Since Jan 7, 2006

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Tribute To The American Flag
This piece of cloth is a composite of each of you, your ideals, your hopes,
and your dreams. It is a symbol
of a government that is built on a dream of equality,
freedom and hope, but its fulfillment is dependent on each of you.
Our flag of Red, White and Blue-
Red, not of blood shed but a Love spread from one another,
White as a crystalization of all the wonderful teachings of a good life, and
Blue of condfidence.
Confidence in your flag, your country , and its confidence in you.
Is anybody there? Does anybody care?
I care and I pledge my allegiance to the Flag of the United States
and to that great republic for which she stands.
Wherever it waves, it reassures men of the existance and the
power of freedom and democracy, it reassures them of their own abilities
to govern themselves. Over the field of battle, it serves to remind soldiers
of that for which they fight,and too often die.
I was born and American, I shall live as an American and I shall die as an American,
ever ready to dedicate myself to its call and its stars and stripes-
The American Flag
~Brenda Phillips

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