Since Sep 15, 2010

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“A forthright examination of today’s events, policies and politics shaping America”, is the byline of the title and the intent of the author and editor. I examine events in politics and world events through a conservative view. I believe that people have a liberal bend, or a conservative bend or will “bend” with whatever wind comes along. I was a Young Democrat at one time but was able to “stop drinking the kool aid” in time to recover my senses. Became a true believer in republicans, marched in the parades and stuffed the envelopes, until they proved a few years ago that they were the same as the democrats. They were just politicians who wanted more power, money and influence and wanted you (us) to kiss thier -—es as they gathered it. So I look, listen and gather the facts and then write based upon facts, history and a life full of witnessing (and practicing) human nature. I have never claimed to be unbiased, I am not one of those liars nor do I believe that mine is the only view. My views are limited by my life experiences, education, hopes, dreams, loves and loathes just as those of the people who claim to be “unbiased” are. Im just honest about it. But I believe the American founding documents are unique in human history. The American Experience is dramatic and breathtaking in it’s events and scope. And the American citizen a flawed but noble and generous person. I also believe that events take place that shape, show, or shower the families, communities and world in which we live. And I want to write about these. Kindest Regards, Kent