Since Feb 19, 2003

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My site offers commentary, links and a book shop, associated with, all with a conservative perspective.

My purpose in developing the site was to create a forum in which I could express my strongly held conservative views and encourage others to join in that discussion via the internet.

I believe that conservatism is the only movement through which the United States can achieve her full potential.

I believe that the liberal movement is inherently elitist, racist and destructive of individual freedom. It tramples opportunity and rewards conformity of thought. I believe that the atheism and agnosticism so trendy among the liberal elite threatens the moral framework that has allowed this nation to become the most effective missionary of freedom in human history.

I believe that there are moral absolutes; that there is good and evil in this world; that America is a nation worthy of emulation, even among our friends and allies; that we have every right to condemn other societies, such as Iraq, or Saudi Arabia, that act in ways that are a reflection of absolute evil; that we should be proud of our Judeo-Christian heritage; that we should look upon our lone super-power status as a God-given affirmation that we are a great nation and the principles upon which we founded the United States represent an absolute good.

Conservative Voice will reflect my values, but I welcome contrary views and open debate.