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"God is Dead," Now We'll Create our Global Village -or- Why Christians are Mentally Ill

"I've about had it"(with the Middle East):Davis in National Review

"Tancredo's position is anti-Mexican" - immigration talks with Mexican officials . .

"We are all sodomites now: a case for sexual freedom" -- by Andrew Sullivan

"World Opinion" Can Go To Hell When It Supports Suicide Bombers

'I had no idea that madness in the Islamic world had gone so far' - Naipaul

'Moderate' friends of terror: Daniel Pipes lists sins of Council on American-Islamic Relations

'Wahhabi Lobby' Takes the Offensive

'We People of Faith Stand Firmly With Israel'

'YOU'LL KNOW HIM WHEN YOU SEE HIM!" A tribute to Eagle Award winner, Jeff Head.


9/11 Documentary (French Brothers)

A Handy Visual Aid for Explaining the Democrat's Position on Race Relations

A Sobering Thought and Hope for the Future

A very interesting article, written by a Japanese journalist, on the Palestinian people.

ACLU says 'No, thanks'

Action Alert: Help counter Immigration Lawyers' Million post cards "Amnesty for Illegal Aliens"

Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar (Space Image Photos)

Analysis: Was it worth it? - a Superb read!

Anger and Pride by Oriana Fallaci.. Her first essay about 9-11-2002 attack

Anti-Semitism Today by Oriana Fallaci

Anyone in Manhattan? I need some travel advice

Baptist pastor's words shock Muslim leaders : "Mohammad a 'possessed pedophile"

Barriers on the Road to War

Bilderberg Decides International Affairs


CAIR Founded by ?Islamic Terrorists??--CAIR cuts back on crucial libel claims

Chilling (Sorosí behavior during the Holocaust)

Christianity and Islam in History

Clinton: Most Expensive Presidential Trip Ever

Communists and Islamic Extremists - Then and Now

Crusades: Truth and Black Legend

DAVID MEIR-LEVI: BIG LIES. Demolishing The Myths of the Propaganda War Against Israel

Defeating Gay Arguments with Simple Logic

Democrat Senator: "Our Party Needs To Embrace Tax Cuts. . ."

Democrats won't question Rubin

Dems plan to undermine America to beat Bush

Dennis Prager: Why Democrats Use the F-Word

Dennis Ross on Fox News Sunday (What Arafat Turned Down)

Dhimmis for dummies by Marvin Olasky

Did Hillary Clinton Really Intern for Truehaft, The Top Lawyer for the Communist Party in the USA?

Don't Let Arafat Distract Us

End Of Days: When America Falls

Evangelicals and Jews Together - An Unlikely Alliance

Evil's Advantage Over Conscience - Why the West gives Yasser Arafat endless second chances


Eyewitness to Hatred: Concordia University, Montreal

F.R. 9/11 Original Threads

Faces of American Islam

Fallaci: Warrior in the Cause of Human Freedom

First it was Rhodesia then SA now America paying the price of silence.

FOR THE RECORD: CBS Memos Controversy on Free Republic

Forgotten Facts of the Arab-Israel Conflict

Fouad Ajami: Palestine's Deliverance

French Group Bashes Italian Writer (over anti-Muslim book)

FrontPage Magazine's Man of the Year: Col. Allen B. West Anti-Americanism (excellent, long article)

God has One Foot Out the Door [Part 3: Evil Alive and Well in the US]

God Has One Foot Out the Door [Part 1, Rise of the Anti-Christians]

God has One Foot Out the Door [Part 2: Infanticide and the NEA]

God Has One Foot Out the Door [Part 5, God Is No Fairy Tale]

God has One Foot Out the Door [Part 6: Taboo Topics, Kookophobes, and Hope]

Heartland Invasion

Hell's Coming with Us

Hillary Clinton takes aim at Arafat (SUPER MEGA BARF!!!)

Hillary's team has questions about Obama's Muslim background (The answer is "yes")

Hillary, Bill and Tony, the most famous baby boomers

Historian Deplores Colleagues' Portrayal of Communism

Hollywood Boycott List Updated, New Names Added Along With Quotes/Actions Of Celebs

I Was Wrong! (Anti-War Activist Sees the Light)

Immigration does not come down on party lines - Tancredo in immigration spotlight

In Muslim America: A Presence and a Challenge

Islamic Imperialism--The war for world mastery that is far from over.

Israel and the Anti-Semites

Israel s Ajax: The Tragedy of Mr. Sharon

Israel's Title Deed To Palestine: (Bush's Policy of Withdrawl Forcing Nuclear Showdown w/Syria?)


Itís the demography, stupid

John McWhorter: Why Blacks Don t Need Leaders

Justice Thomasí dire prediction

Leftwing "Peace" Saboteurs, Anarchists go Shopping

Let the Sunshine In [John Lott debunks DNC's Fla. election 2000 lies ~ again]

LETS FEAST! - An Index to Online Great Books in English Translation

Letter from Jerusalem

Liberals having nervous breakdowns: Michael Medved suggests Dems considering hemlock and Kool-Aid

Mark Steyn: The Spanish dishonoured their dead

Orlando "Rally for America", Saturday, February 22!

Our Christian Friends

Our Islamic 'Friends'

Palestinian Terms for Peace

Phil Donahue Ridicules Christian Salvation Doctrine

Plane crashes into World Trade Center 9/11/01

Plans for rebuilding at the World Trade Center site - SEE HERE!

Rachel Corrie's Death Wish

Remembrance Archive: Free Republic Threads From 9-11-01

Render Unto Caesar (Horowitz Comes Back with a Knockout Punch!)

Report from Chappaqua: Bill's girlfriend..the news is OUT; what it means for Hillary..( Oh, baby!!)

Report from Chappaqua: Not ONE American flag flies at the Clinton residence

Report from Chappaqua: The "Agreement" Hillary has lost the WH, forever, and more, much more..

Richard Wurmbrand's Testimony before US Senate Judiciary Committe-1966.See his Scars.Hear Him.

Senator Zell Miller's comments regarding 9/11 Panel

Setting the Historical Record Straight

Sharon: No Peace While Arafat Is Around

Shiite Schism

Sun Tzu visits the Middle East

Tales of the Tyrant (Mark Bowden on Saddam Hussein)

Ten Tips on How to Be an Arafat Apologist

Thank You


The Decline of the East (review of What Went Wrong? Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response)

The End of Islam (kind of long - but worth it)

The Gathering Storm - This Speech Is Required Reading For Every Single American

The History and Meaning of "Palestine" and "Palestinians"

The Islamization of America

The Man Who Predicted The Race Riots

The most incompetent soul ever to be President

The Past and Future of American Grand Strategy [Bush critic gets it]

The Post-Colonialist Famine

The Rage of Oriana Fallaci

The Shadow Party: Part I

The Shock of Truth Is Blowing Minds

The Soviet Government's Holocaust: There's one thing that big government does well: kill people

The speeches you never hear: Hugh Hewitt on elite media's hostile mindset

The Triumph of George W. Bush ..... Mark Steyn

The war that Arafat called forth (FOUAD AJAMI)

The World Upside Down

They Will Deport Themselves

Thunder on the Border-- (Minuteman Project)

Too Glad to Be True: Puritan Culture (my note: what they were REALLY like)

Useless Eaters vs The Death Cult

VET DROPS BIG BOMB ON KERRY!! Phoenix Program Vietnam Vet Urges Kerry To Come Clean

View From The Left: Peace Kooks (Expose on "Peace" Group #1)


What Arab Civilization?

What do End Time prophecies mean for Israel and Judaism?

Where Is The Rage?

Where It's 9-11 All the Time...


Why America Is Not A Propositional Nation (long read, likely to be controversial)

Why Don't I Care About the Palestinians?

Why the Arab world hates America: Prager proclaims it is an honor the U.S. is reviled by Islamists

Why the Jews are always to blame

Why the US "restrains" Israel; why Israel "waits", and why Arafat and Saddam are soon to be dust


Zimbabwe -- The day a black Mercedes came calling

ĎThe Real Dealí on Sean Pennís screed