Since Jun 17, 2007

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I live in fear these days. Not for myself, but for the future of our great nation. I have no kids of my own but, I have plenty that call me Uncle.

I Served 20 in the Navy, I learned a lot, I know I was fortunate in certain ways. I met few I disliked. In the end I know I was kinda jyped, but that’s life.

I have always honored my commitments, oaths, obligations, debts, and I have done as well as I could on promises. IOW, I like me.

I love FR, I get to say what I think needs to be said, I love when I can offer insight about my area of expertise, I’ve only had 2 argumentative replys in the last year (personally I think they were lurkers LOL).

I’m a real nice guy, I know this because I don’t mind finishing last... ;)