Since Sep 16, 1998

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I served our country in the early 60’s. Navy all the way, I have very strong feelings for our country - ones that I will commit to in the future. We have the best country in the world - the last of the super powers - and we need to be mindful of maintaining that status.

There is a growing surge against conservatives like me but I remain committed and will fight for my beliefs.

I’ve been a Freeper for a long time - was a lurker for a couple of years before I joined. I don’t regret any of it and wholly support Jim in his effort. Free Republic CAN make a big difference as has been shown in the past - Bush’s pilot license fraud being one.

My advice to younger Freepers is to search farther than the MSM for your information. It’s out there you just have to find it. Once you wade thru the chaf, FR has a lot of good information.

For now: GO SARAH!!!!!