/02 | Marc Morano
    Johannesburg ( - One of participants at the "People's Earth Summit," a parallel (protest) event to last week's United Nation's-sponsored Earth summit, said, "If anyone in a developing country looks to the U.S. and wants a lifestyle like the average American--it's total bull---t!" Paula Snyder, an American who is traveling around the developing world to promote various Green causes, told , "Greed is the enemy - the underlying problem is greed, and that leads into most of the problems with the ecological system and the political system." The People's Earth Summit was held at St. Stithians College near the...
  • Lame-Duck Sec Gets Enviro-Raspberry (Powell Booed - Ronald Bailey Live from WSSD)

    09/05/2002 5:07:21 AM PDT · by Stultis · 5 replies · 244+ views
    Reason Online ^ | 5 September 2002 | Ronald Bailey
    September 5, 2002 Lame-Duck Sec Gets Enviro-Raspberry Why disappointed ecomaniacs booed Powell By Ronald Bailey Johannesburg—"Shame on Bush," chanted 40 or so "delegates" from Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth as they attempted to disrupt United States Secretary of State Colin Powell's speech at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD). For those of us watching the speech in the Summit Media Center, it appeared through the distorted lens of TV as though some of the delegates representing national governments were actually heckling Powell; subsequent checking revealed that the hecklers were ideological environmentalists who had decided in advance they...
  • US Committed to Development, says Powell Amid Boos at Johannesburg Summit

    09/04/2002 7:22:18 PM PDT · by USA21 · 8 replies · 207+ views
    voanews ^ | 4 Sep 2002 | Challiss McDonough
    US Committed to Development, says Powell Amid Boos at Johannesburg Summit Colin Powell U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has told the World Summit on Sustainable Development that the United States is committed to development. But not all the delegates welcomed Mr. Powell's remarks. Mr. Powell was repeatedly interrupted by boos and heckling from a generally hostile crowd, especially when he spoke about the sensitive issues of climate change, energy policy, and genetically modified food. Heckler is removed from conference by security guards "The United States is taking action to meet environmental challenges, including global climate change. We are committed-...
  • Protesters boo Powell during Summit speech

    09/04/2002 4:13:43 AM PDT · by Clive · 9 replies · 202+ views
    Whistling and booing environmentalists repeatedly interrupted a speech by US Secretary of State Colin Powell at the Earth Summit on Wednesday. "Betrayed by governments", read a banner held up by protesters, some of whom were rapidly hustled out by security guards. Foreign Affairs Minister Nkozazana Dlamini-Zuma, who was chairing the session, urged the group to quiet down. When the noise abated, Powell replied: "I have heard you", breaking off from his prepared speech to the gathering, which is aimed at enriching poor countries while saving the environment. He was later booed by other people in the audience as he said...
  • Powell Defends U.S. at World Summit

    09/04/2002 3:14:05 AM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 5 replies · 143+ views
    Associated Press ^ | 9-4-02 | By RAVI NESSMAN
    JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) - Repeatedly interrupted by jeers and protests, Secretary of State Colin Powell ( news - web sites) defended the United States' environmental record and its efforts to help the poor in the developing world Wednesday, the closing day of the World Summit. "The U.S. is taking action to meet environmental challenges, including global climate change," Powell told delegates at the summit. The United States has been criticized for President Bush ( news - web sites)'s decision last year to reject the Kyoto Protocol ( news - web sites), which many countries view as crucial for reversing...
  • Earth Summit Winds Down[Thank G-d] in Acrimony, Powell Jeered

    09/04/2002 2:45:21 PM PDT · by KayEyeDoubleDee · 8 replies · 136+ views
    Yahoo News (Reuters) ^ | 9/4/02 | Matt Daily and Toby Reynolds
    At a closing session in Johannesburg, speaker after speaker attacked as too weak a plan meant to tackle global problems from AIDS ( news - web sites) to depleted fish stocks. In formally agreeing the text, delegates of almost 200 nations clapped for just 10 seconds. A separate document, the "political declaration" backing the "implementation plan," had still to be approved. Environmentalists branded the plan a waste of time and a sellout to business interests favored by President Bush ( news - web sites), one of the few major world leaders who did not attend. U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan...
  • Summit: Judges Fortify Environmental Law Principles (enforcing!!environmental laws)

    08/28/2002 9:33:37 PM PDT · by USA21 · 12 replies · 434+ views
    Environment News Service ^ | August 27, 2002 | Environment News Service
    Summit: Judges Fortify Environmental Law Principles JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, August 27, 2002 - An action plan to strengthen the development, use and enforcement of environmentally related laws has been drawn up by over 100 of the world's most senior judges at the World Summit for Sustainable Development. The move signals a new era featuring improved capacity of judges, prosecutors, and legislators as well as greater public participation in environmental decision-making. Justice Charles Gonthier, Supreme Court, Canada(Photo by Larry Munn courtesy Supreme Court of Canada) The Johannesburg Principles on the Role of Law and Sustainable Development, drafted last week by the...
  • Legal help for green causes judges from the United States help for green making laws for America

    09/01/2002 3:44:42 PM PDT · by USA21 · 8 replies · 417+ views
    BBC News ^ | 08/30.02 | By Alex Kirby
    Johannesburg summit : Legal help for green causes The judges say billions are being denied their rights Efforts to improve environmental protection worldwide have been boosted by a group of more than 100 senior judges. They have agreed to work to strengthen the application of environmental laws wherever they exist. They believe effective laws do exist in most countries, but that they are hard to enforce in practice. The participants included judges from the United States, Brazil and Russia. Significantly, they were unanimous in endorsing the principles, some of which clearly run counter to the thinking of the administration in...
  • Greens Wilt (Ronald Bailey Live from WSSD)

    09/04/2002 12:15:44 PM PDT · by Stultis · 13 replies · 309+ views
    Reason Online ^ | 4 September 2002 | Ronald Bailey
    September 4, 2002 Greens Wilt Chastened Environmentalists Leave Joburg Summit Empty-handed By Ronald Bailey Johannesburg—"It's clear that we've suffered a number of major defeats in the last 10 days," declared Andrew Hewett, a spokesperson for Oxfam. Hewett was not the only ideological environmentalist to express dismay over the results of negotiations at World Summit on Sustainable Development. The Plan of Implementation negotiated by the summiteers in Johannesburg is like "putting a Band-Aid over a gaping wound," maintained a glum Melanie Steiner from the World Wildlife Federation. Greenpeace climate director Steve Sawyer commented with regard to setting goals and timetables...
  • Greens Say Earth Summit 'Hijacked' By US

    09/04/2002 6:47:49 AM PDT · by kattracks · 26 replies · 258+ views ^ | 9/04/02 | Marc Morano
    Johannesburg ( - The Earth summit appeared headed for the compost pile on Tuesday as environmentalists, led by Friends of the Earth International (FoEI), held their noses and declared the conference had been "hijacked" by the United States. "Betrayal," they cried. Richard Navarro, chaiman of FoOEI, stated that instead of "protecting the environment and fighting poverty and social destruction," the summit was "hijacked by free market ideology, by a backward-looking, insular and ignorant U.S...." FoEI lamented that the summit failed to stop the "tide of damage caused by the neoliberal economic ideology..." Navarro also blamed "global corporations that help keep...
  • Reality Check for Redistributionists (Ronald Bailey Live from WSSD)

    09/03/2002 7:48:25 PM PDT · by Stultis · 8 replies · 262+ views
    Reason Online ^ | 3 September 2002 | Ronald Bailey
    September 3, 2002 Reality Check for Redistributionists Why property rights are environmental rights By Ronald Bailey Johannesburg—Forward to Socialism," "W$$D Stop Bushing People," "Don't Owe, Won't Pay," "Israel USA UK—The Toxic Axis of Evil," "Osama Bomb Sandton Kill Bush and MBeki," and "No to Neoliberal policies and Capitalism" were just a few of the slogans that adorned banners and posters in Saturday's march on the World Summit on Sustainable Development. None of the banners or chants in the demonstration of more than 10,000 people mentioned any of the conventional environmental issues like climate change, population control, renewable resources, or...
  • An Energetic Victory (U.S. sides with developing nations against green euros at WSSD)

    09/03/2002 8:57:49 AM PDT · by Stultis · 26 replies · 469+ views
    Tech Central Station ^ | 3 September 2002 | James K. Glassman
    An Energetic Victory By James K. Glassman 09/03/2002 JOHANNESBURG - On a day when European leaders like France's Jacques Chirac and Germany's Gerhard Schroeder parachuted into this giant Earth Summit to blast the lack of American leadership on the environment, the United States scored a stunning victory on the contentious issue of energy - with the help of developing nations. Negotiators agreed to an energy provision for the final Implementation Plan of the World Summit on Sustainable Development that rejected targets for renewables like wind and solar power, avidly sought by radical greens and most European delegates. A source involved...
  • US Still Hasn't Got the Message

    09/03/2002 6:58:48 AM PDT · by dead · 44 replies · 501+ views
    Sunday Times (Johannesburg) ^ | September 1, 2002
    Johannesburg: A year ago this month, the world stood still as it watched horrific images of America's iconic buildings on fire. Among the clichés that rolled off the tongues of pundits was that the world had changed forever. And the world did change. The US became more arrogant and went about conducting foreign policy as if nobody else existed. Combating terrorism suddenly became the most pressing issue on the world agenda. Xenophobia was legitimised as a security measure. Rogue states were invited back into the mainstream fold, as long as they threw their weight behind the "war on terrorism". And...
  • 'Actions Are Better' (U.S. delegation at WSSD sheds timidity of past - lectures econuts)

    09/03/2002 12:07:25 AM PDT · by Stultis · 3 replies · 246+ views
    Tech Central Station ^ | 30 August 2002 | James K. Glassman
    'Actions Are Better' By James K. Glassman 08/30/2002 JOHANNESBURG -- The top U.S. State Department official here at the giant United Nations Earth Summit came out swinging today, sending a strong message that the American delegation, which seemed timid and obscure at the last few environmental meetings, has restored its confidence and its mission. "Much attention has been placed on the text of the Johannesburg Plan of Action, which now runs to some 30,000 words," said Under Secretary of State Paula Dobriansky this afternoon. "Words are good. Actions are better." Action has been the U.S. theme at the World Summit...
  • Just a Climate Cowboy (Bush & Kyoto)

    09/02/2002 11:56:16 PM PDT · by Stultis · 5 replies · 416+ views
    Tech Central Station ^ | 29 August 2002 | Duane D. Freese
    Just a Climate Cowboy By Duane D. Freese 08/29/2002 United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, responding to a question from Washington Post columnist William Raspberry, listed President Bush's breaking with the Kyoto Protocol and its reductions of greenhouse gas emissions as first among three specific ways where he says the United States has fallen short in its role as world leader. (The other two are failure to support the anti-torture convention and a new International Criminal Court.) "Leadership comes with some obligations," Annan intoned. Then, in the midst of Europe's flooding, The Washington Times' Paul Martin quoted Gallus Cadonau, managing...
  • Summit disarray as EU officials walk out

    08/30/2002 5:16:51 PM PDT · by Pokey78 · 74 replies · 420+ views
    The Times (U.K.) ^ | 08/31/2002 | Anthony Browne
    THE Earth Summit in Johannesburg approached collapse yesterday when European Union officials walked out of talks after failure to agree with the United States on the 14 pivotal issues, and the coalition of charities involved in the negotiations pulled out. Tempers among delegations were fraying last night, and there was growing speculation that the summit was in peril. Developing nations said that they would prefer not to sign any accord rather than agree to what was on offer. Charities said that the agreement being negotiated was a step backwards, and urged European governments not to sign. After negotiations between officials...
  • Still wrong after all these years [ENVIRONAZIS]

    05/08/2002 4:55:58 PM PDT · by ATOMIC_PUNK · 8 replies · 398+ views ^ | ? | by Ronald Bailey
    Still wrong after all these years Worldwatch misdiagnoses the planet again by Ronald Bailey The World Summit on Sustainable Development will convene in Johannesburg, South Africa, in September 2002. The World Summit is the 10th anniversary follow-up to the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.At the Earth Summit, ideological environmentalism achieved considerable success in advancing its agenda for reshaping the world's economy. That Summit saw the adoption of the Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC), the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), and the incorporation of the precautionary principle in international treaties.In the 10 years since the Earth...