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Cold, hard facts defy the doomsayers (Andrew Bolt)

MGM may owe you DVD money (Widescreen movie settlement)

The Hard Sell on Climate Change

"God is Dead," Now We'll Create our Global Village -or- Why Christians are Mentally Ill

"Islam: What the West Needs to Know" [documentary film, 2005 (2006?)]

"Robert Heinlein Remembered"


"YOU'VE GOT THAT LITTLE SMIRK ON YOUR FACE" (Rough Transcript of Clinton interview)

'Calvin and Hobbes' Creator Keeps Privacy

'He was a hero': Tributes flood in for armed aspiring cop who confronted white supremacist gunman

'He's Got Two of 'Em'- Why I can't stop being happy about the election result.


'NY Times' Editor Rips Book Review in Own Paper (whines a lot)

(Absolutely must see and send everywhere!) Quotes and Facts on Iraq

(Michelle Malkin) Exclusive: The Story You Haven’t Yet Heard About Bowe Bergdahl’s Desertion

10 Geopolitical and Economic Trends to Watch in 2006

10 ways (heh, heh) the Dems could do better They could start by trying what worked so - well, ...

10,000 gather for Kwanzaa in Chicago

12-Year-Old Girl Charged with Murder in Milwaukee

2nd: The founders meant what they wrote about arms

9/11: Five years later Typecasting Muslims as a Race

A case of forsaken identity

A Cut-and-Paste Ruling: Judging Intelligent Design (Judge in Dover case busted)

A difficult lesson

A difficult lesson (Must read)

A Failure to Confront Evil

A Gang Under Siege (Gang of 14: Chickens coming home to roost)

A Hero's sacrifice (USMC MUST READ)

A Moral Victory

A Most Successful President

A Nation of Wimps

A rabbi's warning to U.S. Christians

A rabbi's warning to U.S. Christians

A threat to vaporize 100 Muslim cities

A War Like No Other: How the Athenians and Spartans Fought the Peloponnesian War

Addicted to Guns

AIDS Expert Fired for Testifying Gay Sex Is Harmful to Public Health

Akianna 12-year old Spiritual Prodigy (Video)

All the News That Fits Their Spin [or ...MSM gave Kerry a 'Lewinsky']

AMAZING SNOW Buffalo gets 6 feet in 4.5 days

America's Fascination With Firearms

American Men: Too Many Wimps and Sissies

An Engineered Drought

An Independence Day Thank You To The American Soldier

An Unnatural Disaster: A Hurricane Exposes the Man-Made Disaster of the Welfare State

An Unprecedented Power Grab

Animated Muhammad Film to Promote Tolerance


Anti-gun media campaign will remind mass murderers to use guns

Anti-Virus Downloads

Anti-War Demonstrators Should Think Twice

Any old US AIR Force sage guys out there?

Anyone able to dispute this? (Vanity)

Applause in the Airport? Beyond the Beer Commercial ... It Happens ... It Really Happens

Archaeologists Uncover A Russian "Stonehenge"

Are Republicans Dumb?

Are Same-Sex Couples Just Like You?

Armed Self-defense Stories Wanted

At Center of a Clash, Rowdy Children in Coffee Shops

At Last, Women Lash Out at Hip Hop's Abuses

AVG Anti-Virus version 7 (free) release available...

Bankrupt (Frontpagemag's Jamie Glazov Discusses "Bankrupt" With Author David Limbaugh Alert)

Barack Obama and His Urban Parasites Declare War on the Constitution

Barack Obama Goes Full Stalin

Barack Obama Goes Full Stalin

Barack Obama’s push toward communism and his dark shady past: exposed

Barbarism vs. Civilization: The Final Conflict? (the mockery of islam)

Be careful of what you wish for.........

Beheading Nations: The Islamization of Europe`s Cities

bergdahl snuck off post to join Taliban at least six americans were killed trying to find him

Betrayed by a Gang of Seven

Bill would kill sales tax on Missouri-built cars (Correct and Proper Use of "Commerce Clause"

Bin Laden and Iraq (What the Media Said in the 90's)

Bird Man of Louisa

Black Man with a Gun - An Interview with Kenneth V. F. Blanchard

Black mob attacks victims 'like it was a game': Prosecutor's son left with concussion...

Blog-GateYes, CBS screwed up badly in ‘Memogate’ — but so did those who covered the affair

Blood Type History, Human Migrations (Blam Thread)

Blue states buzz over secession

Bolton's sin is telling truth about system (STEYN TAKES THEM TO THE WOODSHED!!)

BOND SAYS "NO" TO KWANZAA! Rev. Peterson Announces "Merry Christmas!"

Bring Dingoes Back To Stop Species Extinction

Brit Hume Barbeques AP, The Left, for Katrina Lies (Dinosaur media death bellow)

British Muslims want Islamic Law


California's Strictest Gun Laws Didn't Stop ElliotRodger

Can someone explain this from the Catechism?

CANADA - More than you want to know

Canada Blames Us

Can’t Find A Good Man? Blame Feminism!

Carter UFO guru puts faith in crop circles

CCSO: Surveillance video shows students throwing rocks, food from school bus

Cellphone talkers as bad as drunk drivers: study

Chairman: UN, White House Climate Reports ‘an Excuse to Control the American People’

Chicago Mayor Unfazed by Supreme Court Ruling on Guns

CIA agent's naming led to giant hoax by Bush foes

Climate Change Remains Unsettled, Say 31,072 Scientists

Clinton Body Count: You Won’t Believe These Numbers!

Color the Democrats totally clueless

Columbine: The Lost Command

Common Core And Qatar—Sharia Education For All!

Condemned to hopeless labor: Mychal Massie asserts elitists don't have a clue what happened

Condescending Dems Still Don't Get It (Conservative Treasure Steyn With Post-Election SMACKDOWN!)

Condescending Dems Still Don't Get It (Conservative Treasure Steyn With Post-Election SMACKDOWN!)

Conservative United Methodists say divide over sexuality is `irreconcilable'

Consider it said: Time to form a new nation


Corps never pursued design doubts (NOLA)

Dan Rather is a Symptom, Not the Disease

date : 5/7/5 equals international haiku day on FreeRepublic

Death Throes of the Mainstream Media

Dem Rove Apology Demand Is A Terrible Strategic Blunder

Democratic Party must be 'born again,' Carville says

Democrats outshout their voice of reason

Democrats Ponder Why Kerry Did So Well

Democrats the Party of (Spoiled) Children

Democrats: Deceit made us back war

Dems Say Kerry Back On Track (No way can Kerry lose -- Flashback)

Did the Angry Black Fellow get Zotted?

Do All Dogs Go to Heaven?

Do you know how to use these tools?

Doctors: Don't Borrow Trouble (mine: Risk Management and Firearms Counseling)

Does Hillary Clinton Take Us for Idiots?

Don't blame American guns

Doubling Down on a Losing Bet(A thoughtful analysis of Michael Moore/Bush Haters,and the future)

Election protest shows why Dems don't count

Emory Professor Calls President a Despot, Voters Stupid.

Emotions run high outside San Quentin's gates [«Dead man walking» - Sean Penn, crying!]

Euphemisms have a place in human discourse but not when they obscure moral truth

Euphemisms have a place in human discourse but not when they obscure moral truth

EUROPE - THY NAME IS COWARDICE (German Publisher Speaks the Truth!)

Europe at a crossroads

Excerpts from Textbooks Produced in Saudi Arabia (Religion of Peace)

Eye robbery in slays - N.J. family's home was looted - DA

F-14D Tomcat vs. F/18 E/F Super Hornet

Faces of the American Dead in Vietnam: One Week’s Toll, June 1969

Faces of the American Dead in Vietnam: One Week’s Toll, June 1969

Falling Man: the many faces of a 9/11 riddle

Feminists Get Hysterical

Fighting Terror: Do’s and Don’ts for a Superpower

For the GOP--a warning

Former Terrorists Tell Their Stories (Just seen on Fox)

France riots: Chirac vows action

Freeper Canteen: Your Favorite Patriotic Quotes. Please join us!~Tues March 15,2005

Frustrated Fitzgerald Used Libby to Justify Fruitless Probe


Gay multi-millionaire activist funds Catholics United


Georgia cop shot in back, killed at Waffle House after suspects used racial slurs, brother says

Giuliani Dives into Sewer with McCarthyist Tactics

Giuliani's problem with the religious [large graphics]

Glass-house denizens of elections fraud

Global Deception - The UN's Stealth Assault on America's Freedom

Global Warming, Too Hot or Not?

Good Anaylsis: "Baby Gap: How birthrates color the electoral map"

Goodbye, All That: How Left Idiocies Drove Me to Flee

Great Israeli Propaganda Video at Powerline

Griffin [GA] officer shot and killed at Waffle House


Gun Control KIlls

Gun control's unlikely new enemy (socialist rag somehow stumbles onto, prints truth - thanks!)

Gun nuts' have no real excuse(gun grabbing weenie barf alert 4 bags minimum)

Gun Shy

Gun Toters Are Safer Than Cops


H.L. Mencken on Liberty and Government

Halloween Ghost Thread

Hanukkah for Dummies (and the Union for Reform Judaism, but I repeat myself)

He's a worldbeater, all right (Mark Steyn beats up on the Dems!)

Historians: Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Was Overreaction

Homophobia, Demographic Decline, Islamic Immigration And The European Death Wish (Don Feder Alert)

Hounds of Heaven


How can I eloquently defend the 2nd Amendment?

How Important Is the Left? (LOOOONG, but very good)

How the Atomic Bomb Saved 4,000,000 Lives

How the Camera Became a Weapon (German Images of World War II - Good Photos)


How to put a background on your "about" page

How We Got Here (and where we are headed)(Happy New Year)


Hundreds protest cartoons in Vancouver(Islamofascists(?) in Van. BC)

I Checked My Privilege, And It’s Doing Just Fine

I Fought The DMV To Keep The World's Greatest License Plate

I Pledge allegiance to the Confederate Flag

I Spit on ABC Radio News

Idiots at TIME Mag Fall for Protest Warrior Satire (Ann Coulter pic)

If I Die Before You Wake


In quotes: Muslim reaction to Pope

Investigators Blast CBS for Rathergate

Invoking the Clinton Precedent(L.A. Times gets it Right...for once.)

Iran to hang teenage girl attacked by rapists

Is America doomed to lose the ultimate battle?

Is the Church a Clubhouse or a Lighthouse? A Cruise Ship or a Battleship?

Is the West Too Civil in War? - Dr. Strangepod contemplates the WOT's mineshaft gap

Is There Still a Terrorist Threat?

Islam is in Dark Ages

Islam's March Against the West

Islam, a Religion of Peace®? Some links...

Islamic scholar explains Fort Hood

Islamofascism — an enemy like no other

It Wasn't Just (Or Even Mostly) the 'Religious Right'

It's the Demography, Stupid (MUST READ,end of Western democracy) BY MARK STEYN

It's the incompetence, stupid [Salon: Kerry volunteer dis'es his own]

Jack Murtha and "The Culture of Corruption"-forgotten, unsavory past of the Left's poster boy.

Jesus and Muhammad: Major Differences

Jimmy Carter and the Dark Side - (Exposes Carter)

Joe vs. the Metrosexual

John Kerry's Bad Record Argues Against His Candidacy (Five strong reasons to vote for Bush)

John Lott Responds to some posts

John McCain, you treasonous bastard, I challenge you or any of your traitorous cohorts...

Justice to Elia Kazan

Katrina’s TriageIt is a grim but inescapable fact that not everyone in New Orleans could be saved.

Kerry Reminds Voters Why They Rejected Him

Kerry wasn't too Swift on recent tour

Khrushchev’s secret speech and end of communism

Kids are Overrated

Kirsten Powers Gets Its Dangerously Wrong on the Bible and Homosexuality

Kopel's Second Amendment Newsletter

Krauthammer "Democratic Realism" (Must read and bookmark!)

Kristol: It's Our War

KWANZAA: A HOLIDAY FROM THE FBI (Coulter Classic Repost)

Kyoto goals not attainable without crushing the economy (Kyoto cripples)

LAUGH BREAK. BUSH WON. Blame The New Yorker

Lawyer for Navy corpsman calls for investigation, sets up defense fund [not in MSM]

Lazamataz's Opus: No longer a Republican (Vanity)

Lazamataz's Opus: No longer a Republican (Vanity)

Leading scientific journals 'are censoring debate on global warming'

Lebanon Is NOT Innocent (David Horowitz Slams The Lebanon "Innocent Bystander" Myth Alert)

Left Slams Christian Vote: What About Kerrys' Atheist Vote??

Let's not forgot...The Seven Rinos

Liberal Jews are clueless - (Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder; masterful analysis!)

Liberals in Parallel Universe

London Muslims call for armies of Islam to be unleashed

Lost an Old Friend Today. Politics and the Personal

Mac Mouths Off - Conceal carry laws should not include privacy provisions

Male monkeys prefer toy cars, females like dolls

Malicious Software Removal Tool [MS monthly release]

Man becomes first to read all of Obamacare [SATIRE]

Man of the Year Awards - Just in! Ireland, Serbia & Albania Winners

Manipulated Exit-Poll Data for Lethal Affect on Republican Voter Turnout

Many press-bashers lacking in credibility

Many would have been OK if resources weren’t in Iraq

Marine Corps Silver Dollar Unveiled

Mark Steyn : Believe It Or Not, It Wasn't Just Rednecks Who Voted for Bush

Mark Steyn: Wake up, Europe, you've a war on your hands

Mars Emerging from Ice Age, Data Suggest (Global Warming On Mars)

Mars Is Warming, NASA Scientists Report

Meaning of Lieberman’s Defeat to Gun Owners

Media (LIberal) Bias Is Real, Finds UCLA Political Scientist

Media deserve blame for New Orleans debacle

Media elite just don't understand feelings of the majority


Memo to Liberal Elite: Don't Worry, Be Happy

Men and Arms of the Civil War

Men in black terrorise Iraq's women

Meteorologist Likens Fear of Global Warming to 'Religious Belief'

Methane Explosion Warmed The Prehistoric Earth, Possible Again

Mind Blowing… These 23 Unbelievable Facts Will DESTROY Your Understanding Of Time

More Muscle, More God, Less Shrum

Most U.S. States Don't Make the Grade When it Comes to Gun Violence Prevention Laws

Mother of suicide victim sues Wal-Mart over gun sale

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Pushes Crackpot Conspiracies (MSM BARF ALERT!!!!)

Must Read Of The Day: What I Have Learned From the Twentieth Century

My Fellow Democrats

Mythlamic Justice

Myths About Gun Control

Namibia Bushmen were first people in ‘Garden of Eden’

Nearing Final Stage Of Grief, Dem E-Mail Cites "Imploded" DNC: "Fool Me Once...."

New Deals & Old Answers. The key to the Democratic Party’s future may lie in its past.

New Oklahoma Sovereignty Resolution

New Religion On Campus

Nightmare at Noon

No holy war here

No Moore Thank You

No Mr. President … Our Founders Were Not That Fond Of Muslims

No Shame in Being a Republican

No, it wasn't God [Rare insightful commentary by a British lefty]

Not attuned with American values (excellent must read)

NOT SO DUMB THEN? [Christopher Hitchens says Bush deserves respect]

Notice to tree huggers

NY: Police Confiscate 'Cop Killer' Gun In Far Rockaway

OLD ENOUGH TO REMEMBER - (breathtaking...fabulous piece by an old timer; American history SLERT!)

ON SHEEP, WOLVES, AND SHEEPDOGS (an excellent read!)

On Sheep, Wolves, And Sheepdogs by Dave Grossman


Operations Manager for Jack in the Box Voicemail Message VERY FUNNY audio recording

Osama and Saddam Worked Together for Years

P.J. O'Rourke: Laugh Riot (Fun and games in Europe)

Packing Light, Packing Smart: Essentials of Concealed Carry

Pan-Islamism Challenges Idea Of Nation-State (Mark Steyn: Meet The Real Globalists Alert)

PARDON ME WHILE I GLOAT (Van Orden rant - great read)

PC World: Top 10 Internet Scandals of All Time (Free Republic & Rathergate)

PM warned of more riots (Moozie threatens race violence DownUnder!!!)

Police Deaths, Planting Petunias, and Procreation

Pop-ups, begone! How to kill those pesky ads

Post-Election Depression: aka Liberal Lunacy (Good Read)

Poverty and Culture

Presidential Vetoes (history)

Probe reconstructs horror, calculated attacks on planes

Proper Lubrication of Your Pistol and Revolver

Psychological Roots Of Islamic Rage

Put away the long knives, and move forward--knives for the next war have already been sharpened.

Radical Islam must be defeated - belief system makes deterrence mostly irrelevant

Reach out and sneer: Dem radicals speak to the Red States

Real Men are Republicans: Democrats are Metro-sexuals

Reid calls for no-pardon pledge (barf alert)

Rep. Sam Smith: Regarding Rendell's gun statement.

Rep. Sam Smith: Regarding Rendell's gun statement.

Reuters Admits Photo Fakery!

Reuters Doctoring Photos from Beirut?

Rezko whistleblower still has no hospital, five years after the fact (Obomber's healthcare?)

Role of Poland in World War II

Rudy Hits the Campaign Trail - Is Giuliani vicious enough to win the Republican nomination?

Rudy Hits the Campaign Trail - Is Giuliani vicious enough to win the Republican nomination?

Rush Limbaugh: Incoherent Democrats Lose Their SecondElection in the Last Three Months

Russians find wreckage of U.S. submarine (USS Wahoo)

Safe Personal Computing

Samsung Is Now What Sony Once Was ("rapid reversal ...illustrates the highly competitive world")

Samuel Adams quote - Important today!

School Bullies

School Shootings And The Death Of Common Sense

Science Shows That Homosexuals Are Not "Born That Way."

Scouting out Satan

Search for planets could soon seek one like Earth


Self-Defense vs. Municipal Gun Bans

Shocker: Veteran WaPo Reporter Admits MSM's Bias Is "Overwhelmingly To The Left"

Shroud of Turin: Old as Jesus?

Since we're lightening up a little bit.....

Sir John Keegan is wrong: radical Islam could win

Sluggish private job growth indicates failure of tax cuts

Sniper Rounds

So they Lost huh?

Some Advice for Tuesday's Real Losers

Some guy named john kerry sent me this email.(BARF,GAG)

Sowell: The Prisoner Swap Deal (0bama)

Spanked: Why Kerry & His Radical Freak Cabal Didn't Resonate With "Normal" Americans

Speech of Henry V on St. Crispin's Day before the Battle of Agincourt

Stable Carbon Cycle–Climate Relationship During the Late Pleistocene

Staples Pulls Advertising From Sinclair

Stop Apologizing to Islam!! - (stupendous...what else can I say? Barbara Stock is RIGHT! ENOUGH!)

Straight Shooting; review of "Shots in the Dark: The Policy, Politics and Symbolism of Gun Control"

String Theory, at 20, Explains It All (Are There 10 Dimensions Of Space and Time?)

Suicide of the West

Suicide of the West

Sure Signs Backfired on Kerry, Dems

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Swift Boat Leader Responds to Kerry

T.R. Fahrenbach: One V-J observation: Suicide missions don't work

Take back the plane (three political lessons)

Tancredo asks for border official's head(10 House members call for investigation of stand-down)

Tech Question (ADWARE)

Teen fatally shot trying to rob man(Niagara Falls: Thug Student Killed by Rob Victim)


THANK GOD EVERY VOTE COUNTED - Some good reasons why Dems missed the point.

The "Frozen" masses?

The 'eathen

The (Russian) Roots of Islamic Terrorism (a must read!)

The (Russian) Roots of Islamic Terrorism (a must read!)

The 51 percent nation [Barone Once Again Nails It]

The anti-gun male

The anti-gun male

The Antifederalists Were Right

The Apostles Speak for Jesus. A Refutation of those who Dismiss the Teaching of the Epistles...

The Apostles Speak for Jesus. A Refutation of those who Dismiss the Teaching of the Epistles...

The beginning of the end of America? (laughing while barfing alert)

The Bergdahl Dozen: Thirteen Reasons Why the Story Has Legs

The Best Victor Davis Hanson Quotes Of 2004


The campaign to undo FDR

The Cast of Characters

The Clinton Years: The Gathering Storm (Speech delivered at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix)

The Coming and Going of Glaciers: A New Alpine Melt Theory

The cracks in 'broken windows'

The democratic party, what a swell group

The Dixie Dingo

The Dutch Rethink MultiCulturism - (This is what Islam has in store for America!)

The Dwindling Light of Hellenism

The dysfunctional Republicans

The Eighteenth Brumaire of Barack Obama

The End Of The World Has Already Begun (Stick A Fork In It, Game Over)

The Famous Patton Speech

The FReeper Foxhole Remembers Liberty and Victory Ships (1941-1945) - Nov. 18th, 2004

The Gaying of America

The Gun Control Lobby, Thinking Small (Grieving loss of brother alert)

The heat is on


The Identity Addict (how a restaurant worker stole millions from the richest people in America)

The Immorality of a "Compassionate War" on Terrorism

The Implausibility of a New Liberalism

The Lavender Nazis (Saturbray)

The Left and Crime (Thomas Sowell)

The Left’s Outrage over Giuliani Rings False

The lessons of Lebanon - I and II

The Mayor Who Would Be President [Giuliani]

The medical profession's anti-gun quackery

The Mystery of Barack Obama Continues

The New Dictionary

The New York Times’ Krugman Sees Obama as a Victim of Unfair Press

The Obama Impeachment Bible

The Once-Charming "Non-Americanness" of New Orleans Spelled Doom

The Path to 9/11 and Blaming the Clintons

The People Have Spoken (Good One!)

The Psychology of the Self-Hating Liberal

The Real History of the Crusades

The Real History of the Crusades (2002)

The Ruthless Party [Fred Barnes]

The scourge from nowhere

The toll the 1960s took on black America

The Top Ten Most Gerrymandered Congressional Districts in the United States

The TRUTH about Kwanzaa [repost of excellent 2001 article]

The Twin Myths of Eurabia

The University of Oklahoma Bomber- Link Roundup

The unmistakable whiff of Christian triumphalism

The Volunteer

The Welfare State: The Root of Europe’s Problems

The Young British Soldier

The ‘You Didn’t Do That’ Society

Theodore Dalrymple: All or Nothing - The quest for moderate Islamism may be futile

There Is No 'Consensus' On Global Warming

These ludicrous lies about the West and Islam

They are in denial over terrorism

They just don't get it

Thinking About 2008 Democratic Non-Hillary Edition)


This is just the start of a showdown between the West and The Rest

Those liberal geniuses

Thousands Gather to Celebrate Megachurch's New Home in Basketball Arena

To all Gun Control Advocates: The "Militia" is not what you think it is.

To Anne rice: We Failed You? Try Again.

To Hell with Hezbollah (obliterate Hezbollah!)

Tortured By Taxes (Tax day humor)

Transcript of Karl Rove's speech to the New York Conservative Party

Two-Stage-to-Orbit 'Blackstar' System Shelved at Groom Lake?

U.S Senate Restores Gorelick Wall (Tell GOP Yellow Bellied Saps You'll Never Re-elect Them Alert)

Uganda’s Minister for Ethics: white people are responsible for homosexuality

Uncommon Knowledge: Thomas Sowell's Basic Economics


Understanding (Modern) Art. -The Emperor has no clothes.

Understanding Islam (gag alert)

Understanding Obama: The Making of a Fuehrer

USAF F-14 "Tomcat" (my luv!) at Retirement Age (no!no!) Commands Respect (my heart is always yours!)

Vanity: Looking for a thread about liberal contradictions


Victor Davis Hanson: American Exceptionalism, The message of Tuesday’s verdict

Victor Davis Hanson: American Exceptionalism, The message of Tuesday’s verdict

Victor Davis Hanson: American Exceptionalism, The message of Tuesday’s verdict

Victor Davis Hanson: Despair and Hope. The short and long wars against radical Islam

Victor Davis Hanson: Obama's Cabinet is Incompetent

Vietnam: The Fog of War or the Smoke of Propaganda? - (Cronkite, "..and that's the way it is")

Vote Fraud, Intimidation & Suppression In The 2004Presidential Election(MUST READ!)

War protesters sleeping with the enemy

Warship of the future christened, blessed

Was President Bush Forced to Use the Insurrection Act?

We Blew It

We must not forget Churchill's defiance

We need Rudy for the WOT because? I don't think so.

We're All Soldiers Now

Weird Bizarre Anti-Christian Liberals Go Bananas

Welcome to Canada

Welcoming Newcomers

What didn't we know at the Democrat convention

What Dylan Is Not - Poet Laureate of the left, for one.

What Is a Dead Language Doing in the 21st Century?

What is KeyWiki?

What Made The Obama DoJ Jump

What Muslims think

What now for Democrats?

What planet are do-gooders on? (Slice of Life DownUnder NZ)

What would Rudy Do? (First of a continuing series)

What's a Democrat? Depends on What the Meaning of the Word 'Loser' Is - (Bingo!)

What's Next for Gun Rights?

When I was a Puppy

When you strip away all the pious fiction, what is left of the real Jesus?

Where It's 9-11 All the Time...

Who is going to die?

Who’s Minding The Store - Obama's Marxists Friends

Why al-Qaeda Will Dominate the European Union

Why al-Qaeda Will Dominate the European Union

Why did feds claim Kindle violates civil rights?

Why Divorced Men Are Best to Date (and Marry)

Why it is hard to share the wealth

Why Kerry Got Wiped Out During the Latest Election

Why liberals are really afraid of guns

Why Liberals STILL Don't Get It

Why the Dems Don't Get It (on national security)

Why Truman dropped the Bomb (Long but a very interesting read)

Wilders: The Pew Report on Muslim Migration to Europe is a Wake-up Call — It is Time to Get Tough

Winners at the MRC's "Dishonors Awards" Held Thursday Night(Roasting Most Biased Lib Reporters'04)

Women Against Gun Control ~ Interview with Nancy Herrington & Janalee Tobias

Writer Facing Jail For Mosque Threat (Oriana Fallaci)

WTC Damage Graphic (Stunning!!)

Wyoming’s Democrat Governor Renounces His Party

Your Favorite Patriotic Quotes

Zulu:The Battle of Rorke’s Drift: 22-23 January 1879

[VANITY] Looking for an article named "The Name of the Rose" by L.J. Davis

‘12th Imam,’ Key Facet Of Islamic Prophecy, Fueling Middle East Turmoil