Since Mar 9, 2003

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....public profile page being revised.... Have had some trouble from "inquisitive" minds of the juvenile persuasion right here at Free Republic. Sad, very sad! ZOT not, lest ye be zotted. Or, remove the zot from your own eye before you cast a paranoid glance toward your fellow freepers. Stop the nonsense of examining, then type-casting and psychoanalyzing member profiles and when and how different members offer posts and responses.

Particularly annoying are the self-styled "experts" in various fields who tolerate no deviation from their own established "truth," and who triumphantly pounce upon errors made by others. One of my favorites, just by way of example (and there are many others), "I am an Episcopalian, so don't argue with me!" And, "What books have YOU been reading!!!" OOOOH, I am so terrified and I feel so small and stupid by such revelations!

Also annoying are the various cliques, for example, the Catholic-bashers who pose as "true Christians." Your place in heaven will be very small, indeed - a room reserved exclusively for you and your like-minded inquisitors. Dante, in his view of PARADISE, says, "Here comes another to add to our happiness." But these people have taken to heart the existentialist Sartre's dictum, "HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE."

Apparently, certain fundamentalists and evangelists find it easy to bash Catholics, Jews and Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. Ya must've heard a good bashing-sermon this past Sunday, eh??? Proof positive that the Inquisition is not exclusively part of Catholic history. Then there are the "true neo-cons" who can no longer abide what used to be a rich and vibrant diversity in CONSERVATIVE thinking, so they want to banish those who disagree and digress to the "liberal" camp to censor and censure them, and to offer personal attacks in place of cogent, coherent analysis to compare and contrast the differing viewpoints. Are they so incapable of sustained and vigorous argument that they cannot engage in a healthy give-and-take, a true exchange in the marketplace of ideas, a true experiment in robust free speech? Yet this is precisely how the LIBERALS deal with deviation among their own! Their own intellectual feebleness leads them to constantly drone the mantra, "racist, classist, sexist" in place of vigorous discourse. God only knows how these people deal with their family members, friends, and co-workers from day to day! Some freepers are no better than the DHIMMICRATS over at Democratic Underground and such.

You may ascertain, by the date I joined Free Republic, in the midst of Bush's "invasion" of Iraq, that I fully support the war against terrorism, including the idea of "pre-emptive strikes" against would-be terrorists. I also support such ideas as the absolute separation of school and state, and the radical idea, not separation of church and state, but the separation of ATHEISM and state (in other words, secular humanism has become the preferred religion of judges and politicans and has dictated too much of public policy over the past century).

As Pope John Paul II says in his newest book MEMORY AND IDENTITY, (1) the formation of new ideologies of evil which advocate increasingly dangerous agendas is a perennial phenomenon and (2) the most "democratic" and "liberal" of societies are not immune from these, and, in fact, may be the most susceptible to them!

To be continued...

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