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Media Bias on Richard Clarke Story (SURPRISE!)


! !**Secret Iraqi Police Files Found**

! !An open letter to a brazen liar

! !An open letter to a brazen liar

! !Death Threats Flood Anti-Hollywood Celebrity Websites

! !Democrat Supporters Enthralled by Sharpton

! !Embedded Journal: "I went over to the dark side."


! !Fear of the U.S. Is the Beginning of Wisdom

! !France's Chirac, Bush Speak by Telephone

! !Galloway was in Saddam's pay, say secret Iraqi documents (PACIFISTS ON SADDAM PAYROLL)

! !Illicit Arms Kept Till Eve of War, an Iraqi Scientist Is Said to Assert

! !Israeli military amazed, 'jealous' at U.S. war against Iraq


! !ME AND SADDAM'S HEAVIES (David Chater says his reporting may have gotten Sky/Fox employee killed)

! !No time to rest on our laurels

! !Parents Going Through Divorce Don't Always See Children's Pain


! !Syria: the First Domino to Fall?

! !Troops Discover Lush Saddam Hideaway

! !U.S. Mulls Options on Abbas Prosecution (aka Clinton back to haunt us)

! !Walking the walk no more-The Arab world now knows that they must take the United States seriously

! HAL9000 - Links to News Sources (v 2.4) - Iraq War edition

! News Sources (v 2.2) - links

!!!11Did Capitol Hill Blue Post An Article With Fabrications?

!!!12BREAKING: Conned big time "CIA Witness" to White House Lying about Intel story FRAUD

!!!13It is getting better. Check this out [Truthout trying to hide stealing a fraudulent article]

!!!temp 03feb - 3 Polls to FReeeep!!!

"Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death" A speech delivered by Patrick Henry on March 23,

"Robert Heinlein Remembered"

"THE" Reason We Went Into Iraq

"What Liberals Need to Know"

' An armed citizenry is the best defense against a tyranical government' ?

(Since) Major Combat Operations in Iraq Have Ended (FLASHBACK

* DUmmie FUnnies 10-04-05 (Mary Mapes Spins Fiction---Book Excerpt)

***Operation Iraqi Freedom - Belly Girl - Day 3-LIVE THREAD***

***Operation Iraqi Freedom - Situation Room - Day 27 - LIVE THREAD***

***Operation Iraqi Freedom - Video Links - Day 4 - LIVE THREAD***

++ Coming to D.C. to Pay Tribute to President Reagan? Check in Here

++ Mourning in America - Ronald Reagan Vigil Locations

++ My Tribute to Ronald Reagan, The Gipper

+++ Free Republic "Pager" Window Notifies You when you get Replies and Mail +++

+++Streaming Video Links [MSNBC, BBC]

++The "Mother" of all IRAQ Map Links! (Must See!)

+AA Defeat the leftist lies that Al Qaeda wasn't in Iraq before the war

+Unusual Looking Martian Rock

... statistical tests for global warming fails to find ..... anthropogenic forcing (AGW bombshell?)

20 Quick Facts We Should All Know About Israel

3rd party temptation discredits its candidates (and their ideas) - Medved

72 hour Kit Emergency Preparedness (year's supply of food, 72 hour kit)

9/11 -Blocked by media but never to be forgotten

A Brief History of Islam in the United States

a Case for Nuclear Power in the midst of CA's Crisis


A Fundamental Constitutional Right To Have Sex With Children, Too?

A HISTORY OF BETRAYAL: The Zionist Establishment of Israel

A Plea from a Marine in Iraq

A portrait of George W. Bush--The First 30 Months

A Train of Consciousness From a Middle School Teacher

A vicious brand of politics was defeated by the slimmest of margins

a1-Watch President Bush's Historic Sept. 20, 2001 Speech Online

aaaOnce Saved, Always Saved (Thread 2)

Airline Bomb Plot: FR Thread Roundup

AJR Newslink -- Resource

Al Qaeda was in Iraq before the war

Alger Hiss: Was he or wasn't he a Communist sp

Allawi KOs Kerry

Analysis of US Casualties in Iraq by Week and Month - post Baghdad Liberation Day

ANN COULTER celebrates DEATH? Exclusive story, PHOTOS from "Tonight Show" party with L.A. FReepers!

Appeasement -Return to the 1930s

Arctic oil: Facts versus Fiction (ANWR)

Baghdad Bob

Berger: Down My Pants. Like You Haven't? The Sordid Sandburglar Story

Bio-Chemical Weapons History, Plus Saddam bonus

Biological Agents Information Links (Must Bookmark)

Blackout Pinned on Three Ohio Failures

BLOGGERS: Add Yourself to the Free Republic Blog Directory

Bush accomplishments

Bush Accomplishments - Term 1

Bush and I were Lieutenants (Fellow Pilot Comes to Bush's Defense)

Bush appointment roundup

Bush is today's Churchill

Bush looks to home state for education leader [New Education Secretary is a pro-life Republican]

Bush Takes Time Out to Lead One To Christ (At "Thank You" Banquet in Austin)

Bush To Christen Carrier USS Ronald Reagan

Bush's tax cut challenge: David Limbaugh brings some historical perspective to the table

California Energy Crisis: March 21, 2001

California Lawmaker Wants to Bribe Citizens into Living near Power Plants

California's Small Power Suppliers Shut Down as They Don't Get Paid

CBO Forecast behind the scenes report

Check out this great quote.

Cheney: Chill, California

Clinton's Bin Laden GATE - Mother of all Scandals

Clinton-Talk: We're Brilliant. We Didn't Know. I'm Disturbed. I'm Disappointed.

Clintonmania - Nov'04


Columbia - Air Force imagery confirms Columbia wing damaged (with picture)

Columbia - ceramic Tiles a product of valley / STS-107


Columbia - From NASA engineering film: Sequential pix of debris hitting Columbia's wing

Columbia - NASA probes 'electric zap' mystery photo:Former astronaut wowed by photo

Columbia - NASA seeks clues to onboard computer actions

Columbia - New Eco-Friendly Foam Used on Columbias External Tank!!

Columbia - Observation on TPS damage on Orbiter

Columbia - Space Shuttle's Nose Cone Found Near La (Louisiana, that is)

Columbia - White House ('95) Was Warned of Shuttle Safety (Media Bias Alert)

Columbia Disaster Coverage: Resources, Story Ideas and More (Many useful links - FR MENTIONED!)

Comfort for Christian Singles: God's Timing and Planning

Constitution - "General Welfare" Clause. What Does It Really Mean?

CSP Decision Brief - Secretary Rumsfeld

Damaged Justice : Ashcroft will enforce the law. That's why Democrats are afraid of him.

DeLay?s Dozen: Conservatives running for Congress

Democrats Craft Fictional Response to Bush's Tax Cut

Democrats End Up Putting Liberalism on Trial

Dems Made It a Court Case & Got What They Deserved

Divine Design (Thread II)

Documents Suggest Special Treatment for Bush in Guard [post 47]

Economy - Recession started in '00


Effects of abortion can be long lasting

Episcopal Seminarian Subversive

Estrada Filibuster

Estrada Nomination Withdrawal and History

Fallujah Brigade + CPA briefing transcript

First hand account of DEMS attack on military ballots

First Wave of Homeschoolers Comes of Age

For wives only

FR Traffic Stats

FReeper names explained

FReepers Fax Freely - Resources (Free Online Faxing & Fax Numbers)

George Will: Clinton is a rapist [the article that the liberal media does not want you to read!]

Global Crossing/ McCauliffe

Global Warming - Major Discussion - Long but Good)

Global warming claims 'based on false data'

Global Warming vs. Prosperity

GOTTA SEE THIS-WarEndur.Freedom 03/26/03-Videos,Baghdad,Karbala,Najaf,Nasiriyah,Basra

Greenies Fear Bush Interior Choice

Gun Facts 3.1

Hayek's condensed "Road to Serfdom" published April issue 1945

Headline Games -Clarifying Bush MidEast Address

Here to Stay: We're here, we're mildly and tolerantly homophobic, get used to it!

Hillary will run as a Republican in 2008 - Prediction of Dec 2004 (not the only one)

Horowitz - Liberals - Hillary Clinton and the "Third Way"

Horowitz - The Lynch Mob

How to Rank [Health] Risks.

I am having second thoughts

In California, Growing Rage on Energy

Insult estraordinaire post #37: Troll Zotted


Iraq - Congressional Reaction to UN/Powell Testimony

Iraq - Final chance- Tough stuff from Bush Jr. (Toronto

Iraq - Full Text of UN Resolution 1441

Iraq - Powell Speech to UN Live Thread

Iraq - Powell: 'There Are Many Smoking Guns'

Iraq -'New' Europe stands with America: Elder showcases true U.S. allies, blasts useless socialists

Iraq: analysis: 21st century strategy outmatched Iraq defenses

Iraqi Freedom - Situation Room - Day 24 - LIVE THREAD***

Iraqi Liberation - Situation Room - Day 2-LIVE THREAD***

Iraqi scientists silenced (Iraq WMDs)

Islam Fundamentalism - A Case for War

It was a Great Week for the Climate Alarmists

It's Time to Part Company

Judge filibuster threads

Judge to Christian mom: No 'homophobic' teaching

Katharine Hepburn Dead - movies at post #69

Kerry with 'Hanoi Jane'

Keyword list of Freerepublic threads on the Sept 6, 2007 IAF Attack on Syria ..Possible NUKES ....

Large World War two picture archive (nice quality)

Lawmen Must Enforce "Constitutional Law"

LEGAL perspective - II

LEGAL perspective -Thread 1

Let's take time to remember those honorable people who helped make this happen

Let's Talk Dirty 'Bout The Liberals - Post Your Favorite Lib War-Related Meltdowns Here - 03/25/03

Letter Re: Florida 2000 to Bob Brinker

Liberals Aren't Used to Losing in Court

Live Thread: Ben Barnes and CBS Attempt Another Bush Smear (60 Minutes)

LIVE THREAD: Bush Flies to USS Abraham Lincoln for Historic Speech

Mansoor Ijaz: Politicized Intelligence

Markets Not the Culprit in California

Measure of Media Bias (research shows Drudge/Fox centrist, NYT far liberal)

media on Nicholas Berg: So what?

Missile Defence Team

Mother Teresa's Letter to the US Supreme Court.

Moving Ahead, Rather Throws Sad Look Back


My Experience at a Preview of Mel Gibsons's "Passion of The Christ"


Nazis - Democrat comparison.


New battle theory would be tested in Iraq invasion - Nov02


Newspaper links.

Next Pearl Harbor Attack (JUNE 2001, Bush team addressing terrorism threat) Clarke refutation

No thanks for the memories, Clinton

No time for the mawkish - Pearl Harbor vs 9-11 --- Jeniffer Harper


One of world's greatest pro-lifers, and Catholic convert, dead at 81

ONLY BUSH CAN SAVE EUROPE [ and world, from Islamists ]

Only Bush can save Europe [ Mark Steyn - part 1 ]

Open letter to a brazen liar - Baghdad Bob

Origin of Liberals and Conservatives

Outline of Clinton Scandals

Pajama Patrol Badge

Parents Going Through Divorce Don't Always See Children's Pain

Pickering: Cross Burning Case: What Really Happened

Political Photos Archive and Request Thread --- BIG GRAPHICS

Pope - War in the Gulf. What the Pope Really Said

Pope: Priests Must Stay Celibate

Proposed Florida Bumper Stickers

Psychological roots of anti-Americanism - victor hansen

Put Missile Defense on Cruise Control

Quagmire Flashback

Reaction to 9/11 Not Like Pearl Harbor

Reading the Constitution Right (Clarence Thomas makes mark on SCOTUS)

Reagan - Quotes

Reagan essays reveal his intellect

Reagan: Viewing the Caisson, Bidding Farewell ...


Remembrance Archive: Free Republic Threads From 9-11-01

Remembrance Archive: Free Republic Threads From 9-11-01

Riady Cops a Plea

Roe v Wade, Rights of the Father, RU486

Ronald Reagan Years - L. Kudlow

Ronald Reagan: A Time For Choosing

Rules For Being A Bush Supporter / Rules For Being A Democrat!

Ruling Hardly a Partisan Soultion;Florida High Court's Scheme for Counting Ballots Unconstitutional

Rumsfeld Nomination Shows Bush Serious on Missile Defense!

Second Observer Claims Palm Beach Vote Fraud

Secret Invention said to be bigger than internet or PC!!**

Sen. John Ashcroft: On Judicial Despotism

Sobran: The Best anti-Clinton Column of the Year!

Socialism in America's Congress: A Primer (Vanity)

Space - Reusable Vehicle needed... X33/X34/SSTO/DCX

Space - Sprites/Elves/BlueJet - high atmosphere electric phenomena

Space - To the Moon in a Space Elevator?

Spyware: xupitor spyware link; Don't open it!

State of the Union Address-. Bush 2003 [Transcript]

Suggestions for a 72 hour kit

Talmud's view of the Role of a Husband and Wife In Marriage

Tax Cut for the Rich Parable: Post#48

Teresa Heinz Kerry: Financier of the Radical Left

Thank You E-mail Received From Katherine Harris

The Berg Beheading- some links

The Best Global Warming Videos on the Internet - Part I: Documentaries (Vanity)


The Election Fraud Theory

The Forgotten Idea in Inaugural Speeches

The gods must be crazy (Physics article)

The Hammer Strikes(Tom DeLay?s Republican Congress Prepares to Smash the State)

The Hobbit Hole III - Journey to the Cross-roads!

The morning of 9/11

The Oil-for-Food Scandal ~ WSJ.

The Other Roe - Why Bush Will Win Regardless SC

The Pardons Look More Sordid

The Passion of the Christ -- Reaction Thread (Religion Section)

The Politics of Fatherhood

The Riady Case: Ashcroft's Revenge?

The Right Rx - Reforming what you can when you can.

The Scholars and the Goddess (Movement)

Third Palm Beach Observer Cries Foul Over Hand Recounts

Thirty Years of Progress--Mostly- WSJ - Bartley

Three Presidents. One Lesson.

Truth for peace: Israel situation catalog: -->Nov'02

U.S. Pays for Clinton-Riady-China Connection

Unhappy Democrats = A Happy America

Unskilled and Unaware of it

Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints

Vanity - What Type of Hangun Would You/Do You Own For Personal Protection?

View from the Cross

Walter E. Williams: Framers Guaranteed Right to Bear Arms to Defend Against Tyranny

Walter Williams Poses the Secession Question Again (Thread 2)

War And Battle: The Quotations

What are the top 10 Clinton Scandals??

What is your definition of a Conservative?

What the Supreme Court Has Said aboutthe Second Amendment

Where It's 9-11 All the Time...

Where were you 17 years ago today? (Challenger Explosion)

Who are the real abortion extremists? The media don't exactly trumpet these abortion poll results

Who says George W. Bush has done "nothing" for conservatives?

Why Britain needs more guns

Why Does God Allow Evil? - Email from a Skeptic

Wireless routers open door for crooks

Words like "disgraceful" and "contemptible" are suddenly on liberals' lips.

World Trade Center

Zell Miller: "A National Party No More: The Conscience of a Conservative Democrat"

Zero-Hour: Remember the Zarqawi letter.