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(82nd Airborne) Soldiers safeguard historic Afghan vote

24 Live Thread!

6-26-02 Wall street watch

9 /11 Memorial

9/11 Never Forget

Activity in DC this week.

Advice from the Lord in overcoming anxiety. A sermon for the 8th Sunday of the Year

Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Harvard Commencement Address

Archbshp Sheen's Prophetic warning of 50 years ago: Mary and the Moslems; The Significance of Fatima

AT&T broadband users frustrated

Atkins diet beats low-fat fare



Catholic Caucus - St. Therese of Lisieux

Census Response

Chelsea's Tongue

Clinton on Letterman Live Thread [Masochist Roll Call!!}

Emergency Preparedness (year's supply of food, 72 hour kit)

Fantasy Iraq Invasion (Part One)

First Wave At Omaha Beach

Florida teacher tells students there's no Santa; parents angry

For Catholics: What shall we do...

FReeper Computer Help Needed

Freeper Help on Setting Up Linksys Cable Router

George Washington and His Maps

Get series about HEALTHY, and LOW CARB FOOD

Handy Latin Phrases

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince--SPOILER ALERT!!!

Help - I Just Flunked HTML Bootcamp!

Here's what we're fighting for (post pictures)

How Well Do Scientists Understand How Changes in Earth's Orbit Affect Natural Climate Trends?

HTML Bootcamp (Cyber patriot training)

Isn't Self-Defense Common Sense? - Barack Obama's Second Amendment is all about hunting and...

Japan Cranks Up pressure on China

Language More Foul In Elizabethan Street Theatre Than 21st Century TV, Reveals Historian

LEST WE FORGET: If you haven't seen it, go.

Loss of Language, Loss of Thought (the dumbing down of America)

Malls see arrests by FBI, INS

Medical Breakthrough: Cured of the Rings (tinnitus)

Miracles emerge from debris

Mohammed's Prophecies of the Imam Mahdi (VANITY)

My Toolbar was Hijacked!

Need Succinct "Bush Stole Florida" Rebuttal

New book says Christians suffered most


PBS vs. the History Channel A study in counterprogramming.

Prayer to St. Joseph over 1900 years old

Pre-industrial CO2 levels were about the same as today. (You Need To Know Real History of CO2)

Proof discovered of agenda in the Sponge Bob/Homosexual controversy.

Proof of God

Saddam plans urban campaign if U.S. attacks - LA Times

Separated at Birth? (Humor Break?)

Socialization of homeschoolers

Stopping ALL Those Annoying Pop-up Windows

Strictly for the birds ....for your Happy Thanksgiving

The Best Global Warming Videos on the Internet - Part I: Documentaries (Vanity)

The Lowdown on the Showdown

The OFFICIAL weekly "24" Season 5 Live thread!

Veneration of Mary Preserves Us From Unbelief and Impurity

What is the best book on President Ronald W. Reagan to use to teach my kids

When schools got rid of Washington

Who Sold What After the Embargo? (Blood Pressure Enhancer)

‘A Christmas Story’ still hits people where they live after 25 years