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"A Letter to Concerned liberals" (Humor)

'I Thought He Had A Gun'

'They Said I Was Going to Prison'

(California Assembly)Panel Kills Measure on Handguns

100 things you should know about DDT (A Reprint For Earth Day)

11 year old kills boxcutter-wielding criminal

22 Times Less Safe? Anti-Gun Lobby's Favorite Spin Re-Attacks Guns In The Home

2A law library links

32 guns taken in break-in - Store owner blames new police policy brushing off alarms

4th Circuit affirms conviction for supplying ammunition to brother

A Problem With Guns (Long... but SOOOO good)

A Shortcut to Australia's Civilian Disarmament?


All the world's agog over man who beat headlight-flashing rap

An Armed Society is a Polite Society

Anger of survivors told to stay inside blazing towers

another violent outburst from an anti

Anti-Gun Campaign Accused of Spreading 'Hype'

Anti-gun reporter exposed for having a concealed weapons permit!

Are You a Global Warming Skeptic? Part II

assault screwdrivers

ATF Agent Accused of Threatening Teens With Gun While Drunk

Australia 'won't go down gun path'

Bill On Pointing Lasers Gets Senate Approval - Tallahassee, FL

Bob Barr on ECHELON

Bossier School Board upholds Advil expulsion (Girl expelled from school for 1 year for Advil)

Brazil Says Foreign Media Distort Amazon Destruction

CA: social worker panics, weapons seized, couple sues city

Caught Red-Handed! A 1995 memo from 9/11 commission member Gorelick

Censoring Pot Messages

Chicago Compiles Registry of U.S. Gun Owners (my title)

Chicago ER Doctor, squeals on Daley Gun Laws.

Chief Prosecutor in Waco Resigns

China executes 17 to mark International Anti-Drugs Day


Clinton To Act on Gun Safety

Cold Comfort (Interview with John Lott, author of more guns less crime)

Colorado Family: Feds Using 'Aggressive, Relentless' Effort to Force Sale of Ranch

Concealed-carry law threatens order(pants wetting retarded college student hoplophobe barf alert)

Cop Mugged Outside Police Station, Gun Stolen

Cops can't find super gun

Cos gives 'em pause

County keeping eye on illegal dumpers ("1984" cited by officials as INSPIRATION for hidden cameras!)

Court says two can be tried for one crime -Prosecutions legal, but 'deplorable'

Democrats Link Gun Rights to Terrorism

Did Officers Stop For White Castle "Sliders" En Route To 911 Calls? Husband Murdered Ronayle White

Disinformation R Us (Part Two)

Does TV Cause ADHD? (Lonsberry)

Doubt cast on fingerprint security

Driver hits, kills car-burglary suspect

Eminent domain hearings beginning

EU bans giving bones to dog owners

Euphoria, Meltdown and China's Economy

Expanded Fed Role Against Common Crime Called 'Out of Control'

FBI Tells Cops to Arrest Woman for Calling a Whorehouse, "a whorehouse"

Federales surveilling "compound "in Henderson County, Texas

Feds to Homeowners: Make Room for a View

Firearms are our weapons of mass destruction

Firings linked to excessive force, man's death [Memphis Police]

Five or more people killed in a shooting at Kansas meatpacking plant, police say

For anyone who wants to start homeschooling

Former Sherriff Arrested for Murder of Sherriff-Elect

Free Republic Hall of Fame Threads

Freepers Need Solid Info: What Should We Expect If There's Martial Law? What Are Our Rights?

Girl refused bathroom pass may sue teacher

Government Concedes 'Mistakes' on Vince Foster's Death

Government tightens hold on information (not to photograph government officials )

Gun cabinet locks no match for pen

Gun control groups criticize handgun ads in newspapers (BARF ALERT!)

GUN CONTROL: I need hard numbers on US versus Britain violent crime rates

Gun Ctl Failure: Gun Deaths in LA County Rose 9% in 2000

gun grabber refutation

Gun lock requirement turns to defacto gun ban

Gun Makers Break Off Talks because of White House

Gun owners asked to make audit appointments [Australia]

Gun Owners of America E-Mail/Fax Alert

Gun Registration & Confiscation Defied

Gun Show Fantasies (gag)

Gun Shows - The Truth Comes Out


Gunbattle Ignites Weapons Debate/It's Unclear Whether Victims Should Resist Or Acquiesce

Gunning Down The 2nd Amendment (See BS, need I say more)

Guns, health and busybody doctors

HURRICANE KATRINA- archive of links

IL CHICAGO anti gun position shoot self in foot.

Inner Cities Continue to Hemorrhage Jobs

It's Amazing What One has to Believe to Believe in Gun Cuntrol - Newly Updated

It's Time to Sue the Gun-Lie Industry

Jeff judge arrested in plot to plant drugs

Just the facts, please, when talking down gun shows

Justice Department Report Contradicts Anti-Gun Claims


Justice Dept. Bars Use of Gun Checks in Terror Inquiry

Kentucky Man Vows to Take on BATF Over Questionable Raid

Lieberman calls for funds to fix up places of worship

Lobbyists Call for HandGun Ban (AUS SemiBan Over German Bloodbath, Patriots: Secure Border Instead!)

Man Sent to Prison Over a Screensaver

Maryland thinks MORE Gun Laws Will Solve Things....

Media Bias -- Los Angeles [Times] Style

Miami Police Officers Gun down Unarmed Suspects

Michigan AG Linked to Organized Crime

Missed Manners and Creeping Laws

Mo. Probes Fatal BB Gun Shooting

more bellesiles

Mother arrested for attempting to intervene in her 14-year old's decision to have abortion

Mother in Early (Iowa) shoots, kills intruder

Murder by Gun Control


Naughty children to be registered as potential criminals

New round in Gun Issue

Non-illegal LP chem business raided

NPR In A Coma

NY Times Columnist: Don't Judge Social-Program Spending By Cost Or Results

Officer's Weapon Accidentally Discharges In Anderson County School

Oil Reserve Officials Get Cheap Guns

OKC bombing report: Truth was 'concealed'

OKC Federal Judge Calls DOJ Actions To Block OKC Bombing Evidence Unacceptable

Oklahoma City Bombing -- The Plot Thickens


Overcoming The Elite Mainstream Media's Convergence With Socialist Government Policies

Owner scoffs at idea junkyard is a threat $1 million damage caused during raid by BATFE agents

Panic button couldn’t protect woman

Parents 'steal' own children (Parents take own kids from Social Services at gunpoint)

Pew Foundation, Laurence Tribe, and more.

Pewgate: McCain-Feingold Lobbyists Bankrolled Fake Grassroots Movement

Planned Parenthood Denounces Pursuit of Medical Records

Pols vow to revive gun ban -- Taking on assault rifles

Race and the Drug War

Repeal the Bradley Amendment

Report: FBI Investigating Local No-Warrant Raid

Residents urge secession from state

Rules of Engagement: Before you start shooting the b*******s

Russia backs U.S. gun-control advocates

San Francisco Supervisors Propose Total Handgun Ban

SCHLUSSEL: TSA's Pro-Bin Laden Screener

School Antidrug Adviser Arrested

Second Amendment Foundation, Citizens Committee Sue to Halt Destruction of Critical Gun Records

Second Amendment threatened, Barr warns in law school speech -RIA case

Seeing Isn't Believing: A Study on Boys and Guns Raises Questions About Research Tactics

Senators file bill allowing gun data to be shared

Shot Though the Heart (Woman accidentally nails herself)

Silent Rage

So, you want to see me naked?

Social Worker Union Cites Homeschooling as Contributing to Child Abuse at Congressional Hearing

Standoff in Passaic NJ: Home stormed by SWAT team over code violations (porch and windows)

State [Maryland] Worst In Gun Study

Step up effort to get guns off the streets

Strickland's Landing closes for business [killed by death tax]

Stunning Photo Of Jet Breaking Sound Barrier

Suicidal Youths Turn to Hanging Instead of Guns

Supremacist Case Unites Improbable Contingent (racist held for racist beliefs, not actions?)

Teens to be pulled over for good driving

The Barbarians at the Gates of Paris (The Underclass in France)

The Brady Bunch Spins its Failures

The Brady-Kerry Connection

The Crimes Of Mena!

The Democrats' Spin On Gun Control

The Jamie Gorelick Witch Hunt

The Man Who Predicted The Race Riots

Think of a Headline, Any Headline. This Is It, Isn't It?

Those who follow the way of the gun have their many reasons

Toddler finds gun, accidentally kills grandfather

Top Ten Civil Liberties Abuses of the Income Tax

Traffic stop by EPA agent upsets woman (TEXAS)

U.S. asparagus is victim of the war on drugs

UK: Reducing knife crime, We need to ban the sale of long pointed kitchen knives

UN Finds Black Box Lost in Rwanda Genocide Probe

University Shuts Down Anti-Affirmative Action Bake Sale


US Police State Meets No Resistance

We must declare war on guns and anybody who buys/possesses a gun has to be an enemy to the community

What Gun Control Proponents Have to Believe

When Gun Safety Locks Kill

Whistle-Blowing Said to Be Factor in F.B.I. Firing

Why Did Prohibition Require a Constitutional Amendment?

Why doesn't the ACLU support an individual's unlimited right to keep and bear arms? (gun control)

Why Is Marijuana Still Illegal?

Will Questioning Our Neighbors Make Us Safer?

Wisconsin bill bans all but single shots

Woman shoots alleged abductor

Your Gun Show Loophole At Work