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Thanks for visiting! - TRUCK STOP REPORTER: My Main Site... formally known as The Patriot Edition. Same great content, new name. News headlines and links that I update myself. I research headlines and opinion columns from all over the web that I think are worth sharing. This is the main thing. The heart of it all - the steam engine that runs everything. Although it doesn't have much of my own writings, podcasts, photos, etc, it's still a way to look into my mind because I personally pick every headline (with the exception of the WND and the Newsmax RSS feeds) ... Updated often, so bookmark it and visit it daily - or more! Stick with me and you'll get smarter, trust me! - EVERYWHERE, USA: The blog... opinion, ideas, rantings, photos and stories from the roads of America. Blogging my way around the nation from my semi on my laptop! Read (and sometimes hear) what I have to say about anything. Also photos from my road trips and stories about places I been and things I have seen and people I meet. This will be a rather interesting thing... It's a long, strange trip! - ABORT PLANNED PARENTHOOD DOTCOM: Exactly what it says. I am not shy about my prolife views and I am certainly not alone when I say Planned Parenthood is nothing but an evil corporation bent on making as much money as they can by providing as many abortions as they can. Even if it means covering up crimes such as rape. If you don't believe me, even go to Google News and type in "Planned Parenthood". I guarantee that for every non-negative headline, you'll have 7 to 10 negative ones. Don't doubt me until you at least inform yourself of both sides of the issue. They promote 'safe sex' while handing out faulty condoms. Then they talk teenage girls into abortions. They also fight legislation such as the Parental Notification Law - and so much more. Join me in the fight against evil. - MYSPACE: Awesome network! I am so glad I joined this! Met up with so many old friends, some of which I haven't heard from in 10, 15, even 20 years! Now we chat on an almost regular basis again! What a time we live in to be able to keep in touch this way! And I have also met so many new friends and continue to do so! And I continue to keep finding (or they find me) and collecting more of my old hang out pals, we keep 'snowballing' if you will and we now have regular get-togethers at places like Lily Flanigans and Lefty's and more! Check it out! - THE TRUCK STOP FORUM: Anything goes here. I like to post anything myself that I can reference to at a later date. It's a nice place to archive things and argue and stuff like that. Sometimes when I get a cool email - you know, those chain-mail type of things. I'll post it there. (Not the email addy, but the content)... you'll see. Basically a place to speak up. - MY GUESTBOOK: It's fairly new... Just put it up recently. If you haven't signed it yet, please do. If you sign it and leave a link to your site, I will link it to one of my sites. - AMERICAN-POLITICS YAHOO GROUP - This is my political yahoo group where democrats and republicans get along just fine... yeah right! We scrap a lot, but we're one big happy family - come join us when you can!

YouTube - MY YOUTUBE ACCOUNT: Check out my videos on YouTube! Soon to be a lot of trucking stuff!

PodBean - PODCASTING: Podcasting here... Check this one out often if you can. Sometimes we have our special guest speaker "Chip the Conservative Chipmunk" - he's a little extreme, but lovable!

Flickr - MY PHOTOS: These will be updated a LOT as I get on the road and see the country. If you're into scenic and other types of cool photos, you'll want to check this out often!

Free Republic - CONSERVATIVETRUCKER: This is a page of all my archived postings in The Free Republic.

Long Island Press - VOICE OF LONG ISLAND: Here are some of my writings to the Long Island Press.

America-Debate - LIVE CHAT: Anytime you want to chat in real time with a bunch of great folks from around the country - and around the world. From early morning - until the wee small hours, you can bet to find a nice friendly chat here along with some good, well mannered, political debates!

About meAbout me

I am a white, heterosexual, prolife conservative. I support the war on terror, but I hate the way it's been going. I am disappointed in Bush only because I think he isn't conservative enough.

I like tons of music... from classical, to classic rock, from Johnny Cash to Frank Sinatra, Pink Floyd to Pearl Jam. God, so much to list. I like Stephen King books. I love the show MONK. My favorite sitcoms are Taxi, Cheers, Seinfeld, Odd Couple, Honeymooners. I like to play chess. I have a sense of humor... sometimes a bit dry... sometimes dark.

I like to draw - cartooning. I like to travel, but I am also more or less a hermit. A lot of my time is spent online. My general interests are current events/news/political.

I am against gun control - all lawful citizens should have the right to own one. I am against affirmative action as it is reverse racism. Abortion is murder. Marriage is for a man and a woman and these homosexuals need to keep their perverted hands off of the Boy Scouts. They don't want them in their organization and they have that right.

I am a Christian. I love Jesus and if anyone who is not a Christian wants to practice their fake religion, fine, just don't oppress mine. Islam is evil and Muslims should be profiled. Not that all Muslims are terrorists, but 99% of terrorists are Muslims - don't forget it.

I am against illegal immigration. Go back to where you come from and come back here legally. I will welcome you that way. Learn English and get documented.

I can't stand to hear when public schools ban God, Jesus, The Bible, The 10 Commandments, but welcome books like "Sally has 2 mommies" and courses where some narrow-shouldered, liberal teacher with a pony tail teaches kids how to put a condom on a cucumber. I don't have kids, but these kids are America's future. Stop feeding them this crap!

I am single. I assume that all the good, conservative types of women are married or uninterested in me. Sometimes I am miserable. Most times I am content. Sometimes I am even happy. There.

Billy Kess