Since Sep 8, 2001

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I am an archaeologist by profession, an anthropologist by disposition. I generally like to sit back and watch and listen to what is going on around me; occasionally I might say something.

Oh, I am a lefty. Not the disruptive kind though. I am not a freedom-hating commie, more of a social democrat; I quite like the term "solidarity" too. My grandad was a watersider in '51, my dad was a conchi and despite briefly flirting with National/Act as a teenager I am now a confirmed fan of Helen Clark and the current Labour government (lowest unemployment in 15 years, lowest suicide rate in 15 years, steady and continuous growth, a high NZ dollar and a kick-ass local music scene suggest to me that we as a country are on the right track). I hang here to see what you all are saying about stuff I read elsewhere.

I usually live in Auckland where I make money teaching and doing archaeological sub-contracting (eg for developers). It seems to be working out ok, which is nice after six years of study. I spent six months working in New Mexico last year and thoroughly enjoyed myself. This year I am spending six months working in American Samoa and am looking forward to a diet heavy in starchy carbs, fish and coconuts, raging cyclones, filiariasis, the smell of tunafish on the morning breeze and some wicked archaeology.