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Police: Good Samaritan beheaded in south Fla.

"Aliens Cause Global Warming"

'Cyclic universe' can explain cosmological constant

'Hole In Sky' Amazes Scientists (Mobile, Alabama)



20 Great Google Secrets

42 days after "microwave mind control" complaint, Alexis kills 12

A Dark Conspiracy of Prophecy and Alien Technology

A Lost World? Atlantis-Like Landscape Discovered

A stained dress, a TV mini-series and a glimpse of narcissistic rage

A Stone Pyramid At Cahokia, Illinois

Al Gore to link global warming to U.S. national security.(MoveOn Event)

Alaska's only remaining CW ADA missile site in trouble (Vanity)

Alleged briefing to President Reagan on UFOs posted online [Incl below]

An Ancient City Is Discovered Underwater. What They Found Will Change History Forever

Anatomy of a Breakdown - Concerted government policy helped trigger the financial meltdown—and...

Announcement of Glorious Nuclear Achievement to Gangster Stooges of Blogosphere

Antimatter And Matter Combine In Chemical Reaction

Are alien UFO fleets protecting Barack Obama?


Atlantis expedition reveals structures

Atom Breaks Rules, Beats Friction

Aztec UFO Conf 28-30MAR08 [What R Your ?'s 2 the Big Names; Bible view; Charismatic Caucus]

Best and Worst of the 1970s (vanity)

Black XXV: "More Than $2 Trillion!!"

Black XXVI: "Hanoi John!!"

Britain set to release secret UFO files

Bush Space Plan Envisions New Spacecraft

Canadian Parliament Asked To Hold Hearings On Relations With Alien "Et" Civilizations

Candidate Wesley Clark sees time travel as possible (follow-up)

Caption "the black Jackie O" departing with Barack after a parent-teacher conference

Caption Howard Dean

Caption John Effin' Kerry Rocking Out on the Guitar!

Caption John Effin' Kerry Rocking Out on the Guitar!

Caption John Kerry

Caption John Kerry after surgery with Botox Heinz

CAPTION THIS!! (The Prisoner)

Caterpillar Protest Planned (over Rachel Corrie death)

Coast to Coast AM: Art Bell SETI has received alien signals, being jammed by NRO

Congressman Traficant (D) reacts to being convicted of racketeering, bribery, kickbacks and fraud

Dean Covers RollingStone! Why Did RollingStone Give Gore a Big Crotch Photo in 2000, But Not Dean?

Democrats 'Wizard of Oz' from Rush (hilarious)

Deriving Dimensions: Emergence of a 4D World From Causal Quantum Gravity

Dirt flies across Texas over controversial highway plan

Discovery Of Vast Prehistoric Works Built By Giants?


Earth's Core Spinning Faster Than Crust

Electromagnetic Pulse: An Avoidable Disaster

EU space official supports UFO disclosure says NASA cant be trusted

Evidence for Universe Expansion Found

Federal workers watch 'Star Trek' on clock

Flesh-eating War-bots? Company Says no (Oh noes!)

For Sale: Island with Mysterious Money Pit [Oak Island]

Former Arizona Governor Comes Forward About UFO Sighting From 10 Years Ago

General Clark Wants To Focus U. S. Resources and On Unlocking The Secrets Of Time Travel

General Clark Wants To Focus U. S. Resources and On Unlocking The Secrets Of Time Travel

General Clark Wants To Focus U. S. Resources and On Unlocking The Secrets Of Time Travel

Ghost Town Busters (After dirty-bomb attack, Plans to counter radioactive contamination)

Giant space-time ripples may cause cosmic expansion

Gore close to cable buy

Gore to Endorse Dean

Gore to Endorse Dean

Gravity doughnut promises time machine

How the Poles Saved Civilization, Part I

Howard Dean Photoshop Contest

Illegal aliens and the secret monster highway (barking moonbat alert)

In Honor of His 103rd Birthday, Here Are The 20 Best Quotes From The Late, Great Milton Friedman

In search of space aliens: His ideas are a mile high — and beyond

Interstellar Espionage: While We're Watching Mars, Could Someone be Watching Us?

Is The End Of The World As WeKnow It Right Around The Corner? (Lunacy or The Coverup Of History?)

John Kerry Makes Appearance On The Cover of France Today - April 2004 Edition!

Kerry about to walk past Reagans casket

Kerry Arrives at Pope's Funeral on Crutches

Kerry Photo Altered, Used for Political Attack (FR, Registered Mentioned)

Kerry stumps for kids' health care

Kerry's makeover - Botox! A man of the Rich!

Large New World Discovered Beyond Neptune

Led Zeppelin can still rock

Led Zeppelin to reform with new lead singer

Legend yields to truth with Lake Superior shipwreck discovery

Linksys Wireless Router Problems

List the Movies in Which the Main Actors Were Upstaged by Another Actor

Lt Walter Haut's Notarized Affidavit Verifying Roswell Egg Shaped Craft Signed Pre Death in 2002 C2C

Massive Crack Opens In Earth In Texas

May 30/31 COAST TO COAST AM - results of alien video news conference in Colorado

Medical miracle or money pit? ("proton beam therapy" center)

Mile-wide UFO' spotted by British airline pilot

Military's Pandora's Box: HAARP, Advances In Tesla Technology

MOONBAT ALERT: Rachel Corrie Posthumously Receives Award from Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions

MOONBAT ALERT: Rachel Corrie Posthumously Receives Award from Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions

Motorhead Messiah ("The Impala blew the Lamborghini away...")

Movie Music: A guide to one of the most chaotic of movie genres: the composer biopic.

NASA Tracks Mystery Object Near Atlantis Shuttle

Nazis Ordered: Remove All Christian Crosses and Spread Paganism


New Hubble Photos of Uranus

New Photoshop Contest, Obama Air Force One Photo OP

No birthday cake for Obama as Secret Service steps in (Anyone seen Hussein's mistress lately?)

Nuclear Winter (It's Niman Time! Barf Bags Ready!)

Nuclear Winter (It's Niman Time! Barf Bags Ready!)

Numerous evidence of Pre-Historic Nuclear War exists

Obama is in trouble

Obama vacation island hit by power blackout

Occult Pagan Revival Signals Death of America and the West

Pants-less puppeteer charged with indecent exposure

Photo evidence : Water in Mars (barf alert)

Photoshop Contest, Obama and his trusty teleprompter

Photoshop John Kerry, his fans and their signs

Polish Christmas Customs (see pictures, listen to carols)

Pontiac GTO again flexes its muscles

Reagan Memorial Photo Gallery (Don't watch without a box of tissues nearby)

Revolutionizing the “Out of Africa” Story

Scientists Say They’ve Found a Code Beyond Genetics in DNA

Serious, Unpublicized, Side Effects of an EMP Attack

Serious, Unpublicized, Side Effects of an EMP Attack

Shame on Demagogues Exploiting "North American Union"!

Square-shaped flying disk spotted in Shanghai

Star Trek: Boldly going away

Star Wars: The Sequel

Steorn: our technology creates free energy.

Strange Craft (Clear UFO Photos? Updates at Post #307, #489. #502 and #601)

String Theory, at 20, Explains It All (Are There 10 Dimensions Of Space and Time?)

Surviving a Nuclear Attack on Washington, D.C.

Ted Kennedy Introduces Kerry.. Is anyone laughing as hard as me? This is Killing me!

Terrestrial Evidence of a Nuclear Catastrophe in Paleoindian Times

The Flying Crowbar [Project Pluto: nastiest weapon ever conceived?]

The Great UFO Debate

THE KERRY DOSSIER (post here anything you've uncovered on Kerry)

The Lost City of Cahokia

The MAJESTIC Documents - Proof of President Trumans involvement with the study of a crashed UFO.


The Other Mystery of Easter Island[Language of Rongorongo]

The Sci & Horror B-movies of Yesteryear

Things To See Out West (VANITY)

Tremors rock earth deep beneath San Andreas Fault - Puzzling vibrations baffle researchers

U.S. seen vulnerable to space 'pulse' attack

UFO or not UFO? Area 51 declassifying pours cold water on theory..

UFO science key to halting climate change: former Canadian defense minister [Not a joke]

UFO-spotters tell tales of the extra-terrestrial

US divided by superhighway plan

USAF's nuclear-powered high altitude bomber

What a Dork! - Picture of Kerry "dashing" past his Secret Service detail (Caption this!)

Woman Found Dead in Laundry Shoot at Las Vegas Hotel [sic]

Would Your House Survive a Nuclear War - USE MAP TO FIND OUT!