Since Oct 19, 2000

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I'm in San Diego - since 1982, America's finest city that's behind enemy lines. I'm holding fast so far but Schwarzenegger's and the liberal's attack is relentless. I am 46 years old and have been thoroughly indoctrinated in the leftist "higher" educational system - but their brainwashing did not work!

I support an all out war effort against the terrorists that have been attacking us and our allies for many years. The Terrorist attacks are not law enforcement issues, but are acts of War by the countries that sponsor them, and it's about time Americans recognize that. Thank God for George Bush in that respect.

I am not politically correct and I'm not an environmentalist, and will require a small amount of scientific proof before I believe in AGW.

I am a Conservationist just as a true Conservative should be.

And I'm against Democrat gun control. God Bless and make sure to BLOAT.