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***Head's Up, Florida FReepers! The Commies Are Coming, Sat. Oct.27!!**

**What Are The Best Online Shopping Sites **

200 Year Old Rumor About Thomas Jefferson Proved a Lie

Buy American - Buy FReeper - Visit FReepBay

Civil Liberties Meaningless to a Dead Man

Computer info

Downside Legacy: Freeper Profiles 11/3/2001

Find your "favorite threads" via Google search of Free Republic, profiles

Freepathon Holidays are Here Again: Let's Really Light Our Tree This Year - Thread 6

How do I post pictures?

How Have We Become a Nation of Dumbies?

HTML Bootcamp

HTML Bootcamp (or Wow, how did they do that?)

I accidentally permanently deleted a folder from Outlook Express - any chance of getting it back?

I need advice on upgrading old PC

I want to build my own computer what's the best???? (vanity)

Jacksonville, Florida Freepers???

Personal attacks, petty (and not so petty) bickering, flame wars, feuding, etc.

Please help me find a thread

Please: NO profanity, NO personal attacks, NO racist or violence posts.

Reference HTML Cheatsheet

Seminole County After-Action Photo Report-11/27

The Jeb Bush Nobody Knows - Part 7: FL's 'Other' Voucher Program, for Students with Disabilities

Today's Toons 10/21/04

vanity links

Vanity Post on Vanity Posts, Duplicate Posts, Trash Posts, Commie Propaganda, etc., Vol V, No. 1

Way Too Many Vanities (Updated)

Who are the "Single" FR Men? (Vanity)