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"Burning Ice" Helium-3, bloom box, and pebble bed reactors [note post 3]

"Natural Born Citizen" 2012 debate

' ' ' 1 1 1 AYERS ---- Link Page

' ' ' 1 1 a a Website of Obama's Friends [RNC funded]

' ' 1 1 a a Oct 14 Link List of Obama's friends

'Jesus was a Palestinian,' claims U.S. history text [Used by prez of Iran]

0 0 0 How Conservatism Can Triumph Quickly [2012]

1 1 a a Obama's Illegal Fundraising Methods, Misuse of Tax Exempt Money, Reinforce ACORN Scandal

111 Election Link list [early October]

111 The Timeline Project / Link List of Bailout History

111 Web Archives: Obama Was Member Of Socialist 'New Party' In 1996

21 Shocking Facts About The Explosive Growth Of Poverty In America [late 2015]

aa Media Bias Grab Bag List

aa Never forget that the New York Times [the Slimes] rejected McCain's Op-Ed

aaa Barack Obama List of Acquaintances Very Own Thread

aaa Obama Sued CitiBank To Force Them To Make Bad Loans (Flashback 1995)

aaa Orchestrated Economic Meltdown and FReddie Fannie Manipulation

ABC News Anchors Laugh Their Way Through Owen Wilson Suicide Attempt Story

Actual Legalese of O's ineligability in Certifigate

Al Gore sued by over 30 Thousand Scientists

All That Darned Conservatism [exposing the lies repeated about conservatives]

America 60% conservative 30% liberal

American Medical Association backs House health bill -- without reading it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Assorted Political Figures and their Views on Gun Control. (Excellent Reference)

Barack Obama may subject US troops to International Criminal Court

bbb Biden Says Corn Syrup And Coal More Deadly Than Terrorism

bbb Cynthia McKinney, Wacko [Video...set down your beverage before watching!]

bbb I THINK THIS IS OVER [Hope I'm weong]

bbb Secret Service visits Lufkin woman after 'death threat' allegation from Obama volunteer

bbb The Mad Thread

Behavioral Science, Violence, G Beck, and Liberty Amendments [vanity]

BENGHAZI-GATE: Post Threads Here for Cross Reference

British Conservative Goes Nuclear on Gordon Brown (Video)

Bush Lied? Yes, Saddam / Iraq were Nuking up and other WMDs.

Can Scalia Hold Out for Two Years? [vanity, post election]

ccc Lee County Sheriff Scott's 'Hussein' reference sparks federal probe

ccc NUTS!; HOW ACORN GOT ME INTO VOTE SCAM (fake names registered 72 times)

ccc Reporter's Notebook: Seeing How The Other Half Lives (0bamas Plane Smells)

CLIMATE GATE 2009 [& DUmmie FUnnies 11-25-09]

College prof: Christian crosses like swastikas

Conservatives ask: Is Durbin going after Limbaugh?

Cynthia McKinney says 5000 executed Katrina used as cover. (Unreal. Proof of Mental Illness.)

Did Obama just say he's a Muslim (in 2015)? C-SPAN headline questions president's 'we' reference

DUmmie FUnnies 05-01-11 (DUmmies Get Outraged About Chamber of Commerce Document Release)

DUmmie FUnnies 12-17-09 (DUmmies ready to join Olbermann in going to jail!)

Ebola Surveillance Thread


Fistgate VII: O Czar Scandal

Gag The Internet! An Obama Official's Frightening Book About Curbing Free Speech Online

How a Liberty Convention Can CRUSH the Ruling Class [vanity]

Israel PM Netanyahu’s Address to UN 64th [Nailed It !]

JustPiper Spearheads Major Link Blast

Kelo Court vs. 2010 Supremes: A Vast Improvement -- for now [vanity]

Michael Crichton: Fear and Complexity [State of Fear + Why Politicized Science is Dangerous

Mom dials 911 on son over Grand Theft Auto [video game]

Monica's back – says Clinton lied

Mystery Men of the Financial Crisis

Navy SEALS May Go to Prison for Giving a Fat Lip to Islamic Terrorist

New: Shroud of Turin carbon dating proved erroneous ( performed on non-original cloth sample)

Obama signs bill mandating gun OWNERS to be locked up in boxes on trains

ObamaCare Aided by Big Doses of Media Spin

Open Letter to A citizen Of Gaza: I Am the Soldier Who Slept In Your Home [why Islam suffers]

Powerful PR Firm Helps Campaign to Get Glenn Beck Off The Air [ban Geico]

Pro-Life Senator Tom Coburn, Under Fire for Delivering Babies For Free

Report: Canada refuses to admit Bill Ayers

Secret Meeting to Plot Global Abortion Strategy Exposed - UN Personnel Present

Sedition Acts and Woodrow Wilson: Part 1 [freep-notes]

Smoking Gun: Will Release Of Obama's Purported Birth Certificate Give Rise To New "Certer" Movement?

Sotomayor and Terrorists

T&A ... err ... TSA Monster Link List [freep-notes]

Terror-Linked Migrants Crossing Into U.S.

Texas execution violates international law [World Criminal Court]

The 2% Illusion - Obama's Expensive Domestic Agenda Will Cost America's Middle Class

The 20 Biggest Stories of 2009

The ABA Plots a Judicial Coup

The American Minute: James Madison - Federalist Papers - President - Founder

The Chinese Military Threat (Wake Up, America!)

The Left and Plans for "Nuremberg-Style" Tribunals for Bush Administration Officials

The Numbers Speak For Themselves (gun control and murder rates of assorted countries)

The Timeline Project [ Fannie Link Meister Page ]

Top 10 lobbying triumphs: Some firms won big despite difficult year in 2009

Turban Durbin Amendment Attacks Free Speech on Radio

U.N. Agency Calls for Teaching Children 5-to-8 Years of Age about Masturbation

U.N. to dump flood of Muslim refugees on U.S.

US Relinquishes Control of Internet

Venona, Hiss, the Pumpkin Papers, and More MUST KNOW INFO

Why Did So Many People Hate Bill Clinton? An Exchange Among Conservatives