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I attended several of the Anti-Gore Rallies in Austin to show my support for President Bush.

Here is a report on one of the Rallies.

REPORT - 12/02/2000 Austin Rally
Source: Give me Liberty or Give me Death Web Site
Published: 12/03/00 Author: Jeff Head
Posted on 12/03/00 by Jeff Head
Anti-Gore Rally in Austin, TX, December 2, 2000

In Austin, TX, yesterday on December 2, 2000, the second in a series of planned gathering by members of the online forum, FreeRepublic, occured in support of the US Constitution and the presidency of George Bush, and particularly against the fraud, deciet and constitutionally destructive antics of the Democratic presidential ticket of Gore and Liberman.

At its height, it was estimated that in excess of several hundred people joined in, who stood in front of, to the side of and marched around the Governor's mansion in Austin chanting:

I don't know, but I believe,
Al Gore's gone by Christms Eve!
I don't know but I can say,
He be gone by New Year's Day!
SOUND OFF - one, two!
SOUND OFF - three, four!
BRING IT ON DOWN - one, two, three, four

No more lies and no more spin,
Give Gore prozac and let Bush in!
Bush the one's that talkin' sense,
He will be our president!
SOUND OFF - one, two!
SOUND OFF - three, four!
BRING IT ON DOWN - one, two, three, four

" Hey, Hey ... Hey Ho, AL GORE HAS GOT TO GO"

"Soldiers Vote, Dimples Don't!"
"Hey, Hey ... Hey Ho, MILITARY VOTE"

Participants filling the other side of the street and Jeff Head pictured with another participant who made his own sign.

Once again, the rally ran in excess of three hours. Ultimately, the press discovered what was happening and showed up across from the front of the mansion and dispersed through the crowd interviewing and filming many attendees. The Bush organization was also on hand distributing placards and signs to the crowd, which already had an abundance of home-made signs.

Again, a great spirit of patriotism and activism was enjoyed and shared by all. Many people who had never done any protesting or political rallying before were there to protest the gross deciet and fraud being exercised by the democratic presidential ticket in this election.

Participants plan to keep on demonstrating each Saturday until President-Elect Bush is sworn in, or until Vice-President Gore concedes and ceases his attempts to defraud and destroy our electoral process.

Jeff Head
Emmett, ID
visiting Austin, TX
December 2, 2000
Another GREAT rally in Austin

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