Since Feb 24, 2001

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I am a 22 male Christian currently attending college.

I don't hold any party affiliation and I think I should make this clear from the get go. I am just one who will always vote for and fight for change in the face of failure. Failure to me is never an option, and I feel that failure has become a contentment with current government and its' majority of voters.

I strive in always seeing success as results; to have my tax dollars accounted for through achievements, not the same tired failing systems. No matter how 'radical' the change may appear, if it has the evidence, and common sense of producing even in theory a solution to failure, then I say try it. And, if it is a failure as well, then we scrap it and look for new solutions.

But never should we just be content with failure.

I also am nothing more than a student. It is not my intent to come off as a teacher. I pose many questions and would respectfuly have them answered. I would do the same for anyone else.