Since Apr 4, 2001

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'DANNY BOY' DISCORD RINGS IN CHURCH (Diocese says ballad does not belong in funeral Mass)

40 Reasons To Support Gun Control

>>>Where in this world is killing legal?<<<

A NH Bill to Request the Truth, Now Who Could be Against That?

Background Checks, "What are you afraid of?"

Ballad Honors Taliban John

Blood on the Hands of Massachusetts Legislators

Can You Help America?

Disrespecting your rights

Evidence links military training with societal violence

Freepin' ( Educational Vanity )

George Washingtons Farwell Speech (Abridged)

Get Serious About Teen Smoking

Governor This Year We Must Act

Gun Control Editorial Was Way Off Base

HSUS, I am Not Alone in My Disdain for THEM! (My Title)

July 4th Means Standing for Beliefs

Life, The Toughest Choice (anti-abortion and pro-choice)

People Need to Act Responsibly

President George Washington's Farewell Address

Some of the Bump Lists

The Virtual Wall- An Internet Memorial

The Virtual Wall- An Internet Memorial

Two Soldiers, A Picture, and the Torment of War

What's Wrong with the World? It's All in These (Conservative) Posts.

Your Hobby Versus Their Hobby

‘Kassidy Bill’ debated in Maine-Would punish those who fail to report suspected child abuse