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About American Daily

In recent years many politicians, members of the media and pop culture icons, posing as paragons of tolerance, charity and virtue have begun to accept and promote Godless secular beliefs, multiculturalism, socialism and Marxism as the way to prosperity.

In addition, many who famously inherited a richly blessed conservative heritage have turned their back on it in favor of wealth, fame, glamour and acceptance by radically secular, left wing, no growth eco-Marxists.

As these events have unfolded many conservative websites and Internet radio programs have tried to alert the masses and fight back by actively promoting self-reliance, utilitarianism and Judeo-Christian principles as the right alternative.

As a result of this ongoing culture war many writers and commentators have had their content blocked, deleted or otherwise obstructed simply because the host company or an internet search engine disagreed with their politically conservative Judeo-Christian content.

American Daily Review was created to provide a well established, well edited, search engine optimized alternative platform so conservative Judeo-Christian political commentators, Internet talk radio hosts and writers could reach and share a much larger audience.

American Daily Review and its contributors make no apologies for exercising their Constitutional Right to Free Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religion or for keeping and bearing arms to protect those rights as American Citizens.

American Daily Review and its contributors make no apologies for confirming and promoting the fact that the United States was established not as a Socially Tolerant Secular Democracy but as a Constitutional Representative Republic based on Biblical Judeo-Christian principles.

As such, we further believe that Israel has the right to exist and that America as nation formed based on Biblical Judeo-Christian principles has a responsibility to help protect and defend the Holy Land as time and turmoil require.

Thank you for visiting American Daily Review. We offer political, economic, social, and religious news, analysis and commentary from a variety of featured contributors.

All of our contributors are savvy professionals with a deep respect for the laws,convictions, principles and values our nation was founded on.

We invite you to subcribe for free, browse our content, support our advertisers, send us questions, comment on the articles and visit ourwriters websites as often as you like.

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TheWriters of American Daily Review