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A dogged pursuit

A Man Once Lived Who Confronted Islamic Fanatics-Count Dracula

A Right-To-Die Fairy Tale

Abortion may drag us to history's grave [infanticide = sign of doomed culture]

Anti-Federalist papers 78-82 - The Power of the Judiciary (warning about Tyrants in Black Robes)

Archbishop Sheen Today - Denying Our Sins

Back to the Beginning: A Brief Introduction to the Ancient Catholic Church

Buchanan - The Holy Land, Easter 2002


CCE Confirmation Test (Catholic Caucus)

Day 5 of Pope Benedict XVI's Reign - Installation Mass (Graphics Heavy!)

Devotion to the Holy Face [of Jesus]

Examination of Conscience

Explanation of the Prayer of Saint Michael [Father Robert J. Altier]

Exploding the Myth of the Population Bomb

Freeper ARRESTED for Asserting his RIGHTS!!!!!

Fundamentalists (five major points of conflict with the Catholic Church)

Fundamentalists (five major points of conflict with the Catholic Church)

Hospice, Living Wills, Futile Care: Hospice, Hospitals & Nursing Homes Have License To Kill

How Birth Control Changed America for the Worst

How Ending the Abortion Nightmare Will Make Bush the Next Lincoln

Imagine there's a heaven

Indiana Jones & The Real World [Buchanan on gun control]

Join Me In The Stations Of The Cross

Jokes for St. Patrick's Day

Lenten “Listening”: Last “Rights” for Neurology (must read)

MagicJack's next act: disappearing cell phone fees

Misleading Multiculturalism (new book for Catholic children about Catholic/Muslim beliefs)

Misquoting Our Founding Fathers

Montana Legislature Considers Red Light Camera Ban

New class of chemical compounds created

Nonbelievers Too Can Be Saved, Says Pope

Papal Election and Succession

Pope accuses Israel of humiliating Palestinians

Pre-Marital Annulments: What Tribunal Ministry Taught Me About the Culture of Death

Rush Limbaugh: Rush Answers Abortion Question

Should the Unborn be Considered Human?

Speculation: John McCain picks Sarah Palin for Vice President

Take the Limbaugh Challenge (Good Read!)

The Early Church Fathers on Apostolic Succession - Catholic/Orthodox Caucus

The Early Church Fathers on the Immaculate Conception - Catholic/Orthodox Caucus

The Lost Soul of Scott Hahn

The Mysteries of Candlemas

The myth of socialization: Kyle Williams debunks lies about home-schooling

The Other Catholics: A Short Guide to the Eastern Catholic Churches

The Way of The Cross - a devotional reflection on Christ's Passion

Twelve Latin Chants Every Catholic Should Know

We need to stop pornography, now

What to know if there's a Smallpox Outbreak

What’s So Great About Catholicism

Will Rogers Quotes