Since Nov 17, 2006

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I am a retired Ballet dancer/teacher - it joyfully consumed 40 years of my life. It went by in a flash.

I write for both hard copy as well as for the largest dance site online. Though I specialize in writing for dance, I have also been published on many other subjects.

I am a political/social/fiscal conservative and moderately active in party politics. History is my favorite subject and I've spent a lifetime reading it. Wish I had another lifetime to spend. So many books, so little time. My particular fascination is with the ideology of the American Revolution and the era of Constitution writing - both states and federal.

I particularly enjoy honest discourse, courteously stated and with the intent to impart as well as receive views and information.

Gosh - that all sounds so heavy. So, you should know that while I'm doing the above - I'm also laughing a good deal.