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God has endowed each gender with a specific role that cannot be breached; while the opposite gender plays a supporting role and is blessed from the endowment of each.

It is not our diversity that makes America strong. This is a myth. It is our capacity to identify and apply that which unites us all despite our diversity.

Better to be called an idiot from the stool of a fool than to be known as one in the eyes of the wise.

When a ship withstands the tossing storm ahead, it usually ends up closer to its destination.

True independence is achieved only by acknowledging our dependence upon its Source.

People who love freedom and are deprived of it through government tyranny, slowly develop extremes because all options of making positive change through peaceful processes become exhausted. In most cases, extremists are conditioned to become that which matures a need for justice to prevail.

The size of government within a society will be proportional to the virtue of its people. The bigger the government, the lesser their virtue.

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