Since Sep 29, 2000

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Father of two sons. Divorced. Served with the 82ND Airborne for 3 years ( Co. C 2/504 (Abn)(Inf) before being discharged with a SCI (T-4 complete). Expert Infantry Badge, Jump Wings (US & Canadian), Army Commendation Medal, PNCOC, Recondo School

Wheelchair athlete since 2001.

Adult leader with Boy Scout Troop 431 for 16 years.

President of the Northern Lebanon Ice Hockey Club (CPIHL) for 6 years.

As of 2007, I was ranked 7th nationally in the NRA/Beeman Grand Prix Tournament for disabled shooters.

Lifetime Member of the Keystone PVA and Life member of the NRA/ILA.

I am a proud, die hard Pittsburgh Penguins hockey fan!!!

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"It's a great day for hockey!"

This is the Official FreeRepublic Ice Hockey Ping List. If you want on or off, just ask.

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