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** BOLLING: Why is Chicago a 'Warzone'? 'Liberal Democrats' to Blame

** Top Dems Ellison, Perez, Franken Draw Only 138 YouTube Viewers

** Trump kills 16 regulations for every new one, crushing 2-for-1 goal

** Trump says time to 'let ObamaCare fail' after health bill stalls

*** Digging Deep II -- starting in mid August, 2017


*50 Reasons Muhammad Was Not a Prophet (in Under Five Minutes)*

A lesson from the yacht tax [Nealz Nuze, 2011]

attn. Black America: proof that Democrats are demon-craps

Black violence invades sweet corn festival in Cedar Rapids Iowa

Clinton E-Mails Show George Soros Gave Sec Of State Foreign Policy March Orders

GOP Senator Slams Sanctuary City That Released Illegal Accused of Child Rape

How Clintons Blackmailed Most of Congress in '90s -- Filegate

Libertarian Gary Johnson is a global warming freak

Most GOP voters say Trump will never make the media happy

Muslims "Blame Trump" After New York Imam Assassinated [August]

North Korea: Blame falls on Clinton, GW, O [aw!m vanity]

Obamacare gets Several Billion in Tax-funded DNC ads AND shakedowns of businesses.

Socialists and their routine famines [aw!m vanity]

The U.N. and U.S. Embassy Stand Down as American Aid Workers Beaten and Raped in Sudan

Twin Falls Police Report Reveals Shocking Details of Latest Refugee Sex Assault

Twitter Embarks on Mass Purge of Those Expressing 'Extremist' Ideas

Venezuela is an excellent example of what a leftist takeover really looks like

Video-Bill Clinton: Rebuild Detroit With Syrian Refugees

[IN USA] 62 ISIS attackers and plotters in year [185 victims]