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Anti-French Internet site "" scores hit with US public

We were kept in the dark over deal with Libya, says France

"Bill of No Rights" (Rerun of a Golden Oldie)

"Don't touch that!" (Officer survives F-14 ejection)

"I will never forget you until the day I die" (Man mourns entire family murdered today by Arabs)

"I've lived under Socialism...Bush must WIN!!"

"If I Were the Devil..." [ Paul Harvey ]

"International law? I better call my lawyer," he said.

"Online Activism" -- Bob Hahn at CPAC 2004

"Starfleet Academy" - The Beginning

'Amazing' woman beaten to death

'Doom' returns in all its gory

'Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures: (U.N. threatens to fire "Sex" authors)

'Jane Doe' Beats Odds, Awakens from Coma (Case to Give Terri Supporters Hope)

'See Rock City' Barn Painter Dies at 89

'Talk to Someone in Cincinnati? Are You Crazy?' … and So the Democrats Blew It

(Breaking) There Has Been A Large Explosion @ North Korean Train Station Which Kim Has Transited

(HUMOR) "How Many North Koreans Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?"

(New Black Panther Party Leader) Quanell X, Young Republicans see eye to eye

(photos) My Donk super heros crashed and burned

(South Dakota) State House passes bill outlawing abortion


0 NUKE THE MOON (caution, hilarity contained w/in post)(vanity)

101 Sea Stories and Some Assorted BS from All Ye Scoundrels Who Ought to be Keelhauled Part IV

1945: Letter From Dachau (WORTH READING AGAIN)--Cowling first person report of Dachau

5,000 mph jet ready for test flight

9/11 rap wows British Muslims

911 Tape Shows Courage of Stabbed Boy 'Can You Please Send the Army Men or the Ambulance?'

<Beheading of a S. Korean> Exploding Demands to Military for Retaliation

A baby dragon, or a bad joke?

A Bad Rap: Today's Teens Aren't As Bad As People Think

A Danish Galileo

A Deep Voice From Deep Space


A Guide to Chinese Takeout Menus

A Philanthropist of Science Seeks to Be Its Next Nobel

A Polish officer who saved the World dies in Florida at the age of 74

A Post From Baghdad Station (Iraqi blogger Salam Pax)

A proud performer after all (Reagan Funeral Insight to Sgt. York - The riderless horse.)

A real American hero

A School Engineered For Failure

A Sniper And National Character ( Fred )

A soldier's message

A Stealth Stake Through The Left's Heart

A Stroll Through the Lyman-Alpha Forest!

A Tall Order, Grammatically (Dave Barry) HA, Ha, HA!

A VIRTUAL PATH TO SUICIDE: Depressed student killed herself with help from online discussion group

Abrupt firings leave some hard feelings (Payback is Heck)

Adopt a Sniper


Air-powered Autos (Star Trek Technology - A Car That Breathes Air, Just Like You Do. Unbelievable.)

Airmen brace for new fitness test

Al-Qaida puts price on Sooner soldier


Allah or Jesus? (TROP™ come to save us from ourselves.)

Altered Mouse Turns 136 in Human Years

America Remembers September 11, 2001~~~~~~Live Thread

America's mission was and remains: Extirpating flaming nutballs and the societies that nurture them


An energy source that's out of this world

An Open Letter To Free Republic

Another of the greatest generation goes to his reward.

ANSWER left wing group email on Oct. 25 March on DC

Anti-American troll on the Radio FreeRepublic Chat Server gets his :)

Antiwar protesters trash 9/11 memorial

Arab world inflamed by assassination

Army Joins Struggle to Save Beer

Astronaut John Young to retire (longest serving astronaut in history)

Astronaut Says Private Spacecraft May Beat Shuttle to Space

Astronomy's New Grail: The $1 Billion Telescope

At 97, last known Civil War widow is living link to history

Atlas Dined: An Ayn Rand Spoof

Aviation Humor

Baghdad Bob Alive - and can't even get arrested!

Baghdad's New Anti-Americans (Are Not Iraqis)

Ball Turret Bill

Battle of Thermopylae

Be careful about bragging in public!

Be careful about bragging in public!

Because They Are Jews (On the relationship between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism)

Behind the Placards: The odd and troubling origins of today’s anti-war movement

Best 2004 Electoral/county map Yet

Betrayed by Europe: An Expatriate’s Lament

Beyond the Moon: Inside Bush's Space Plan

Big stakes for lab to build battle laser

Bin Laden letter to the American People (from Arab News website)

Bin Laden Tape: Gloom & Doom (Stratfor)

Bishop challenges Davis on abortion

Bob Ross Is Dead,But He Still PaintsHappy Little Clouds

Bolting for Bush

Break-Dancers Perform For The Pope, Get His Blessing

Breaking the Law of Gravity

Burglar meets well-armed victim

Bush and I were Lieutenants (Fellow Pilot Comes to Bush's Defense)

Bush common touch is outreaching Kerry

Bush Conspiracy Theory Generator

Bush gives in to protests, calls for end to Iraq war

Bush Rally Broken-up at Connecticut College

Bush to Charge NASA with Implementing Broad Space Vision to Dominate Cislunar Space

Bush's Mars Plan Attacked - It's just pie in the sky to the foreign press.

Bush-Kerry Debate - moderator Jim Lehrer, Fair and Balanced? You Decide.

Bush-Kerry Debate - moderator Jim Lehrer, Fair and Balanced? You Decide.

But For The Grace...(Amazing pic of Mid-Air between Baron and Cessna)

California city nearly bans water.

Can John Kerry hold on to his lead? (Zumwalt:"virtually had to straight-jacket him ")

Canada in legal fight to deport US flying squirrel

Candidate: My Opponent (Allegedly) Eats Babies

Caption This HILARIOUS Photo Of North Korean Border Guard Soldier

Caption Time: Dork Alert

CAPTION: Strange Bedfellows -Anton LaVey, Former Head of Church of Satan, Meets John Kerry

Carjackers make big mistake jumping this Lone Grove man - 83 YO breaks would-be carjackers arm

Cat Bathing As A Martial Art

Censored WTC pics

Charlie Daniel's Letter to America

Cheese: Bad Stuff

Child Molester Freed on Technicality in California

China details space plans

Christian Designs Found In Tomb Stones Of Eastern Han Dynasty


Coin From an ‘Alien Civilization’


Comprehensive study of 'time twins' debunks astrology

Confederacy lives way down south of Dixie

Congo's mystery killer could be a new type of ape

Conservatives "prepared to respond" if Episcopal Church OK's gay unions

Constitution of the United States of America with Amendments

Contribution to the International Communist Seminar, by Tony Murphy ANSWER Spokesman

Contribution to the International Communist Seminar, by Tony Murphy ANSWER Spokesman

Cosmology, Ancient and Modern

Couple from Wisconsin gunned down in Uganda

Cows: A Basic Lesson In Economics and Politics

Dad Slugs Man Who Offers Money To Girl For Sex

Dean Vows Revenge Against Rivals

Death in the Delivery Room

Death in the Delivery Room

DEATH TO DEFECTIVES: The Groningen Protocol and the Resurrection of the Third Reich

Decorated veteran slain; woman charged

Democratic Party Wins "Weaseliest Organization" in Dilbert Poll

Democrats admit ``I'd vote for the devil.''

Democrats riled by race and gender-biased bake sale [Hilarious]

Destination: Mars--This time, a reason for optimism.

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER MICHAEL NEW? Texas soldier takes a constitutional stand

Dog saves woman's life by calling 911

Doonesbury and the Winter Soldier (Free Republic Network)

Doug from Upland has been reported to the Secret Service!

Duct tape sales rise amid terror fears

E. Tenn Chapter Recruiting Drive (Call for Volunteers!)

Earth almost put on impact alert

Edward Teller ``Father of the H-Bomb'' dies at age 95

Ego Check, Aisle Four!

Electing to Leave

Elite Athlete

Ethnic Cleansing In Desert Of Death For Black Muslims


Europe's Anti-American Obsession : very good read!

European Moon mission set for blast off (Update)

Evangelicals in Korea poised to move north

Event Could Be in Deep Doo-Doo (Dave Barry)

Experts say man can live on Mars

Exporting Switzerland,The model Iraq needs to follow.

F-16 Ejection (Confirmed to be authentic)

Family to lose home by eminent domain for Costco store

Feathered ancestor of T. rex unearthed [Transitional species]

Feuding Hatfields, McCoys Sign Truce

Fifth Edition of the Lexicon of FreeRepublic * * A helpful FR dictionary for newcomers * *

Fifth grader accidentally shoots himself at school

Fighting Anti-American Hatred on Campus

Fine Young Communists- Uncle Sam Is Losing the War for Students in South

Flipper Plays Soccer!

Florence man fined $10,000 for machine gun possession

Forget the Hypocritical European Peace Rhetoric, East Africa Must Back Bush (Kenyan editorial)

Former Seattle journalist accused of helping Iraq: 'I'm innocent'

Fox Breaking News: Shuttle Columbia Left Landing Gear Was Deployed Prior to Failure

France is no Eurowimp

France is no Eurowimp

France's friendship curdles quickly

Free Republic Named Hate Group (My Title)

Freep Foxnews!

French official: No anti-Americanism in France

FROM FALLUJAH: A marine writes home

FSACNIATNIG (Peploe can raed bteter tahn you mhgit tinhk tehy can)

Funniest pictures of anti-war protests(let's make an archive thread)

Funny Money (Funny Brit article on taxes!)

Ga. Students Stop Knife Attack on Teacher (911 Generation Takes charge)

Gen. Giap: Kerry's Group Helped Hanoi Defeat U.S.

Gen. Shelton shocks Celebrity Forum, says he won't support Clark for president

General Staudt was retired!


Germans file suit against Poland over wartime compensation

Germany's Schroeder Hammered For His Condemantion of Israel's Attack in Syria - Great Read.

Glass Toilet Tests Courage

God and a Rough Man at War

GOD BLESS AMERICA, or what is left of it, if you don't vote.. !

Gold Rush In Space (market value: $20trillion!!!!!!!)

Gore-Dean Cartoons (Hysterical!)

Great cartoon!

GREEN WITHOUT ENVY (Howard Dean Ready to Bolt for Green Party)

Greying the Societal Zebra [Dumbest college paper article EVER?]

Gunpowder Plot Would Have Devastated London

Guns just make world worse [BARF ALERT!]

Hacks of Baghdad--The cabbie read of Iraq.

Hanoi John

Hanuman bridge is myth: Experts


He's 6. Mother's dead. Father likely faces execution, thanks to Canada (North Korean Dissident)

Heading Toward the Hydrogen Economy

Hearing Colors, Tasting Shapes

Helene Shue keeps her home after all

Here Comes The Judge

Herrings converse via flatulence, researchers find

Hilarious ebay description

Hill Whining Over Grapes (hockey guy runs afoul of Canada's official languages commissioner

Hillary Goes to WalMart (Freepers Applauded!)

Hillary's Secret War: Foreword by Jim Robinson

Horrifying US Secret Weapon Unleashed In Baghdad [Tank Mounted Radioactive Lightning Bolts! Yay!]

Household items burst into flame

How NASA Has Shortchanged US Space Effort

How Strong Is the Arab Claim to Palestine?-Exactly who has the right to claim "I had it first?"

HTML Sandbox

Hubble's deepest shot is a puzzle

Hugh Hewitt: An Outrage from the Front Page of the Los Angeles Times

I am Genuinely Curious Why Conservatives Don't Love Genocidal Dictators Like We Libs Do

I was a naive fool to be a human shield for Saddam (MUST, MUST READ!)

I Was Wrong! (Anti-War Activist Sees the Light)

IBM's 'dinosaur' turns 40

Icelandic "Iceman" grabs shark to save men -

If anyone here bought this, I have a veeblefetzer to sell you

If humans get to Mars, what might they do? [We could be there within six years]


Impromptus: Learning from Germany, begrudging the liberation, hating the anti-Communists, &c.

In a parallel universe called "What if . . . "

In Defense of a Man's-eye View (Dave Barry)

In the Village, Sex Shops Multiply and Test a Neighborhood's Tolerance

Incan Counting System Decoded?

INCREASING PROBLEM:Swedes have more and more animal sex

Independent May Be Spoiler (Chip in brain makes fun of her)

India: Meteor Foils Persecution Attack (Hindus apologize to Christians after celestial event)

Inside a Leftist Hatefest

Inside the abortion clinic

International ANSWER Peace Rally Participants Turn Violent

International ANSWER Peace Rally Participants Turn Violent

Internet spammer can't take what he dishes out

Iranian Student Protest Movement Publish Major Letter To the Free People of the World

Iranian Students are reportedly holding 3 Hebollah hostage demanding release of 80 students

Iraq Office Explosion Kills Two Men

Iraq's poisoned babies have turned me into a hawk

Iraqi Children to Participate in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts

Iraqi Translator's Service Comes at High Cost

Iraqi TV Surprize!

Iraqis for the "Occupation"

Iraqis march against Saturday

Is Bush Like, Stupid, or What? (irony alert)

Islam in Conflict in Cleveland

Israel reveals gun that shoots around corners

ISRAELI police plans to place bags of pig lard on buses to deter suicide attacks

It Could Happen Here--What an Iraqi biological attack on U.S. soil could mean to you.

It's a Disgrace This Book Had to Be Written-Does Stalin deserve the opprobrium visited on Hitler?

It's a Disgrace This Book Had to Be Written-Does Stalin deserve the opprobrium visited on Hitler?

It's a Party (Black woman in Comrade Maxine's district votes GOP & gets dissed)

IT'S MOB RULE! (creating 10-minute, inexplicable, random mobs, somewhere in NYC)

IT'S SPRINGTIME!!: Making dandelions palatable (Receipes included)

IT'S TIME TO ACT (National Review Online's Jim Geraghty's Call to Arms!)

Italian Commentary Argues Madrid Bombings Mark 'All-Out War' on Spanish Society

Italy - Berlusconi calls for new U.N. resolution to authorize the use of force against Baghdad

Ithaca is Gorges In Rear-View Mirror:tribute to the most God-forsaken hell-hole in America

Ivory Coast appeals to U.S. for help against French

James Lileks reviews "The Matrix Revolutions"

Jay Ward and Bullwinkle

Jilted husband throws himself to the tigers

Jim Pederson (AZ Democrat Chair), Call Off the Attack Dogs in Your 'Politics of Hatred' Campaign

John Kerry At Valley Forge (With Jane Fonda)

John Kerry On Iraq: Weathervane In A Windstorm

John Rhys-Davies on Tolkien and Islam (Q&A)

Kerry Campaign Responds to Woman Holding Sign Opposing Abortion

Kerry picks up key endorsement: North Korea

Kerry presidential ambition has ridden off into sunset (Dowd Alert)

Keychain Remote Control Turns Off Most TVs


Kmart Calls Cops When Easter Rabbit Protests Military-Themed Holiday Baskets (with fun PHOTOS!)

Knoppix Linux penetrates Windows security. I used it to rescue/recover from Windows crash

Korean (War) P.O.W. Escapes N. Korean to China--Being Held--May Be Deported BACK To N. Korea!!

Leftward at Full Throttle (Why John Kerry must keep his plans 'secret'.)

LET'S BLAME RUSH!!! *HUMOR THREAD* Your Nominations For What ELSE Rush Is Responsible For!


Letterman shredding Democrats on Late Night right now!

Liberal Warfare!

Life in Pyongyang

Liquid Space

Live Discussion Thread: Blix Reports to UN

Londoners Learn to Love Their Grits (the Brits put their distinctive stamp on down-home cooking.)

Lowbridge Scambaiting The 419 Email Scammers (FRANKLIN DUBE)

Male Bass in Potomac Producing Eggs

Man armed with knife kills hungry bear - Bring a knife to a bear fight?

Man fights back after moose attack

Marine quotes from the last couple weeks

Mark Steyn: America must learn from our laziest woman

Mark Steyn: South Carolina's most indestructible ladies' man isn't

Massive Old Star Reveals Secrets On Deathbed

Meanwhile at the Ranch (photos) enjoy...

Megachurches clash with critics next door

Men Behaving Badly - Why?

Message Board Netiquette

Message Board Netiquette

Meteorite 'photographed' hitting Earth

Missing Bach score found in Japan, professor says

Mission to Mars - W's new vision for NASA.

Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf Throughout History (what if?)

Mom Hunts Down Terrorists Online

Moon plan to give U.S. control over energy sources

Moon's surface brimming with untapped power

Moose caught in power lines, hangs 50 feet in air

More Help From the French

Most bizarre corporate animation ever?

Muslim Convert [to Christianity] Butchered by PLO Terrorists [in PA Territories]

N Korea threatens US with first strike

N. Korea: A bombing of the local office of the secret police (a few dozen casualties)

N. Korea: The Last Emperor


Naked man covered in nacho cheese arrested

Naked man covered in nacho cheese arrested

Naomi Wolf and Her Incredible Naiveté (Dennis Miller Show Comments)

Naomi Wolf and Her Incredible Naiveté (Dennis Miller Show Comments)

NASA delays tower destruction

NASA Researchers Put New Spin On Einstein's Relativity Theory

NASA Successfully Tests Ion Engine

NASA to test Einstein's time warp theory

NASA's 5,000-Mph Jet Makes First Flight

Nazi Background of Saddam Hussein

Negotiators approve flag compromise (GA State Flag)

Networking to destroy Israel

New Howard Dean In The Works

New material may be shield for space trip

New Neighbor Tested with Beer

New Spanish Leader Lashes Out Over Iraq War

Nigerian Scam Artist Wants To Buy Brooklyn Bridge From Me!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

North Korean Defector BASHES Clinton's Naive, Failed Policy on Pyongyang; Praises Bush Approach

North Korean Sympathizers In America

Norwegian Woman Bitten by ... a Piranha?

Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us

Nugent stirs campus with hard-line views -weighs in on drug/alcohol usage, Native Americans, gays

NURSE: I Saw Wife Attacking Hawking

O Captain, Our Captain! ~ A Girl Scout view of Iraq.

Ode to America - Romanian Daily News

Oil from Trash and other stuff.

Old And In The Way (Decline and Fall of Europe)


On to Mars

Open letter signed by 24 Olympians and Professional Athletes (For George W. Bush)

OPERATION INFINITE FREEP Univ. of Tenn. Counter-Protest

Opportunity And Spirit Reach Out

Our media jihadis

Out There: A baptism! Noodling for catfish

Owner Kills Gunman in N. Phila. Grocery Store

Oz outrage at Germaine Greer's attack on 'cultural wasteland'

Panic in Khartoum: Foreigners Shake Hands, Make Penises Disappear

Paper Models of Polyhedra!

Parking problem?

Pastor Gives Kansas Senate a Shock

PC of the future (as predicted in 1954)

Peace group FReeped at Auburn NY Unitarian Universalist "Church".

Peace Isn't Possible In Evil's Face

Peacenik's price

Penguin slapper on post 2

Philosophy: Who Needs It?

Pilgrims Canned Communism

Pirated copies of Gibson movie stir Chinese

Plague In The Heartland

Plants Give Up Secret Of Splitting Water

Please, help me pray...

Poland supports the US stance on Iraq unconditionally!

Police capture mower rider after brief chase

Political Poseur - Of Course Republicans Are More Tolerant Than Democrats - duh

Political Virility: Real men vote Republican.

Pope Gets Unexpected Visitor

Popeye the Sailor Man Turns 75

Priceless Encounter



Propaganda Poster From North Korea: (Korean: US imperialists shouldn't carelessly provoke war)

Pseudoscience vs. Snobbery: A Doonesbury lesson.

Pup shoots man, saves litter mates

Purge at San Francisco State--expelled for criticizing the Palestinian Left

Racheal Corrie's Parents Present Picture to Arafat (BARF!!! Alert)

Ranger's experience nothing like on TV

Reactor research to power journey to Jupiter's moons

Ready to Explode: Inside Look at an Unstable Star (Eta Carinae)


Remarks to the Commonwealth Club Michael Crichton (Theme: Environmentalism is really Urban Atheism)

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold

Richard Gere wins Plain English Foot in Mouth award (HOLD MUH GRAMMAR ALERT)

Rifle scope stops incoming fire, saves Marine’s life

ROAD TRIP: Yes, New York Messed With Texans

Robotic Rockhounds: Twin Mars Rovers to Use High-Tech Tools

Roy Moore, Reconsidered

Rumsfeld Quietly Sidesteps General Franks With Proven Airborne Ranger Warfighter.

Rush's Advertisers Being DUed,

Russia has a plan for a pre-emtive strike against N. Korea(if it is about to use nukes)

Russia: From Village Boy to Soldier, Martyr and, Many Say, Saint

Saddam and the Next 9/11

Saddam's Brain: The ideology behind the thuggery

Safety chiefs target German craze for 'bazooka' spud guns (HOLD MEIN BIER!)

Salvation Army Gets $1.5 Billion From the Estate of Kroc Heiress

Samantha Smith predicted it - now it's official: 'In Gaia We Trust'

Schilling on Good Morning America (leans right)

Scientists and Their Gods: (Science and Christianity: Conflict or Coherence?)

Seeing beyond the obvious at Google


Sharon: Yassin was the worst of Palestinian terrorists

Shazam! John Kerry Lookalikes

Should American Christians Die To Liberate Iraqi Muslims?

Signup Mistakes Blamed on Group

Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" translated into Latin

Skeptical Environmentalist Vindicated!

So what's wrong with clubbing seals?

So you think George W. Bush is not a conservative?

Solana hits back after stormy Kosovo trip

Soldier's Home Video from Iraq

Some Like It Hot, but a New Pepper Is Bred for the Rest

Song Stuck in Your Head? You're Not Alone

Sorry Marine -- You're Too Old

Space aliens? In Solano, Calif? Crop circles, feel the healing energy

SpaceShipOne Breaks the Sound Barrier

Split Decision, Clear Result (the Michigan SC cases)

Sri Lankan dad breast-feeds babies

Stanislav Petrov the man who "saved the world

Starving Nations Reject U.S. Food Donation

Study: Kansas Is Flatter Than a Pancake

Study: Kansas Is Flatter Than a Pancake

Stuned beebers

Sweden Farm Makes Pricey Moose Cheese

Teenager In Trouble In Inhaler Incident (Gives inhaler to asthma sufferer; gets expelled)

Testimony of parent whose son committed suicide [1 of 4] after attending the Ark. Gov.'s School

Text of Statement From Shuttle Families

Text Of Zell Miller's RNC Speech (Full Text)

Thanksgiving Day, 2004 [Pres. Bush Proclamation]

That's Disgusting! Thank Goodness

The "Real" Deal About Nuclear, Bio & Chemical Attacks

The 'Horizontal' Approach to Space Programs

The 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics

The Alamo is over-rated as a tourist attraction, dammit (note: soldier’s account of ambush)

The Arabs From a Japanese Perspective

The Battle of Athens, Tennessee

The Curse Of The Red-Headed Mummy

The Free State Project: A Project for Idaho

The Green Hills Of Earth, Thread for The Shuttle.

The Hobbit Hole III - Journey to the Cross-roads!

The Holocaust Shrug

The Is-There-A-Run-On-Duct-Tape-Yet? thread

The KGB's Man ["I invented the hijackings"]

the loin that squeaked

The Man Who Would Be Khan

The Music Of Blue State America

The Obstacle Of An Armed Citizenry

The Outsource of Confusion - When jobs go, we grow. [Pro-Outsourcing Article]

The passenger

The Pastor Without a Paycheck


The Rage of Oriana Fallaci

The Real Sergeant York

The Red is not Dead.

The sacred heart of darkness

THE SCOTSMAN: No morality in leaving Iraqis in the Republic of Fear (MUST, MUST READ!)

The soldier who refuses to fight (barf)


The Story of a Frozen Byrd ... err, Bird, covered in Excretment

The Teacher Chose Death (elderly teacher insisted on remaining with his students)

The Toys of Peace

The Transhumanists - The next great threat to human dignity.

The Underground University

The Voices of the Iraqi Citizen Blogs (Great Stuff)

The WB Cancels Joss Whedon's "Angel"

The West Wing: Lies About Sudan

The whispering wheel [Dutch invention can make vehicles 50 percent more efficient]

The Worst Jobs in Science

The Worst Jobs in Science: Science's ugly side

The Yanks are all right - British Journalist writes PRO-AMERICA editorial

Theory Proposes New View of Sun and Earth's Creation

They gave me tangerines and muttered Hallelujah (Christianity in China)

They've Outlived the Stigma: 'Kamikaze Survivors' resent being lumped in with suicide bombers.

This Marine is Tired

Time magazine targets Christian missionaries

Time to put the ugh boot into men who moisturise (“metrosexuals” backlash)

To Boldly Go ... [to the Moon, Mars, and beyond!]

To Boldly Go ... [to the Moon, Mars, and beyond!]

To Fill an Empty Far East, Russians Look to North Korean Refugees

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (email just recieved)

Top Ten Reasons Al Gore Has Endorsed Howard Dean (Dave Letterman)

Top Ten Things for Tom Daschle to do on January 3, 2005

Tortured prisoner prepares to testify

Toshiba develops tiny fuel cell

Turkey Fryer Fires

Tuscan 'Excalibur' Mystery To Be Unearthed

U.S Congress may push for military draft

U.S Soldier Ended Up in Soviet Army

U.S. aid workers killed in Yemen (CNN Updated Article; identifies the dead Americans)

uh huh

Unicorn buck makes Crestline hunter a legend

Univ. of Tenn. Anti-Tax FReep after action report

Universe could be football-shaped

University Unveils Method to Turn Ethanol into Hydrogen

Unspeakable Conversations (Should I have been killed at birth? The case for my life.)

Update: NJ Man Beaten with Snake

US Launches Unified Plan For Aerospace Technology

US Sentry Saves Troops By Killing Suicide Bomber

Useful Idiot Caption-A-Rama for 27 July

Usual Suspects: The Un-American President ('isn’t going to elect Kerry...the guy’s just too weird')

VANITY-Humor:Dating a Drill Intructors Daughter

Vanity: You got to see this Al Gore photo.

Veteran isn't too old for the old college try

Vietnam, A Personal Journey

Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese frenzy may spur owner meltdown

Voice of dissent: Blair uses words of Iraqi exile, 19

Wannabe Yanks

Was N. Korean Defector Kidnapped or Arrested?(opium farm connection)

We go with the Americans and the British (Romanian editorial)

We have a new moon

We Should Have Listened, Part I: Washington's Prophetic Voice

We Were Soldiers — Betrayed in Viet Nam

Weapons cache stuns Canucks (Afghanistan)

What Did They Expect To Accomplish? [Ken Scram (Komo-Seattle) Commentary on anti-war protests]

What do Arabs think about the Holocaust? Arabs Sign Guest Book at Holocaust Exhibit

What if Hitler Had Invaded the United States in World War Two?


What will they say when the dungeons are opened?

What You Can't Say

When I was a Puppy

When Southerners aren't Understood.

When UFOs Arrive

Where Russians cursed in Yiddish (interesting read)

Who are the Haters? - An Internet Search

Who Armed Iraq? Myth vs. Fact

Who's ugly now? Mark Steyn argues that Americans are more compassionate than Europeans

Why Arabs Lose Wars

Why Beijing will not attack Taiwan


Why Feminism Is AWOL on Islam (Got a HUGE barf bag? You're gonna need it! INSANE Must Read)

WHY I HATE THE FRENCH -"Pourquoi je déteste Les Français"

Why the silence over North Korea's concentration camps?

Why This Monster Must Go

Why Tolkien Says The Lord of the Rings Is Catholic

Why we love American elections

Will there be blood in the streets? Should there be blood in the streets?

Woman Performs C-Section to Save Puppies


WWII veteran returns certificate to France

X Prize Contestant Chooses Launch Site

X Prize Team Fires Engines, Prepares for 2004 Launch

XCOR Submits First "Sufficiently Complete" RLV Launch License Application

You know your a Marine Corps Tanker when....

YOU'LL NEVER HEAR THIS ON THE NETWORK NEWS >>"people of Iraq are happy with American presence.."

Zapped human eggs divide without sperm (possible new stem cell source?)

ZELL MILLER: I Tried To Tell You . . .


ZOT! Oh no! 350 TONS of WMD "stolen"


[Einstein's] Equivalence principle passes atomic test

“Soviet Canuckistan.”