Since Sep 22, 2004

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I'm a Republican/Libertarian. That is, I loathe government and want an absolute minimum of it. For that reason, I support freedom of choice in most spheres; education, commerce, AND abortion. Government has no business in any of these. However, I have no problem "agreeing to disagree" with religious conservatives. We can work together in those areas where we agree.

I also support a strong national defense and agressive foreign policy. Thus I fully support George W. Bush's war on global Islamofascism, despise the UN, and have a high regard for those sometimes called "neoconservatives." As somebody who used to be a "Scoop Jackson Democrat," saw the light, and worked in both Reagan and both Bush campaigns, I guess I may qualify as a "neocon" myself. I'm proud to be in the philosophical company of great individuals like Norman Podhoretz, Irving Krystol, Paul Wolfowitz, and Richard Perle.

I used to be a radio talk show host, so my postings may be a bit explosive. Old habits die hard.