Since Sep 5, 2011

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I’ve spent my career in finance doing investment banking (M&A and Corporate Finance at Drexel Burnham Lambert-NY and Morgan Stanley-London), project finance (at the International Finance Corporation where I worked for six years in the Latin America and Oil & Gas departments), and more recently, doing private equity investing in the healthcare and technology sectors. I have an MBA from INSEAD and undergraduate degrees in economics and international relations from Tufts University. I’m also very involved in the non-profit world where I serve on several boards.

In March 2011, I became the only conservative on the Aspen Times opinion page (I’ve since recruited one other) where I now write a column every other Thursday called Think Again. My goal is to engage people in matters of great import to our society and to get them to consider a perspective that they might not have heard, never mind considered. I challenge them to Think Again for they might change their mind. I do this by “myth-busting” and countering false narratives that become conventional wisdom. I’m targeting people who consider themselves center/left-of-center and who vote in ways that are counter to their own values and interests.