A marines son
Since Apr 3, 2007

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I’m a retired Navy Chief Radioman 1973-1994 and the son of a Three War Marine
my father enlisted in 1940 stationed in Iceland 1941, Guadalcanal in 1943
Okanawa, China in 1944 during which he received a Bronze star w/combat V and Purple Heart, Korea 1950-1953 awarded second Purple Heart when he stepped on the side of a landmine in 1953 was in traction for 6 months then on cruches for 6months then I was born 3 months later in Sept 1955. he was in Vietnam in 58-59 and again in 64-65 retired in 1966 M/GySgt Wilfred Paul Zeimet.
Old School Tanker I don’t have any info on his units that he was assigned to.