Since Nov 27, 2002

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My bio from a recent publication:
"ALEXANDER CRAGHEAD is a Portland based freelance writer and photographer. A native Oregonian, he is currently the general manager of the business his grandfather founded, a small family-owned outdoor store. His other pursuits include cooking, gardening, and railfanning, and he is an avid amateur watercolorist. Alexander also writes fiction, and is currently at work on a novel."
You can read more about my "dream job" (i.e. not what I actually pay bills with) as a writer, photographer, and illustrator here.

I'm a chronically broke younger conservative neoconservative... now with blog!

Visit An Artist's Life for the latest analysis of news and events in Portland, the State of Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest region. A blog for libertarians, conservatives, neoconservatives, classical liberals, old style democrats, and all other forms of the party of Anti-Idiotarianism.

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