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ALAS, BABYLON From this Science Fiction classic:

Book Description:
The classic apocalyptic novel that stunned the nation with its vivid portrayal of a small town's survival after nuclear holocaust devastates the country. Buy the book here.

I am a military retiree, having served 22 (proud!) years in the Air Force as a communications/computer specialist. Main frame ops, comm center, LAN install, software support, and combat comms out in the field. I retired in 1998 as a Senior Master Sergeant (E-8).

Communications and Information badge, Command Level

The "Freddy Kruger", with Star and Wreath

Served at the following locations:

1976-1979: NORAD, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado

1979-1982: 6th Missile Warning Squadron (PAVE PAWS), Cape Cod AFS, Massachusetts

1982-1984: Overseas to Australia for my Country! 5th Defence Satellite Communications Squadron, Woomera AS, Australia

1984-1988: Back to the Land of the Big BX! Defense Intelligence Agency, Wash D.C.

1988-1991: Defense Communications Agency (Now known as the Defense Information Systems Agency), the Pentagon (escaped in 1991!)

1991-1993: Back Overseas once more. 6917th Electronic Security Group, San Vito AS, Italy

1993-1997: (We closed San Vito, and I did such a good job closing down Comm-Computers there that they moved me north to Germany to help shut down the other ESC/AFIC bases.) 26th Intelligence Group, Ramstein AB, Germany

While at Ramstein, also spent some time here:

1997-1998: Back to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! 42nd Communications Squadron, Maxwell AFB, Alabama

Due to Clinton's cuts to DoD funding, the Air Force decided to "outsource" support services on Maxwell/Gunter. Told I would have to move yet again, and having just purchased our Alabamian "Fortress Babylonia", I elected to retire here in Sweet Home Alabama. Today I quietly teach computer networking to computer engineers, while loudly posting at Free Republic. Free Republic is like being in the service. Fun and adventure daily!

Why I joined the US Air Force
Reason 1: The Barracks were better

Reason 2: You can play on the bombs

Just be careful playing with bombs, or you can go from this:

To this!

This WILL ruin your day! Save it for the Islamofascists!

Reason 3: Our mud 'rasslers are dirtier!

Reason 4: Sometimes you can race planes versus SP cars. Try to stay in your own lane!

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