Cordova Belle
Since Jun 21, 2000

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Actually, "Member Since October, 1998" (before the March for Justice) when I lived in California. Fled the west coast in July, 1999, just in time---Dems overtook the governorship and state assembly in '98. I returned to find West Tennessee local govt. in the grip of crooks and Jesse Jackson-wannabes.

If you want to find out the most important thing I would like to tell you, just skip down to the last paragraph. I saved the best for last.

My 3 treasures, Carey, Michael, and Joy:

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DISCLAIMER I can only post sporadically on FR...I only have access to the internet while at my desk at work and could lose my job if found to be doing a lot of posting to FR during the work day. So my posts are mostly confined to before 8:15 a.m.CST, during my lunch hour, or after 4:30 p.m. It also means I can rarely catch the discussion on the "Daily Dose"!! :-(

My life has been filled with widely divergent "challenges."

My career goal had been to be a newspaper reporter, but I married my college sweetheart and taught school while putting him through graduate school. Taught junior high school for 5 years in Burleson, Texas. Loved it.I quit teaching and was a stay-at-home mom to the 3 treasures of my life (see above treasures).

The challenges increased.

ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER:I have a son (now grown) with ADHD

Michael, age 19

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and became an expert in ADD, hyperactivity and the pros and cons of Ritalin. Now in college, Michael wants to become a teacher. He has a heart for hurting kids, and if anyone can understand the "squirrely" student, it will be Michael!!

DWARFISM--I have a daughter who was born with achondroplasia, having 5 surgeries before she was 12, and I became an expert in achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism.

Carey at her graduation from Wheaton College 2001

When you have a child born with a physical handicap/challenge, you focus all your energy upon that child and the condition, and we all became card-carrying members of Little People of America with an understanding of their world. I am so proud of Carey. She graduated from high school with the International Baccalaureate diploma--only a few high shools in the world offer it. For her required diploma thesis, she chose the topic of the Holocaust and how it impacted those who were either mentally or physically handicapped. Had she lived in Hitler's Germany, she would most likely have met her death in one of his concentration camps.

Here is Carey with her brother and sister:

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Carey now works for Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, CO.

Joy, the youngest:

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and with my sisters at her high school graduation tea:


Joy is in California working this summer at a Christian camp. I miss her terribly. She's a history major at the University of Memphis.


OPERA:My husband was a classically trained tenor; won the district Metropolitan Opera auditions 25 years ago. Classical music/vocal performance has been a major factor in my life.

GAME SHOWS: Appeared on 2 game shows ("The $25,000 Pyramid" in 1985 and "Monopoly," in 1990), winning $35,000 and $32,000 respectively. Was selected for an appearance on "Password" with the late Bert Convy, when my too-recent appearance on "Pyramid" made me ineligible. Coached two friends to victory on 2 other shows.

BROADCASTING: Assistant for 6 years to radio talk show host in Los Angeles known as "the Father of Christian Talk Radio." Produced his show, booked celebrities.

POLITICS: Got an early start: At age 12, I begged my parents to let me work for Nixon in his campaign against Kennedy. At 16 elected the first secretary for Memphis' chapter of TARs. (TeenAge Republicans)

OVARIAN CANCER--When my mom was diagnosed in '76, I threw myself into research about it. Participated in a study at the Gilda Radner Research Cancer Center at Cedars-Sinai in Hollywood.

PUBLISHING--Worked for a textbook publisher and learned the publishing industry.

GHOSTWRITING--Wrote 2 chapters for an author when she fell ill.

and lastly..
MY RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. I now work for a church with 27,000 members and a daily radio/weekly TV broadcast. It's been a challenging life.... But God has been good---all the time. And Jesus has sustained us. My life verse: "You are loved with an everlasting love." Jeremiah 31:3. When I was a child, our pastor then had an oft-repeated comment. I could wish for nothing better for you: "May you come to know Him, Whom to know is life eternal."