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'Fannie and Freddie Were Lenders': U.S. Real Estate Bubble Nears Its End

A Few Questions For Die-Hard Bush Supporters

A Nation Divided -- and A Message to the Enemy Camp

Anyone Interested in a FReeper Weight Loss and Exercise Thread? (Vanity)

Basic html formatting

Bush Has a Federal Case ~ WSJ.


Did a Secret Order of Knights Hide the Holy Grail, Ark of Covenant on a Baltic Island?

Did the Vikings Stay? Vatican Files May Offer Clues

Facts On Guns

Former Weather Channel Bigwig Debunks IPCC and Global Warming Hysteria

Huge Security Flaw Found in Leading Anti-Computer Virus Software

Hunting deaths should be warning to lawmakers about easing gun laws.(Attacking CCW)

I (along with most of the men here) am Retrosexual and proud of it.

Itís the Grits, Stupid

Knights Templar to use latest imaging in search for Grail

mating humans theory

Remembrance Archive: Free Republic Threads From 9-11-01

Revised & Updated! -- THE LEXICON OF FREEREPUBLIC -- (FR dictionary, more help for newcomers!)

Scientists Claim To Tap The Free Energy Of Space

Scientists create cells that can harness sun's rays

Scientists Discover Second Genus of Early Human

St. Nicholas [NOT Santa Claus], the Gift Giver

ST. PATRICK'S DAY - Celebrating the Green (plus, YouTube "The Ballad of Mike Moran")

Summer reading recommendations -- What are you reading?

Texas secession - It's time to part company

The 10 Regions of US Politics [really nice bit of election results scholarship]

The Constitution of the United States of American w/amendments

The OFFICIAL weekly "24" Season 6 Live thread!

The Origin of the Word Iran

The Radicalization of America's Gun Culture

The true meaning of the second amendment

Time Travel

Walter Williams: Economics for the citizen [all of the Ten-Part Series]

We are NOT a Democracy! (An OUTSTANDING Article!)

What good can a handgun do against an Army? Thread II