Since Jul 27, 2004

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Vital Stats:
Sign: Cancer
Year of Birth: 1975
Political Affiliation: Republican (especially since I worked for the Lincoln Library at one point)
Origin: Midwest
Education: Getting a PhD, and attempting to keep from being indoctrinated in the process.
Martial Status: Married
Religious status: In league with the Holy See

About me:
Patriot, Intellectual, world traveller. I do computer animated movies as a hobby, as well as medieval reenactment. I am currently learning Arabic, to better understand the enemy. Guinness is a great beer, and the original Star Wars Trilogy was a great set of movies. Tolkien was/is the best fantasy writer ever, and Heinlein takes that spot for Sci-Fi.

Modern bleeding heart liberalism stems from watching too much TV, and drinking the DNC kool-aid. Rugged Individualism makes this country great, and socialism will destroy it. I pay way too much in taxes, but will tolerate a 90% income tax provided our borders are well defended, our roads are well paved, the bureaucratic nightmare that is the federal government is made efficient, the military is taken care of, and we have colonies on the moon and mars. Until that day, cut my taxes, cut the government, and cut out the liberal BS. No one is dying in America because they can't get a job. Drugs are bad, but people do them anyway. Let's just keep them illegal. Harder drugs? No way if you can't handle tobacco, and alchohol what makes you think you can handle cocaine? Americans are more productive, and intelligent than anyone else in the world, so quit asking lazy frenchmen what to do. We pay way too much money to other countries who love to bash us, maybe its time we quit that. Finally I believe that McDonald's needs to feed Michael Moore & Teddy Kennedy one "super-sized" value meal too many, It would be a mercy killing for sure..