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Pretty partisan Republican, but with strong liberterian tendencies. Live in South Snohomish County.

My Political Manifesto (subject to change 1/18/04):

In a nutshell, as a Christian, I support life in all forms. Abortion is NOT a political issue and therefore, does not belong in the political arena. If abortion is discussed, it should be addressed on a state-by-state basis and the local governments decide by popular vote (through their representatives) if it is going to be allowed in their states. Abortions should not be paid for with public funds. Tissue resulting from them should (except for spontaneous abortions) should not be used for medical testing.
Second Amendment: pro-gun and the right to own/possess firearms. People should be allowed to carry concealed weapons without a permit as only the law abiding people go through the process to obtain them. If there are any "gun control issues" they should be determined by above.
National Defense: This is a power given to the Federal Government and should remain there. Defense spending/Homeland Security take precendent and allow for unhindered intra and interstate commerce.
Prayer in School: Not a political issue, but local governments can decide if allowed in their municipalities.
Vouchers for Education: In most circumstances, public schools have failed us. People should be given an option to choose public or private. This right should be universal.
Social Security: Privatize 2% of the 14% taken from us in FICA taxes. This is a failing system. The 12% remaining should address the existing roles, but the 2% coupled with future benefits will allow young people like myself have something there. Young people...save in IRAs and employer sponsored plans like no tomorrow. That 2% can be placed in a self-directed type account where individuals can use how to allocate how the funds will be invested. Money, regardless of income at retirement, would come out federally and state tax free. I would propose three different options and they can only reallocate future monies once a year(past contributions remain as is until retirement). The three options: SP 500 Index, Wilshire 5000 Broad Index, or U.S. Treasury Bond/Cash Equalivent Option. This should be outsourced to an outside firm where the funds are held in trust. No allowances for hardship distributions or premature withdrawals.
Medicare: I am torn on how to address this issue. President Bush's program was rife with beaucratic waste and pandering to special interests, but SOMETHING has to be done. I do not propose nationalized healthcare. I am still coming up with my opinion on this and it is developing.
Confederate Flag/National Endowments of the Arts/Misc: Confederate Flag...this is a regional issue and should be decided by local jurisdictions. Art and there has to be some type of criteria as to what is art. Pornography/crude displays should not be funded with public money. We cannot be completely without some form of national funding for true art/culture. I think of all the monuments in Washington D.C., national parks...etc. Regional issues should be decided on by local jurisdictions and provided financial incentives if it benefits the greater whole. I.E. ANWR...most Alaskans support it...why not allow limited drilling and exploration? Why are people in California determining how Alaskans use their state? Yucca Mountain etc: See above.
Speech: Pro First amendment, even if buring the flag. It tears my heart to see hippie types desecrating the flag...but why are wasting political capital addressing this issue when there are more pressing things to deal with. Our Founding Fathers poured tea into Boston Harbor...
Minimum Wage: Who works for minimum wage besides teenagers? There should be some sort of minimum indexed to COLA index, but this should be determined by each state.
Environment: This where I may be perceived liberal/progressive. Teddy Roosevelt is one of my favorite Presidents, but he set the ground work for environmental issues. We need to take care of this earth, but should not impede economic development. There needs to be a happy medium. Most conservative outdoorsment (such as hunters, fishers, campers, etc.) recognize that there needs to be open spaces moderately untouched by pollution...but we are not going to sacrific economic development for pond scum...
Taxes: Very important to me. I proposed a progressive tax system. You spend money on consumer goods, there is a federal sales tax. The federal income tax should either be eliminated or drastically reduced. We would have to look at all the programs and pork cut out and then decide. I work for a living to provide for my family and not to support government beaucrats. Slice government entitlements...corporate welfare...limit welfare benefits and localize them. Audit welfare roles to determine how many people are receiving double/triple benefits and force them to repay them and prosecute abuse. Privatize this function to an outside firm. This can be greatly streamlined and we can spend a whole lot less money.
Immigration: Once again, as an immigrant, I support LEGAL immigration. Quotas should be set for countries. Individuals coming into this country should be heavily screened and expected to work. Do not allow welfare for them until they have worked and heavily monitor them on a local level. Illegal immigrants should be dealt with, sent back after a payment by service. I am still developing my opinion on this issue. I disagree with Bush and agree with him at the same time. Something needs to be done...anmesty is not the answer...but what? Suggestions?
Military Draft: I oppose...voluntary service, but I feel that all 18 year olds should need to do some form of service for a year. Be it military, Peace Corp, public service, missionary work...whatever. They can do it locally or somewhere not...This could be deferred for school or family issues. I haven't come up with something. I feel that if an immigrant wants to volunteer for military service, they should be granted citizenship once they are honorably discharged. They are serving their new country.
War on Drugs: Not working. My liberterian views are pretty consistent with the Liberterian Party's on this. Legalize/tax prostitution and cannibis. Tobacco/Alcohol are legal. Hard drugs should not be and a line should be drawn (I have not formalized a take on this yet...I am open to suggestions). Stop trying to control/stem shipments and take away the financing of the gangs...
Death Penalty: You bet...determined on a case by case basis by the judiciary. Some circumstances sedition, capital murder, terrorism, etc.
National Debt/Balanced Budgets: This is a travesity. Why are we running in the red year after year. Balanced budgets of the past have been political schemes. Hire outside accounting firms to audit all the books and determine where all the waste is and pay down and eventually get out of debt. Collect on loans outsiding both internally and externally.
Foreign Policy: Fight terrorism and our enemies. Support good, democratic countries or countries striving honestly for democratic reform. Israel is our ally and deserves our support. They have added us many times. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia need to be reassessed. Why are supporting regimes of this nature? Russia, Germany, and France have not proven to be our allies as of late. Why are we considering even giving them any reconstruction contracts paid for by U.S. taxpayers for their betrayal. Canada's a little different as they are our largest trade partner, but we may want to reassess our relationship.

What did I miss? Ask me if I did not address an issue. These are the issues as I see the most pressing. I could have easily missed one. See why it may be hard for me to identify myself and cubby hole myself into one area. I am okay with being called a RINO...At least I am not a one-issue conservative. Be open minded and get to know the whole person before you dismiss them as a TROLL or a DU member. True I read DU, but I like to see other points of view. I will get flamed for this: Occasionally, I agree with what they write. Most of the time...I can feel the hatred eminating from them...but hey, I feel it on this board too sometimes.

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