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! HAL9000 - Links to News Sources (v 1.6)

*** W-M-D...Documents FOUND: Will the MEDIA Rush to PRINT?

-"No Blood for Oil"- Kojo & Kofi: Unbelievable U.N. stories.

10 Books that Screwed Up The World

9/11 and the cult of death

A Bush Hater's Poll

A man who hated government (Milton Friedman)

A Mission to Convert (Dawkin's "God Delusion")

A prayer request

All That Darned Conservatism

Another reason that you should be using the KJV Bible.

Anthrax hair samples don't match (the ZACKandPOOK Anthrax thread)

Anti-Spyware Programs Clean but Don't Disinfect


Chain of lies led to botched raid (Atlanta Grandma Shooting)

Colin Powell - text of this morning's speech ( U.N. Security Council )

Colson's List of 50 Insightful Films (with an extra list thrown in)

Communist Goals - 1963 Congressional Record

Cosby: Let's all give $8 each to build slavery museum (Great Debate on the Thread)

Destroying black youth (great comments in this thread)

Forgetting Lolita

Fort Hood Texas Shootings Archives (part2)

FR Traffic Stats

Free Republic and Jim Robinson's Finances

Free Republic Bump List Register

Free Republic Search Engine *Experimental*

FReeper names explained

FReeper Photo Album

FReepers Against Voter Fraud

Freerepublic features (the run-down)

Getting rid of Spybots

God, The Playwright

Goodfellow’s Bedfellows: Who’s in Bed with the Washington Post

GOTTA SEE THIS! A Compiled Look at the War: threads posted by Freeper Diogenesis.

History of FreeRepublic

House panel looking into Reddit post about Clinton's email server

How To Argue

How to Properly Flame

I am toiletman

Is there an easy way to search all of my posts?

Is There Life After Delivery, & Does Mother Really Exist?

Islam, a Religion of Peace®? Some links...

It's Not Xenophobia, It's Xenonausea

Laurie Mylroie: Mystery of the WMDs

Let's Closely Examine McCain's Record

Lexicon of FreeRepublic - 4th Edition

Maybe Life in the Cosmos Is Rare After All

Merry Christmas, Sweden - Here's Your Gift From Islam - Caught On Video

Message from a Time Traveler

Never Accept the Premise of Your Opponent’s Argument

New Iraq Report Makes Case for Victory

Now LINK This!

Our laws and customs are based upon the laws of Moses and the teachings of Christ.

Planned Parenthood wins $1.6 million from state (Wisconsin)

Political Correctness Teaches Humans to Fail the Turing Test

Professor's sudden dismissal stuns students(Aryan Race Nation)

Restatement on Flight 93

Shattering Conventional Wisdom About Saddam's WMD's--What top secret Iraqi files disclose.

Stephen's Guide to the Logical Fallacies (Index)

The Corruption of Conservatism (July 10, 2003)

The Fermi Paradox

The Feynman Lectures on Physics

The Indispensable Bookshelf: The Books You absolutely, Positively, Must Read

The New Stupidity

The President Who Hates His Country

The Purpose of Free Republic

The Question of God

The Ultimate Sidebar Management Thread

To All Our Friends in Free Republic....

Vanity: The Pledge of Allegiance is Unconstitutional - If That Doesn't Convince You What Will?

We've Bumped Against It On Others - FREEPERs, Let's Name The Best Blues Songs of All Time!

What are the best free "e-books" available online?

What Book most influenced your political beliefs?

What is the most convoluted, opaque, impenetrable book you ever read?

What the hell does it take to get an answer around here?

When And Why Joseph C Wilson IV Outed Valerie Plame

Why It’s Not Cool That Trump Wants The Constitution Interpreted The Way The Founding Fathers Did

You Must Be Born Again

You’ve Been Warned: Why You Need to Be Ready for Total Grid Failure