clive bitterman
Since Mar 9, 2011

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61 years old
Married for thirty-six years with two children
College graduate
USMC honorably discharged veteran
Roman Catholic in spirit but no longer in practice
Resident of Rumson, N.J.

My wife has been a public school teacher for thirty-six years
My daughter has just finished her first year in law school

My son was an Army infantryman (A Co., 1st Btln., 30th Regt., 3rd Brigade, 3rd Inf. Division) in the original invasion of Iraq - his unit was the one which attacked and took the VIP Building at Bagdhad Airport. He was also on the raid that captured Abu Nadal of Achille Lauro infamy. He came home intact with only a smashed wrist and a partial disability. I have been a faithful daily lurker on Free Republic for the last (I think) ten years and use it as my main source of news and ideas.