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"A Bill Can Be Bipartisan without Bipartisan Votes"

"Confidence Builder in Chief," My Arse

"I'd Rather Be a Really Good One-Term President"

"Overseas Contingency Operation?" b. Hussein Could Have Done Better

"Police Arrest Everyone on February 22nd" and Other Headline Gaffes

"Why Do People Hate You?"

"You'll See Why 2008 Won't Be Like 1984"

'Obama' Now a Dirty Word on 'South Park'

(No) Thanksgiving Turkeys

(We All Live With) Obama's Oil Spill

***Sept. 11 COMPLETE TV archive from 19 different TV stations around the world ready to view***

11 Possible Blows Mahmoud Could Deliver on Feb. 11

17 Suspicious Similarities Between Obama Club Shanghai and the Regime

21st Century Man (b. Hussein mix)

30 Photos That Don't Make Any Sense

8 Republican Arseholes Who Helped Cap and Trade Pass the House

8 Republican Arseholes Who Helped Cap and Trade Pass the House

A Dream I Had....

A Fake Liberal Proposes a "Reasonable Approach to Gun Reform"

A Rude VIDEO About "dear leader"

Aaron Worthing (Walker) Swatted, Tells What Happened

Academy Award-Winning Artichoke Dress

Administrative Despotism

Ahhhhh...Ahhhhh...Robert Gibbs Moment o' the Day

Airborne jumps into northern Iraq

Al Franken Is a Big Fat D@#$head Senator

Al Gore's 30 Pieces of Silver

Al Gore's New Home

Al Gore, by Dr. Seuss

Al Gore’s Mammoth Contribution to "Global Warming"

All Hail Barack, Our Savior

All Hail, King Showbama

An Obama Shovels What?

An Oil Spill Runs Through It

And Then HE Turned Water into ... Sulfuric Acid

Anger as 'anti-Muslim' film aired

AP: FBI Illegally Seized Ramzi Yousef Documents From OKC Reporter's Mail

Arlen Sphincter: Why I Support Porkulous

Art of Obama

Atlanta Obama Voter Goes Rogue, Creates Joker Statue in Protest

Atlanta TEA Party Aftermath: HE Is Amused by Us?

Attack of the Human Tarantula

b. Hussein Blows Hot Air on Earth Day; Causes Global Warming Disaster

b. Hussein Takes Bo For His First Walk

b. Hussein to Interview with HIGH TIMES

b. Hussein...Perhaps Your Head's Too Big for Your Shoulders?

Bad Friggin' Arse

Bad Friggin' Family Portrait

Bad Friggin' Mullets

Bad Friggin' Outfit

Bad Friggin' Paintings of b. Hussein

Bad Friggin' Sasquatch Shave

Bad Friggin' She-Mullet Hair

Barack Obama's Family Tree

Barack Obama's Oil Spill Blog

Barack Obama: "We Can't Control Nature"

Barry Questionable Answers

Basra: Major Battle Still Ahead

Batboy Named Algae Czar

Beavis & Butthead Need No b. Hussein Teleprompter

Blago Is...Ghandi-King-Mandella the Nude...WHY?

Blame the Zombies...NOT the Bankers

Bon Jovi Hair

Botox: A Worthy Friggin' Health Care Tax

Bravo April 15th Onto Washington

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: blogger from JAGHUNTER has visit from secret service for recent blog post

BREAKING IN 2011: Implantable Microchip Backfires, Kills New Health Care Plan

BREAKING NEWS: LalaPoolza Says Babies No Longer Allowed; BAD for Economy!

BREAKING NEWS: Obama Skin Tone Surgery Caused Oahu Blackout!

BREAKING! Secret Death Panel Orders Democrats to Take the Blue Pill

BREAKING: Obama issues new torture directives!

BREAKING: The Only Arse Getting Kicked Is BO's

Brown Wins Massachusetts; Now, Republicans, Don't Screw This Up ... Again

Buddy Can You Spare A Dime?

Bumbling Gibbs Responds to Santelli

Bush Was Black; Left Is Racist!

Bye, George...Hello...WTF???

Camelot Princess Moves Right ... to New York

Camelot Princess Moves Right ... to New York

Canadian Women's Hockey Team Has Orgy at Center Ice

CAR WHORES...Episode IV: A New Dope

Caroline's Kennedy Shines No More

CBS' 60 Minutes Blows The Lid Off Bob Kerry's Version Of His Massacre

Clinton Vaguely Dissapointed by Lack of Assassination Attempt

Clintoons Dropping the Ball Tonight -- S.O.P.

Comrade Stalin, Pick Up On Line One

Congress Screws Constituents Yet Again

Conversation with an A#$hole Moonbat on Twitter

Coolio(Cornholio)'s Bad Friggin' Yarn Hat

Crazy Bitch Bingo (Ode to Cynthia McKinney)

Crystal Gale Hair

Daschole: You're An Ant Under The Magnifying Glass...And You Will Burn

Dear Left: I Am NOT A Terrorist

Delusional Dream Scene Post: “We’re Out Of Socialists”

Democrats Are Sick

Democrats Want Bush Back


District of Criminals Considers Medicinal Dope to Ease Dem's Pain in 2010

DNC Strategist: “Obama’s Family No Longer off Limits”

Draw Mohammed Day: Muslims Can Still Kiss My ...

Drinking and Driving on a Bar Stool: BAD!

Duck and Cover: the pResident Really IS a "Constitutional" Scholar

DUELING AHHHHS! Napolitano vs. Gibbs

Eight "Militant" Doctors Arrested for Plotting to Treat Patients

ElRushbo Gives Me Townhall Protest Marching Orders

EXCLUSIVE! Inside Obama’s Secret Post Tax-Day Tea Party

Extreme Bad Hair Day


Fake Friggin' Body Hair

FDA To Regulate Amount of Food in Processed Foods

Felonious Hair Assault

FINALLY! Rangel Takes a Leave of Absence

Flies Revolt, Swarm White House

Flotilla to Israeli Navy: 'Go Back to Auschwitz'

Fook You, PayPal (and Moose-limbs Too)

Franken Vows to Leave the Country


Freaky Fashion Femmes

French President Cries Foul Over Obama Voodoo Dolls

Full text of Supreme Court Ruling

Further from Sept. 11 horror, a refined view of how the plot unfolded

Future Leader of America

G.I. (finally named: Asan Akbar) Held In Attack On U.S. Soldiers

GAME OVER: Earth For Sale!

Georgia Opens Roadkill Cafe

Giving George W. Bush His Due on Democracy -

Global Warming Been Berry Berry Good to Me

Goat Head Hair

God Cancels Christmas for U.S.

Good News: Census Bureau Hassles Homeschool Familes

Goofy Reporter Throws Notebook at Bush

Google washes search results

Gordon Brown's Best Economic Answer Ever: "0% Growth"

Got Yo Money (funniest video ever, though short)

Great Moments in Race Relations ... by Democrats

Grumbles the Bear Flees My Cuckoo's Nest

Grumbles the Polar Bear: Brink Your Loony Commies, Your Stupid Liberals, to D.C...I'll Eat You All

Gulf Oil Spill Tells Obama: "Plug Your Own Damn Hole"

Gulf Oil Spill: "I Am in COMPLETE Control"

Guys Turning Girly at Alarming Pace

Hanoi Jane Blogs

Happy Your A$$ Will Be Taxed Year

Hard Times At The Olympic Village: A Moment Of Truth

Harry Reid Arrested for Trying to Bomb Airplane

Hawaiian White House Briefing

Healthcare Protesters Wield Pitchforks, Torches in CT

HERBERT E. MEYER: The Lessons of 9-11

HerculObama's Olympic Bid

Hey, BO. The Front Page Belongs to ME

Hey, Keith Olbermann: I'll Raise Your Challenge

History of USA since 9/11/01 told in emoticons

Hitler Learns Aaron Worthing (Walker) Case Has Been Dismissed

Holy Crap, Batman. Is that Larry King Hair?

How I'll Spend My Extra $13 Each Week from Porkulus

How Not to Get Your A## Kicked by the Police


I Am Boy George

I Am Holding BO's Presidency Hostage

I Am Still Kicking BO's ***


I Got Your Thrill Right Here, Chris

I Pledge..To Laugh a HELL of a Lot at This

I'm a Democrat: You Owe Me

I'm Just a Spill

I'm Roland Burris, and I Want to Sit Down

I'm Too Sexy for My...Chest Hair

I'm With James Cameron: BO Is a Moron

If B. Hussein Delivered Speeches sans his Golden Teleprompter

If I Were One of These Dudes, I Would Have Destroyed the oPad Instead

If They Reproduced...

Illegal Immigrants Trash Sonora Desert, Outside Tuscon, AZ

In 2006, CBS Knew Blago was a Bookie -- And Spiked the Story

In A Parallel World, Angled Left From Our Own, All Is Doom and Darkness....

In His Latest Audio, Osama bin Laden Tenders Resignation

Instant Stimulus: Get Tax-Cheat Democrats to Pay up

Iowahawk...Where the Hell Have I Been?

Iraq and WTC Bombing -- Original Articles 1993, 1994

Is Michelle Obama related to The Thing?

It's All Falling Apart for Barack Obama

It's Earth Day! Where's Al Gore?

It's Official: Obama Can't Possibly Be the Smartest President Evah

It's Time To Burn My Beatles Records (McCartney Likens AGW Deniers to Holocaust Deniers)

I’m TNT! Allah’s Dynamite!

Jim Bunning Is Caving This Very Minute

Jimmy Carter’s Crappy Carpentry and Contracting, LLC

John Kerry Sighted! a Somali Pirate!

Jonses' Big Ass Trucking and Storage

Keep Your Friends Close … and Your “Friends” in the Trash Bin

Kill All The Lawyers, Part II

Kim Jong Il Sings "Wocket Man"

Kind Words From Our Lovely Friends on the Left

King of Pop’s Brain to be Implanted in King of Pork!

Last, Desperate Days of a Brutal Reign (NYT - John F. Burns)

Lawmakers Repeal Obamacare Over Coverage Gaffe

Leon Panetta: Latest to Make Dickipedia

Lessons from the U.K.: How Pansy-Ass Political Dissent In the U.S. SHOULD Be

Liars, Clowns, and Thieves #2

Liars, Thieves, and Clowns #3

Liars, Thieves, and Clowns #4

Liars, Thieves, and Clowns #5

Lie to Me (I'd Drop Dead if You Didn't)

Lieberman Waterboarded, Still Won't Vote Yes on Health Care

Limbaugh Dropped from Rams Group; To Run for President; Letterman Apologizes for Olbermann

Lost in the Arizona Immigration Law Debate: Is America No Country for Brave Men?

Love Child Refuses to Meet Obama-Father

Lucca Brasi Sleeps with the "Sea Kittens"

Mahmoud's "Trump" Letter to Obama

Mantyhosers: Men in Tights (Because They Want It That Way)

Marines Discover Iraqi 9/11 Mural

Martha Coakley: “Curt Schilling Is a Yankee Fan” AUDIO

Meatloaf's Surprise: Gas to Run Out; Singer Bursts in Response

Meet the New Czars

Meet Your Typical Obamabot

Memory Hair

Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians

Mexico Sanctions U.S. Exports; b. Hussein Runs up White Flag, Gives Back Southwest

Michelle Obama Needs More Boob Belt ... THE MOVIE

Militants Behead American Hostage in Iraq

Milk Industry Moos for Bailout

Miss America Pops...a Tooth

MLK to Obama...My Arse

Mobama to Lead the "Charge Against Obesity"???


Mohammed, the Night Before Christmas

MOM! FOX News Is Touching Me!

Monica to SerVICE the Country

Moonbat Stem Cell Research

Moonbattery About Sotomayor from the Twitterverse

More Evidence the Obama Affair Story is Bunk

Most Barryful Time of the Year

Mugshots Now Hide Man Boobs? What a World!

Mujahideen Success As US Commandos Are Killed

Mullah Omar Captured, Named to Supreme Court


Muslim Idiots Take Down Islam in Action Website

My Boss Goes Before the Small People

Naked Woman Tied To Tree In Tacoma Park Not A Problem

Nancy Pelosi's Travel Agency

Nappy Ass Hair

National Bank of Obama, Reprise

New Arizona Billboard on I-10 North of Tuscon

New Products From Gore Technologies!

New School House Rock: I'm Just a Stimulus Bill

Newspapers Added to Endangered Species List

Nick Jr. Blocks Christmas

No Whites Allowed

Now They're Trying To Give Me A Vasectomy

Nurse Wretched

Obama Appoints First Man Without P*n@s to Department of Commerce

Obama Bows to First-Grader! ... Well. He Did!

Obama Coffeebags* America

Obama Collectible Crap No One Wants

Obama Date Night at Kommie Restaurant

Obama Flu Pandemic Continues to Spread

Obama Gives Part of Arizona to Mexico

Obama Heads to Gropenhagen for the "Free Sex"

Obama Initiates Cash for Czar Program

Obama Is Serious About The Latest Man-Caused Disaster

Obama Issues Gag Order over Racial Firestorm

Obama Lies 16 Times in 7 Minutes

Obama Loses Head, Names KSM Terrorism Czar

Obama Names Thulsa Doom Explosive Underwear Czar

Obama Offers Massachusetts Voters Blotter Acid on Behalf of Coakley; Most Flee

Obama Proposes False Teeth Exchange in Healthcare Proposal

Obama Reacts to Harry Reid's Comments

Obama Regime Appoints PitchingPrompter

Obama Replaces Napolitano with Gunslinging Gilbert Arenas

Obama Shows His Affinity for Lies

Obama SOTU Bingo Card

Obama the Anti-American, "Post-racial" Globalist Revealed in 1995 Interview

Obama Threatens to Quit Over NBC-Boyle Incident

Obama To Be Homeless in January

Obama Uses Teleprompter for 1st Grade Audience!

Obama Will Send Biden to Help Win Afghanistan

Obama Wins 2010 Miss Universe Title

Obama'll Get Some Leg Tonight for Sure!

Obama'll Get Some Leg Tonight for Sure!

Obama's Bold Return to Copenhagen

Obama's Brain Is so Stooopid, He Wants You to Pay $7 for Gas

Obama's Hopey, Change Circus

Obama's Kiss of Death Sinks Kentucky?

Obama's Olympic Bid Falls Short

Obama's Secret Letter to Hamas

Obama, Calderon Meet, Sing Cheech and Chong Classic

Obama: America's Marxist Fruitcake

Obama: The Teleprompter President #11: Embarrassment at the G20

Obamacare Will Save Me a TON of Money!

Obama’s Ramahannakwanzmas

Obnoxio the Friggin' Loony Clown

Obugger's Wealth Care

Ode to Bad Hair

Of Men and...a Mouse

Oil Plummets; OPEC Leaders Off Themselves

OJ: "I'll Be a Good Prison Bitch"

Oklahoma City's Channel 9 Blows Bomber story Wide Open

OMG! I Like Your Hair

On Zero's First Anniversary

Once You Can Fake Sincerity -- You Have It Made

Oregon Governor Proposes Breathing Tax

Organizational Chart of the House Democrats' Health Plan

Our "Intelligent" President Signs Law Banning Stem Cell Research...Without Even Knowing

Our Gang Hair

Our National "Healer"

Our Nightmare Before Christmas (an Obama Narcissism Moment)

Our pResident Pivots...

Pakistani Commuter Train Promises Virgins and Clean Air on Earth

Palin Made a Mistake

Palin Made a Mistake

Pat Dollard's "Young Americans" Debuts at Big Hollywood

PayPal Can Go to Hell (and Moose-Limbs Too)

PBS Interview with Richard Perle (interesting reminder)

PC Forbidden Words as of 2/5/2010

Pentagon Hires Governator to Create Robotic Soldiers

Pete Stark, I Live in XX, Which Is NOT Your District. #$% and Your Census

Pete Stark, I Live in XX, Which Is NOT Your District. #$% and Your Census

Photos of Fat Al Gore's New Palatial Palace

Physical Exam Shocker: The pResident Is Brainless!

Plaxico Shoots His Other Leg

Please Nuke Me

Polar Bear Union Disbands Over Climate Con

Postal Chief Says Post Office Awash in Cash

Powell Speech to UN Live Thread

Prelude to the Great Talk Radio Blackout

President Leads Police on Drunken Vehicle Chase

President Leads Police on Drunken Vehicle Chase after White House Beer Party

President, First Lady Arrested over Toxic Garden

Presidents Just Don't Bring Laughter Like This One

Promises, Friggin' Promises

PROOF Rangel Knew of Corporate Involvement in Caribbean Trips

Racist in Chief Shows His True "Colors"

RAHMBO WASH! Rinse Away All Your Political Troubles!

Rangel Resigns Chairmanship of House Ways and Means

Real Men of Genius: Joe Biden

Regulations Concerning b. Hussein’s Teleprompter - Tenet #3

Renée Zellweger's Happy Hair

Reporter Describes Her Evidence For OKC Bombing

REPOST: Kim Jong Il Sings "Wocket Man"

Return to Community Organizer in Chief, Part 2

Return to the Community Organizer in Chief

Robert "Ahhh" Gibbs Moment o' the Day: Teh Funny

Robert Byrd Dies, Named KKK Grand Dragon of Hell

Robert Gibbs Moment 'O the Day: Government Motors

Robert Gibbs Moment o' the Day: ADHD and the New Podium

Robert Gibbs Moment o' the Day: Bowgate

Robert Gibbs Moment o' the Day: Goldman Sachs Bonuses

Robert Gibbs Moment o' the Day: My G-20 Trip

Romo: "T.O. Wears Women's Underwear"

Ron Paul: We're in the Midst of Nationalization...

Rosie Puts up Real Stinker; NBC Boots Her to the Curb

RUSH IN A HURRY -- Obama Flu is Poison to Prosperity, Businesses

San Francisco Rules Could Bar Elephants from Zoo

SARS 'Could Kill One in Seven"

Saxby Chambliss's Booby Booboo

Science: the Geo-thermal Hydro-electric Automobile!

Sears Tower allegedly was on 9/11 target list

Senate Passes Health Care

Shannon Doherty's Hangover Hair vs. Spider Leg Hair Guy

SHOCKER! Obama Offers Cuba Statehood

SHOCKING! 5 Muslim Soldiers Arrested for Trying to Poison Ft. Jackson Food Supply

Showbama's Tax "Cut" Exposed

Sibling of Tongue Hair

SILENCE! The Takeover Continues...Bloggers Beware!

Six Foods That Will Make You Puke on a Global Warming Frozen Morning

Slick Willie: "I Love This Rug."



Snarky Jabs at Democrats

Snarky Photo Reel: Obama's Day in Review

Snarky Photo Reel: Obama's Day in Review #2

Snarky Photo Reel: Obama's Week in Review

Snarky Photo Reel: Obama's Week in Review #10

Snarky Photo Reel: Obama's Week in Review #2

Snarky Photo Reel: Obama's Week in Review #3

Snarky Photo Reel: Obama's Week in Review #4

Snarky Photo Reel: Obama's Week in Review #5

Snarky Photo Reel: Obama's Week in Review #6

Snarky Photo Reel: Obama's Week in Review #7

Snarky Photo Reel: Obama's Week in Review #8

Snarky Photo Reel: Obama's Week in Review #9

Snarky Photo Reel: The District of Criminals Week in Review

Snarky Tips for How Obama Could Win Re-election in 2012

So Good, They Practically Sell Themselves!

Somali Pirates Kidnap Obama’s Teleprompter

Something's In The Air

Special Edition Toyota Prius

Specter: No Response From Ashcroft --Justice Mum on Iraq-McVeigh Link

Spreading (Fear) of the Disease

Stinky People Have Rights Too

Suicides for Al Gore

Take This Religion and Shove It

Taking His Ball and Going Home

Ted Kennedy Announces Candidacy for President of Hell

Ten Reasons Why Medicare for All Will Be AWESOME!

Tennis Ball Head

That Awful Jan Brewer

That's My BO, the Disaster in Chief

That's Right, China, America Does Have a Discrimination Problem

The "TEA Party Is Going Nowhere"?

The 10 Most Wanted Congresscritters

The 12 ways to a Merry Fitzmas

The Adventures of Womb Woman

The Amazing Limp-Wristed Terrorist

The Auto Makers Are Already Bankrupt

The Book of You-Lie

The Coffin: The New Symbol for the Democratic Party

The Cult of...Obama

The Day Obamacare Died

The emperor's new robes [Ann Coulter on the death of Terri Schiavo]

The Entertainment Industry Doesn't Give a Damn About Me (the Oil Spill)

The Eunuch and Tina Fay

The Grandest Time in American History...Ever...Foshizzel!

The Great 2008 Carmaker Swindle

The Greatest Swimmer… Ftfthfthfthfthfthfth… Cough!... Cough!... in the World

The Health Care Risks of Fat Congressmen Who Want National Health Care For You

The Island of Guam Is SOOOOOO Overpopulated It's in "Danger of Capsizing"

The MSM Is Already Trying to Make Bedell Out To Be a "Right-wing" Extremist

The Muslim Vacuum - (Barbara Stocks' Newest! Powerful)

The Narcissist in Chief Joins the Cheater in Chief Club?

The National Bank of Obama

The New League of Superliars

The New Line of Jihadist Underwear

The New Malaise

The New Obama Money!

The New Obama Nation

The Night Before Kwanzaa

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Oath...Take 2...Good Lord, How Long Will this Go On?

The Obamamible Snow-Man

The Obamapranos: D.C. Shakedown

The Obamapranos: Eh Joey!

The Obamas Pledge

The OFFICIAL Democratic Party Blow-up Doll!

The Official Feed Your ADHD Prediction for 2010

The Only Image of a Racist TEA Partier That I Could Find

The pResident Is a Friggin' Liar

The President MUST Be Involved in an Issue to Invoke Executive Privilege

The Problem With The Left

The Revolution Starts Tuesday

The Rhyme of the Ancient Oil Spill

The Righteous Retribution of Barack the Barbarian

The Running Man

The Sad New Criteria for the Nobel Peace Prize

The Short List of Candidates to Replace Justice Stevens

THE SHUT YOUR FRIGGIN’ YAP OF THE DAY: “Blame Canada for September 11, 2001”

The Top 10 WTF?! (Washington Total Fails) of March 2009

The Truth Is Out There

The Underwear Czar Is Next

The Weekly WTF?! (Washington Total Fail): b. Hussein's Arrogance

The Wicked Witch of Congress Wants Intelligence Investigation of ... Herself

The Worldwide Premier: b. Hussein, "Go Yo Money"

There Is NO Truth to the Rumor That I Am Behind the Anti-Obama Billboards Appearing in Atlanta

There's Only One Little Problem With Tom Friedman's Argument

They Live -- U.S.A.

They're Going to Starve the Beast

This Is Simply The Music Best Vid Evah ...

Tiger Woods Is A …

Tongue Hair

Top 10 Kevin Jennings Pick Up Lines

Top 10 Lists: Top Ten Myths About the War in Iraq

Transparency, My (You Know What)



Two Queens With a Bad Friggin' Hat

Undiscovered Song by The Fixx: Killed by Zero

Van Jones Named Racism Czar

VANITY: Exercise Free Speech: Send Pearl Jam a message.

VIDEO Coakley Staffers: "Get Out Of Our Office"

VIDEO: Dumb#$% Americans Sign Petition to Repeal First Amendment

VIDEO: Eephus in Chief

VIDEO: Harry Reid: Only 36,000 Lost Their Jobs Today

VIDEO: Palin Mullet

VIDEO: Tiger Did You Mean Bootyism?

W. Dodges Shoes Better than Charles Barkley


Welcome to My Obama Bunker (SHHHH!)

What Do Obugger and Brownfinger Have In Common?

What Do We Really Know about Barack Obama

What Hero?

What Idiot Regressive TEA Party Inflitrators Look Like

What's New In Bill Clinton's Medical News

What's With Michelle Obama's Wardrobe Malfunctions?

What's Wrong With Shoppers?

When the President Talks to Allah

When the Secret Service Comes to My House...

Where Is Al Gore?

Where's Mahmoud?

Where's MY Friggin' Stimulus?

White House Announces New Pencil-pushing Standards

White House Party Redux

Who's Being Served?

Why Obama Is So Worried About Arizona's New Immigration Law

Why So Socialist

Why You Need A Gun

World's Longest Hair?

World's Oldest Profession Falls on Hard Times

WTH Is Wrong With First Lady Boobs?

YES...Arlen Sphincter's a RINO

Yo. I Am Bo…and I Friggin' Hate It Here

You Are Getting Sleepy, Verrry Sleepy -- Now, BUY MORE STOCKS

You Shall Not Pass! ... Obamacare

You Will Levitate

You're Correct, NY Times: Zero's Whoring Around Is Pretty Sad

Your Federal Government Wants GIVE!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Gov't ShakeDOWN

Your Nation's Past: Will You Reclaim It?

YouTube and Congress

Zero Gets It Now...

“Teachable Moment,” not Victory, America’s Goal in Afghanistan; Harvard's Gates to Help

“We Rescued the Economy”