Conservative Canuck
Since Sep 16, 2004

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Ex-patriot Canadian now living in Northern California. Left the spineless Liberal/socialist plutocracy that is now Canuckistan for a real country, one which doesn't rape your wallet for useless "social programs" or flushes it down the toilet paying off its Liberal friends.

Canadian Armed Forces 1977-1984. 2 Royal Canadian Regiment; 3 Commando, Canadian Airborne Regiment. Served two peacekeeping tours on Cyprus, one on the Golan Heights. Exchange observer, Operation Urgent Fury (Grenada, 1983). College Degree in Print Journalism, 1993. Now living and working in California.

"Everyone has the right to think; too few use it to think right."

"International law is that which the evil ignore, and the righteous refuse to enforce." - An unknown Wise Man.

"For those with crooked eyes, truth may wear a wry face." - Another unknown Wise Man.

"The 20th Century belongs to Canada." Wilfred Laurier, another Liberal Liar.

Brian Mulroney is the best Prime Minister Canada ever had. - Me.

The role of government in a free and democratic society is to:

1. Protect and defend its citizens, and the nation's sovereignty, from both internal and external threats,

2. Administer national resources for the long-term benefit of the population,

3. Construct and implement foreign policy based on the country's needs and capacity to fulfil its commitments,

4. Create a sustainable environment of opportunities for its citizens to earn a decent living, and,

5. Care for the most vulnerable and helpless of the population.

The Liberal governments in Canada of the past 35 years have failed miserably in each of these trusts/responisbilites.