Since Jan 8, 1998

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Age 63 Vietnam Veteran...1965-66 101st Airborne 3 Children, 8 grandchildren

CEO of a financial services company, which includes consulting services for money managers, and investment advisory service for individuals and institutions, and a small business incubator

Director of an NYSE listed company, Trustee of a family of mutual funds, Trustee of two charities/not-for profit organizations. One is focused on eduacation of high school and college students on international affairs, one provides housing for needy families of people in critical care at an Ohio hospital.

Love my country, believe in the principles espoused in the Declaration of Indepenence, think that the Constition is a document which should be honored as the law of the land, and not changed except as provided within...via amendment, not by some activist judge who thinks "times have changed". The rule of law is paramount, and I believe we must uphold that principle above all others. I guess that makes me a right wing extremist.

So be it.