Conservative Texan Mom
Since Sep 17, 2004

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I'm a life time consrvative! I turned 18 on Nov. 6th 1988 and voted for George Bush 41st two days later! My thirtieth birthday present, even though it took 36 days to receive it, was George Bush 43rd's election to Prez. I have three fabulous children, and have been married to a wonderful, lifetime conservative, man since 1991. We are a homeschooling, small business owning, church going, Christian family. Every liberal's nightmare! In the fall of 2005 we moved from Baytown, Texas to Mena, Arkansas. We bought a hobby farm and are going to give cattle raising a try. I didn't change my screen name though because I figure that once a Texan, always a Texan.

Besides being a homeschooling mom, I also like to write. I am currently working on a Christian novel about conflicts in a family where the parents have two very different moral views on life. I've finished the book, but am still editing. We'll see what happens! This is my first endeavor in this area. Some of my other hobbies include painting, rock hunting, jewelry design, antiquing, house restoration(my husband and I restore historical homes on the side), the study of ancient history, and, of course, politics.