Anne of DC
Since Jun 16, 2006

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This page is a work in progress

be patient with me :o)

I love to read, collect political memorabilia, research family history and American history.

I also love to read about medeavel history and historical novels.

A fan of the Doctor Who series and Tolkien's works.

I read Harry Potter.

I'm an Anglophile and an admitted history buff

I'm a late-comer to the Republican Party. I'm more of a moderate but I'm conservative in a lot of things enough so I can call myself a Conservative.I am a member of the RNC.

Third Order Secular Franciscan.

And if asked, I'll tell you, as much as I love my country, I am a Christian first and fore-most.

Soon I'll have som pictures and gifs to put on this page.

Thank you, Jim and John Robinson, for giving us this home on FR.