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I’m an accidental video-journalist. Might as well do my own, since the media won’t do their job. Here’s my accidental story.

In August, in my opinion, the Speaker of the House of Representatives disrespectfully misused her high position to label her fellow citizens with vile names: nazis, astroturf, angry mobs, etc. The White House and Senate majority leader soon followed her into the gutter. It would be hilarious stuff from a fifth-grader, but from so-called adult leaders of our country, it’s a disgrace. And the so-called national news media championed their insults of their fellow citizens.

Nancy suggested that all Tea Party-goers wanted to do was put videos on Youtube. Now, I had attended Tea Parties, thought they were quintessentially American exercises in free speech. But I never considered making videos. Didn’t know how. But the hideous Speaker’s hideous behavior motivated me to take out an old video camera and get busy. The result was this:

Astroturf and Arrogance

Several more have followed, including a glimpse of what Nancy and Steny and the DNC were really up to this summer with their true National Astroturf operation. I’ve also done several pieces on Tea Parties and 912 events I attended. Please visit my humble “channel,” and see the rest:

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