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  • HANNITY VS. SPRINGER - Is Jerry Worth The Time Of Day? Plus: Other Updates

    01/29/2006 11:01:25 PM PST · by chuckpez · 1 replies · 819+ views
    The Radio Equalizer- Brian Maloney ^ | January 30th, 2006 | Brian Maloney
    As Sean Hannity is proving to Jerry Springer, a career boost can sometimes come from the most unlikely of circumstances. After all, why should the nation's number two-ranked talk host (by audience size, with Rush Limbaugh in first place) give one of Air America Radio's weakest performers the time of day? Because of Jerry's television fame? Even the liberal network's most diehard apologists seem lukewarm when it comes to supporting the syndicated television trashmeister. And we might add that Hannity has roughly 10 stations running his show for every one still saddled with the dreadful "Springer On The Radio". And...
  • Same old Jay Severin

    01/04/2006 11:47:49 AM PST · by raccoonradio · 16 replies · 3,172+ views
    Jay ^ | 1/04/06 | Rich Aucoin
    Due to an apparent programming glitch at 96.9, the first few minutes of Jay Severin's national debut Tuesday night were preempted by a Laura Ingraham repeat. Jay's show kicked in at around 7:10 pm. In case you tuned out and missed the show, Jay spent most of the evening discussing and clarifying his alleged comment about killing all Muslims, which is old news to Boston's listeners. The hilight of the show came when Severin was asked by a Boston area caller to respond to Scot Lehigh's "Phoney Pulitzer" column. He refused to address the issue, claiming he didn't want to...
  • CBS Doesn't Care (Hopes to Fool Listeners with 'Jay Severin' Show)

    12/22/2005 10:26:09 AM PST · by raccoonradio · 5 replies · 1,583+ views
    Radio Equalizer ^ | 12/22/05 | Brian Maloney
    (Severino Press Release Omits Controversies) With newly syndicated "libertarian/libertine" (read: anti-Bush quasi-liberal) host Jay Severin (real name: Jimmy Severino) still leading the pack, many controversies emanate from just a small number of questionable personalities. Even after exposes by the Boston-area news media on Sag Harbor, New York-based Severin's wild claims of winning a Pulitzer Prize for "online journalism" and other highly questionable assertions, CBS still went ahead with plans to take him national. What does that say about how very little has changed at the network since Rathergate? Teaming up with sister firm Westwood One, a highly misleading press release...
  • Jay Severin returns to WTKK in Boston

    12/19/2005 12:27:47 AM PST · by raccoonradio · 17 replies · 5,029+ views
    Boston Herald ^ | 12/19/05 | Boston Herald Inside Track
    Don’t touch that dial Prodigal FM yakker Jay Severin will return to 96.9 FM beginning Jan. 3, and will broadcast his new, nationally syndicated show in the 7 to 10 p.m. slot. Severin, the former afternoon drive host, was yanked off the air several months ago after he signed a national syndication deal with Infinity Broadcasting. But yesterday, Severin’s agent, George Tobia, told the Track he had reached an agreement for Severin to broadcast his show on WTKK for at least a year. “We’re really excited to be back,” he said. When Severin returns to the station, he’ll bump Laura...
  • Official: Graham has WTKK (Boston) drivetime slot (Severin in limbo)

    11/14/2005 12:34:35 PM PST · by raccoonradio · 6 replies · 1,764+ views
    raccoonradio ^ | 11/14/05 | raccoonradio
    It's official: New WTKK afternoon/ drivetime guy is Michael Graham. (More below) Jay Severin? Still in limbo. Apparently WTKK's owner, Greater Media, has exclusive rights to _negotiate with him_ in the hope of carrying his new show, Jay Severin has Issues; this "window" runs till the end of the year, and Jay's new show starts nationwide in Jan. Could be on WTKK, WBZ, who knows. ALLACCESS.COM reports: Graham Takes Afternoons At WTKK/Boston Michael Graham As previously tipped on ALL ACCESS, former WMAL-A/WASHINGTON midday host MICHAEL GRAHAM is taking over afternoons on GREATER MEDIA Talk WTKK (96.9 FM TALK)/BOSTON, effective TODAY...
  • WHAT ABOUT BOSTON? Missing From Press Boasts, Plus: "Right-Wing Vandals"

    11/05/2005 5:01:48 PM PST · by chuckpez · 3 replies · 383+ views
    The Radio Equalizer- Brian Maloney ^ | November 5th, 2005 | Brian Maloney
    Countering Air America's recent success claims by Al Franken over Bill O'Reilly, the Radio Equalizer yesterday heard from a talk radio executive with additional information on this supposed battle. As part of recent internal company research on the strength of various syndicated hosts, the programmer learned that while O'Reilly's radio success varies somewhat nationwide, he's a powerhouse in Boston. Heard in the Hub on Boston's WTKK-FM, O'Reilly turns out to be one of the market's strongest national programs, crushing competition from Air America's two area stations, WXKS-AM and WKOX-AM.
  • WTKK 96.9 Boston picks up Mark Levin (for now?)

    10/09/2005 10:49:24 AM PDT · by raccoonradio · 504+ views
    Boston Radio Watch ^ | 10/09/05 | raccoonradio
    (snip)...Meanwhile, Severin is expected to be out for the 4th consecutive week as Sean Hannity's national show(3-6pm) from ABC Radio Networks fills in for him. Meanwhile, WABC/NYC's product Mark Levin is being picked up for the 6-7pm hour (at WTKK 96.9) Boston.
  • Jay Severin--Catch Me If You Can

    09/27/2005 7:24:53 AM PDT · by raccoonradio · 20 replies · 23,684+ views
    Boston Radio Watch ^ | 09/27/05 | Boston Radio Watch
    Jay Severin may never do another show on any Boston radio station. Or he may. At this point it might be just way too much of embarrassment and somewhat of a credibility issue for the embattled WTKK 96.9FM afternoon host to face the music after this latest episode of embellishing his educational/professional achievements. It now turns out that Severin never received a Master's degree from Boston University(story ink courtesy of the Boston Herald). Although his 'Best and Brightest' may not be the readers of the low-brow Herald or missed the original Globe story, the news about the talkshow host's inaccuracies...
  • SEVERIN EXPOSED-- Boston Globe Exposes Lies, Red Faces At CBS

    09/16/2005 6:42:59 PM PDT · by chuckpez · 16 replies · 2,889+ views
    The Radio Equalizer- Brian Maloney ^ | September 16th, 2005 | Brian Maloney
    Jay Severin's luck may have finally run out in Boston. After years of questions about the WTKK-FM talk host's wild boasts and other deceptive behavior, the Boston Globe's Scot Lehigh examined his most outrageous: Severin's claim to be a Pulitzer Prize winner. The result was a devastating piece that should shatter sleazy Severin's talk radio future. His academic background, place of residence, even his real name, have all apparently been faked. And the timing couldn't be worse for the self-described "libertarian/libertine" host, more on that in a moment. The Radio Equalizer raised other questions about Severin's claims in this July...
  • Severin's phony Pulitzer (Jay Severin)

    09/16/2005 3:07:56 PM PDT · by Panerai · 26 replies · 3,702+ views
    Boston Globe ^ | 09/16/2005 | Scot Lehigh
    OCCASIONAL LISTENERS to ''Extreme Games" on WTKK are accustomed to host Jay Severin admiring himself in the mirror of his own imagination, a glass so vast and glittering as to rival the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. But last Friday, the talkmaster positively outdid himself in setting new laurels upon his brow: He awarded himself a Pulitzer Prize. That came as part of a conversation with a caller about the declining standards he sees in journalism. Here's what Jay said: ''But since journalism began, and up until the time at least that I took my master's degree at Boston University...
  • Dusk for Don? Rumors fly on Imus' 'TKK future

    09/11/2005 12:07:13 PM PDT · by Panerai · 65 replies · 2,271+ views
    The Boston Herald ^ | 09/11/2005 | Gayle Fee
    Is 96.9 FM Talk ready to send morning man Don Imus back to the ranch? Rumor has it the conservative yak station is fed up with the cranky cowboy's tired schtick and might send him packing next April when his contract with WTKK-FM is up. And there's already buzz on the radio wire that Imus ``will be available'' when his gig at 'TKK is up. ``I don't see how that's possible,'' station GM Matt Mills told the Track. ``We'd obviously like to renew his contract when it ends in April. We plan to do that.'' Now, we know Imus fans...
  • Jay Severin, WTKK in Boston, "I was FOR the war before I was AGAINST it." (VANITY)

    08/17/2005 7:17:15 AM PDT · by Jackson57 · 20 replies · 771+ views
    Jay Severin on WTKK in Boston has recently been very vocal in his support of Cindy Sheehan and her anti-war efforts in Crawford. He played very benign soundbites of her's yesterday, yet failed to play some of the more infammatory things she's said. Jay went so far as to say the war in IraqNam (as he flippantly refers to it) is LOST. Callers to his show are increasingly moonbatty in their remarks. He additionally said, yesterday, that protest is the MOST American of things. While, that might be true in spirit, it's wrong in execution. As we're seeing, the protest...
  • All Tuckered Out- Do Viewers Really Want More Tucker Carlson?

    06/15/2005 9:43:24 AM PDT · by ScoopandDizzy · 7 replies · 495+ views
    The Radio Equalizer ^ | June 15 2005 | Brian Maloney
    From the universe of annoying liberal habits, here are two that consistently jump off the page: --- When our viewpoints are intentionally misrepresented, to suit their cartoonish horns-on-heads images of conservatives. --- When they use their still-considerable mainstream media muscle to hire phony, weak, or otherwise ineffective "conservatives" for radio, television and newspaper gigs, in order to make our side look foolish. That likely explains how lightweight pundit Tucker Carlson has landed yet another TV talk show
  • Air America a no show in Boston radio ratings!

    05/26/2005 11:52:49 PM PDT · by raccoonradio · 11 replies · 1,500+ views
    Radio Equalizer Blog ^ | 05/26/05 | Brian Maloney
    (latest radio ratings in Boston): WBZ holds first place with a 7.3. Conservative talker WRKO up slightly, from a 4.1 to a 4.3, for sixth place overall. Conservative WTKK-FM turns in a flat performance and ranks 10th. Air America's two Boston stations disappear from the radar screen, that's right, they are no-shows. Blame the signal quality all you want, but they were getting at least some ratings before. Even major free publicity from the Boston Globe didn't help one bit. Can't wait to hear the lame excuses. Bet the Globers won't be dwelling on this news.