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  • Gay lions seen in Kenya 'need counselling' and 'must have been influenced by homosexual men

    11/03/2017 11:49:51 AM PDT · by Rebelbase · 37 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | 11/3/17 | Sara Malm
    Images of a romantic encounter between two male lions in Kenya's Masai Mara has upset the country's 'moral police' who has blamed gay men visiting the national park for 'influencing' the animals' behaviour. Dr Ezekiel Mutua, who is responsible for TV and film censorship in Kenya, has called for the two lions in question to be caught and kept in isolation until scientists can 'determine how they acquired homosexual behaviour'. Despite the fact that homosexuality among lions has been observed for decades, Dr Mutua is convinced that the lions would either have spotted gay men having sex in front of...
  • New species of lobster discovered off the coast of South Africa is named after Nelson Mandela

    01/10/2014 1:39:30 PM PST · by EveningStar · 27 replies
    The Daily Mail ^ | January 10, 2014 | Sarah Griffiths
    A new species of crustacean has been named in honour of Nelson Mandela. The squat lobster is related to hermit crabs and now has the Latin name Munidopsis mandelai in honour of the South African revolutionary. The sea creature was discovered in a relatively unexplored area of the Southwest Indian Ocean Ridge, off the coast of South Africa, in 2011.
  • BREAKING: Scientists say dogs align along earth’s north-south axis when pooping

    01/04/2014 7:08:06 AM PST · by mandaladon · 64 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | 4 Jan 2014 | Eric Owens
    A team of European scientists with way too much time on its hands has discovered that dogs tend to position themselves in alignment with the earth’s magnetic field before they take every big, steamy dump. The Czech and German researchers committed two years of their professional lives to the longitudinal study of canine crap, reports The Christian Science Monitor. The point was to determine magnetic sensitivity in dogs—at least when they poop. The proud scientists say the findings “open new horizons for biomagnetic research.” There were 37 dog owners in Germany and the Czech Republic involved in the study. There...
  • What Would Happen If a Lion Fought a Tiger?

    12/01/2013 12:34:56 PM PST · by DogByte6RER · 84 replies
    IO9 ^ | December 1, 2013 | Esther Inglis-Arkell
    What Would Happen If a Lion Fought a Tiger? We've always been speculating about battles between superheroes. We know the outcome of octopus versus shark. At last we have an expert speculating on lion versus tiger. Which one would win? Since there's a good chance you've spent the weekend slowly tearing apart a ritualistically slaughtered bird, before going out and trampling your fellow citizens in arenas, you probably won't be too horrified by speculating on the outcome of animal fights. After all, the fights in question are, for the most part, in the past. Romans used to pit lions against...
  • I wanna be like you: Kanzi, the ape who HAS learned the secret of man's red fire...(title truncated)

    12/24/2012 8:40:38 PM PST · by fattigermaster · 20 replies
    UK Daily Mail Online ^ | Davy Derbyshire
    Eagerly he collects wood from the ground, snaps the branches into small pieces and carefully balances them in a pile. Then, taking care not to burn himself, he gently strikes a match and gets ready for a fry-up. Like all red-blooded males, Kanzi loves messing around with a barbecue. But then, as these extraordinary pictures show, Kanzi is no man. He is a bonobo -pygmy chimpanzee -and his love of fire is challenging the way that we think about our closest relatives in the animal kingdom. For although bonobo apes and larger chimpanzees use twigs and leaves as tools, none...
  • What Makes Bat Viruses So Deadly?

    08/05/2012 12:47:53 AM PDT · by neverdem · 7 replies
    ScienceNOW ^ | 2 August 2012 | Dennis Normile
    Enlarge Image Safe haven. Bats harbor viruses both dangerous and benign for other animals. Credit: CSIRO When it comes to harboring viruses deadly to humans, bats are grand champions. The flying mammals are the reservoir for everything from rabies to Ebola. Now, scientists have found a new virus hosted by bats, one that doesn't seem to be able to cause disease in other animals. The discovery may provide clues to what enables some viruses to cause severe disease. The new Cedar virus is named after the town of Cedar Grove in Queensland, Australia, where it was found in 2009....
  • (Zombie Apes?!? Banana Bath Salts?!?) Adult Chimpanzee Fatally Mauls Baby Chimp at LA Zoo

    06/27/2012 9:29:21 AM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 28 replies
    NBC 4 Los Angeles ^ | Wednesday, Jun 27, 2012 | Beverly White and Sam
    Adult Chimpanzee Fatally Mauls Baby Chimp at LA Zoo The unnamed infant was born March 6 to Gracie, who is being allowed to keep the infant overnight to grieve, zoo officials said. The first chimpanzee baby born at the LA Zoo in 13 years was mauled to death Tuesday by an adult chimp in front of a crowd of visitors, including children, zoo officials said. The unnamed infant was born March 6 to Gracie, who is being allowed to keep the infant overnight to grieve, zoo officials said. When the adult male chimp began attacking the infant, zoo staff were...
  • 10 Weapons That Animals Use

    04/19/2012 7:34:25 PM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 17 replies
    IO9 ^ | Mar 9, 2012 | Esther Inglis-Arkell
    10 Weapons That Animals Use We've come a long way from thinking that what separates us from the animals is, say, using a rock to bash in the skull of our competitors. It turns out that there are a lot of creatures out that that re-purpose tools to make their personal world better and someone else's world a lot worse. Take a look at the world's craziest and most intimidating weapons wielded by animals. 10. The Herring Gull's Bread This bird has learned how to use bread to construct a trap. Herring gulls live in large colonies in the urban...
  • Stinking Up Wall Street: Protesters Accused Of Living In Filth As Shocking Pictures Show....

    10/08/2011 9:10:31 AM PDT · by Steelfish · 71 replies
    Daily Mail (UK) ^ | October 08, 2011 | HANNAH ROBERTS
    Stinking Up Wall Street: Protesters Accused Of Living In Filth As Shocking Pictures Show One Demonstrator Defecating On A POLICE CAR Bloomberg: 'Protesters are taking jobs away from the city' By HANNAH ROBERTS 8th October 2011 This are the shocking scenes that have led some people to accuse the Occupy Wall Street protesters living rough in New York's financial district of creating unsanitary and filthy conditions. Exclusive pictures obtained by Mail Online show one demonstrator relieving himself on a police car. Elsewhere we found piles of stinking refuse clogging Zucotti Park, despite the best efforts of many of the protestors...
  • Weekend Roundup (20 science blurbs guaranteed to blow your hair back while contemplating design :o)

    10/06/2009 4:57:21 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 5 replies · 806+ views
    CEH ^ | October 4, 2009
    Weekend Roundup --snip-- Picture Highlight: the new Herschel Space Telescope, is seeing first light and creating dramatic images of gas clouds in the Milky Way...
  • Homosexuality Common in the Wild, Scientists Say

    05/19/2008 5:14:35 PM PDT · by Pizonce11 · 98 replies · 574+ views
    As gay couples celebrate their newfound right to marry in California and opposition groups rally to fight the ruling, many struggle with this question: Is homosexuality natural? On this issue, Nature has spoken: Same-sex lovin' is common in hundreds of species, scientists say. Roy and Silo, two male chinstrap penguins at New York's Central Park Zoo, were a couple for about six years, during which they nurtured a fertilized egg together (given to them by a zookeeper) and raised the young chick that hatched. According to University of Oslo zoologist Petter Böckman, about 1,500 animal species are known to practice...
  • Female Chimpanzees 'Sell' Sex For Fruit

    09/14/2007 2:34:17 PM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 21 replies · 3,104+ views ^ | 11/09/2007 | Auslan Cramb
    Female chimpanzees 'sell' sex for fruit By Auslan Cramb, Scottish Correspondent Last Updated: 4:01pm BST 11/09/2007 Female chimpanzees are "selling" sex to the males that gather the most fruit, according to new research. Behavioural psychologists found that female chimps mate with the males that give them the most fruit, while male chimps steal "desirable" fruits such as papaya from farms and orchards in a bid to woo potential mates. Oranges, pineapples and maize are among the most sought after crops, with bananas proving far less popular. The scientists also discovered that the chimp that gathered the most fruit in the...
  • Surprise Chimp Born at La. Sanctuary

    01/17/2007 8:25:52 AM PST · by anymouse · 26 replies · 982+ views
    SHREVEPORT, La. - In a mysterious bit of monkey business, a female at a chimpanzee sanctuary has given birth, despite the fact that the facility's entire male chimp population has had vasectomies. Now managers at Chimp Haven are planning a paternity test for the seven males who lived in a group with Teresa, a wild-born chimpanzee in her late 40s who had the baby girl last week. Workers have started collecting hair samples from the chimps for testing. Once they identify the father, it's back to the operating room for him. Chimp Haven managers said they knew something was up...
  • Sumatran Rhinos Are Living Fossils

    09/13/2006 10:29:03 PM PDT · by restornu · 11 replies · 846+ views
    Cryptomundo ^ | Sept 12, 2006 | Darren Naish
    Zoologist Darren Naish has written a thoughtful essay on “Are Sumatran Rhinos Really Living Fossil?” His blog is in response to my comments on the “living fossil” issue, discussed here. I disagree with Naish’s restrictive parameters, of course, as I see this more an issue of educational semantics influenced by zoology, not ruled by it. Darren Naish’s approach is worthy of your attention and he has every right to his very informed point of view. Needless to say, in this case, I was employing the “living fossil” definition that this rhino species is “a living species/clade with many ‘primitive’ characteristics...
  • DNA Tests Confirm Bear Was a Hybrid

    05/11/2006 6:57:25 AM PDT · by VadeRetro · 149 replies · 4,413+ views
    IQALUIT, Nunavut - Northern hunters, scientists and people with vivid imaginations have discussed the possibility for years. But Roger Kuptana, an Inuvialuit guide from Sachs Harbour, Northwest Territories, was the first to suspect it had actually happened when he proposed that a strange-looking bear shot last month by an American sports hunter might be half polar bear, half grizzly. Territorial officials seized the creature after noticing its white fur was scattered with brown patches and that it had the long claws and humped back of a grizzly. Now a DNA test has confirmed that it is indeed a hybrid -...
  • Gay Penguin Goes Straight!

    09/18/2005 7:56:32 AM PDT · by texianyankee · 25 replies · 3,535+ views
    New York Post ^ | September 16, 2005 | HEIDI SINGER
    It's splitsville for New York's favorite gay penguins — and one of the lover-birds has taken up with a fetching female. Now, the Central Park Zoo is dealing with a gay-straight love triangle Jerry Springer couldn't dream up. And nobody knows who will lay claim to the pair's adopted chick. The drama started when Silo left Roy, his mate of six years, for Scrappy, a female transplant from SeaWorld who'd never had chicks. "Silo and Roy stopped spending as much time together or building a nest," said John Rowden, the zoo's curator of animals. At first, Silo started hanging out...
  • New Lemurs Found in Madagascar

    08/11/2005 2:53:55 AM PDT · by Our_Man_In_Gough_Island · 65 replies · 1,346+ views
    BBC ^ | 9 August 2005 | Staff
    Two new species of lemur have been found in Madagascar, bringing the number of known species to 49. German and Malagasy scientists made the discovery by analysing the genetic make-up of wild lemurs. Lemurs are considered the most endangered of all primates and live only on Madagascar which has evolved in isolation for 165 million years. As a result, the island is now home to mammals, birds and plants that exist nowhere else on our planet. The first new species is a giant mouse lemur known as Mirza zaza. It has a long bushy tail and is about the size...
  • Albatross chicks attacked by mice

    07/24/2005 8:43:43 PM PDT · by mwilli20 · 13 replies · 537+ views
    BBC News ^ | Sunday, 24 July, 2005 | Jonathan Amos
    "Supersize" mice are eating seabird chicks alive on Gough Island, one of the most important seabird colonies in the world, UK conservationists report. The rodents are taking out one million petrels, shearwaters and albatrosses each year on the UK Overseas Territory, in the South Atlantic. ...
  • Massachusetts Legislature Protests Endangered Species Review

    07/16/2005 1:28:33 PM PDT · by Our_Man_In_Gough_Island · 3 replies · 287+ views
    Provincetown Banner ^ | 14 July 2005 | Ann Wood
    WELLFLEET — If it’s determined that the decline of the eastern oyster on the Maryland and Virginia coastline represents a “significant portion” of the subspecies, the oyster could be added to the federal endangered species list, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Service spokesperson Marta Nammack said Monday. A ban on oystering would significantly affect this town, where shellfish — oysters, in particular — are its biggest industry. Wellfleet oysters are a world-famous delicacy that accounted for more than $2.5 million of the town’s aquaculture, or shellfish farming, industry in 2002. About 100 families in town rely primarily on oysters...
  • Man-Eating Snow Leopard Shot

    07/11/2005 7:15:19 AM PDT · by Our_Man_In_Gough_Island · 16 replies · 458+ views
    BBC ^ | 11 July 2005 | Staff
    Snow leopards are protected Police in north Pakistan have shot dead a rare snow leopard, blamed for killing six women in the past two weeks. The ageing animal was caught in a trap, with a goat as bait, but was shot when it tried to escape, police in the town of Abbotabad told the BBC. Fear had spread through the area after the attacks. The last was on Friday. Abbotabad police chief Feroz Shah said he was sure it was the leopard that had killed the women, all of whom had been gathering firewood in forests. "It's a huge animal...