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Defiant Bush says US needs no permission for war, defends Iraq invasion

Twister caught on camera

"I don't know why they are so dumb" (Zell Miller on Democrats LIVE) I LOVE THIS MAN!!!

"ROBERT REICH'S RHETORICAL RUBBISH" (he foresees war between "science" and people of "Scripture")

'Hanoi John' Gets Unwelcome Reception From Veterans

'You're on Thin Ice, My Friend' (video of catfight between Omarosa and Linda Vester on Fox News)

1979 Hundreds of Thousands Iranian women protest mandatory veil [History w/ Pics]

500 Women Stand Silently and Are Abused by Baby-Killer Marchers; DC Police Not Up to Task

52 Hours of Horror and Death for Captives at Russian School (Hostages speak)

A DAY (a very spectacular day) IN THE LIFE OF PRESIDENT BUSH (PHOTOS): 11.3.04

A Guide to Imposing Your Morals on Others Without Feeling Guilty About It

A Pharmacist's View on Gay Marriage

A Pharmacist's View on Gay Marriage

A scholar argues that Bush's doctrine of preemption has deep roots in American history (good read)

A stubborn Kid Rocks the Bush vote

A Troll Announces a Visit – Mark your Calenders!

Abortion: Disturbing Numbers

Abortions for Black Women Soar

Abu Gharib, other parts of the picture. An Interview with an Iraqi citizen

Access Denied [Doctors and pharmacists refusing to prescribe or dispense the pill]

Agnostic Arrogance of the 'Liberal Elite'

Aid and comfort to the enemy: The Kerry record...

Alan Keyes warns: 'Republic is dying'

American Citizen Charged With Spying (For IRAQ) - Update: Former Mosely Braun Aide

American's Prints Found on 3/11 Detonator Bag

And people think Mel Gibson is nuts...(GRAPHIC)

Ann Curry: Indians "Feel Thanksgiving Should Be Day of Mourning"

Antibiotic-resistant strain of syphilis is spreading

Anyone else see PBS "Colonial House"

Bagram G.I.: Troops Waited While Hillary Chowed Down

Berg's encounter with 'terrorist' revealed

Between Him and the Kids ( Passing up the perfect photo-op) Reagan

Bill Clinton My Life - Book Covers That Did Not Make The Cut

Brats! Why Are So Many Parents Afraid To Say "No?"

Broken Dream,The American Experience(PBS)celebrates MLK Day with Citizen King. (REPEAL HOLIDAY?)

Bush Guard Documents: Forged

Bush Voters Are Luke Warm Facists (Libs Reality Starting to set in)

Bush voters pay 57% of all taxes

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE POOR*? (Fair tax POV of Neal Boortz)

CAIR's Dreams of American Sharia (Required reading for American Patriots!)

Calculating Christmas: The Story Behind December 25

Campus censors in retreat

Catholic Poland celebrates The Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi) - see the pictures -

CBS'S BIG BLUNDER? (Credits Free Republic)

CDC Vaccine Data Leads Scientists to Shocking Discovery, Possible Vaccine/Mercury/Autism Link

Children’s bodies found in mass grave (claims they are Serb)

Christian Group's Message Is 'Hate', Editor Says

Clinton Library Packs Them In With Free Admission

Clinton was told of bin Laden hijack plot in '98

Communist Party USA supports John Kerry

Cosmo Clinton Portrait Unveiled

Country's Best BBQ

Court upholds Bible class ban


cRazY Dean remix..... (for fellow bored insomniacs)

Crocodile Hunter in hot water (Crikey, stay away from the penguins mate! -Greenpeace)

Cuban Mothers

Disgusting Protester Sign at the NYC "Peace" March

Disgusting Protester Sign at the NYC "Peace" March

Doctors launch cash-only practices

DUmmie FUnnies 11-08-04 PM Edition ("Is anyone else having a REALLY HARD TIME coping?"}

EATING TO LIVE (New book Says 14 `Superfoods' Key to a longer, healthier)

Economists agree, Media has a Liberal Bias....

Education money pit

Education: Challenging school closures and curriculum

Family Barred From Seeing Comatose Woman

Female Med School Applicants Surpass Men

Forced conversion to Islam fatal for Christian boy (Islamics torture Xian boy for 5 days)


Fox News Viewers Are So Stupid! Protesters Say

FReeper Reviews of Fahrenheit 9/11


Giving Thomas Jefferson the Business:The Jefferson-Hemings Hoax

Giving Thomas Jefferson the Business:The Jefferson-Hemings Hoax

Gotta see this! Bush - Kerry Musical

Gypsy Jackson wants Electoral College abolished

Heckler From Ky. Thrown To Floor After Interrupting Kerry's Speech (New Info)

Help, How do I post pictures?

Homeschoolers keep the faith - Is this education - or indoctrination?

Housework sermon sparks imam boycott

How we infuriated a Liberal Idiot Teacher for MLK day.

IMF urges France to ditch high taxes, 35-hour week

Immigration Order Splits Up Family:

In Good Standing? Do churches have the right to determine who are members in good standing?

In Netherlands - "Thou Shalt Not Kill" is now a racist comment! (Religion of Peace Alert!)

Iraq: Cleric's threat to female troops (keep her as slave if captured)

Jobs Come and Go (One of the smartest economists in the world hits the nail on the head)

John Rhys-Davies slams Michael Moore (and France!)

Judge to Christian mom: No 'homophobic' teaching

Just watched FahrenHype 9/11

Karina: Am I Conservative, Rush?

Kerry "Bumper Stickers" - Let the Libs Know How You Feel

Kerry honored at communist museum: Photograph hangs in section devoted to war protesters

Left Slams Christian Vote: What About Kerrys' Atheist Vote??

Leftists Busted in Voter Registration Fraud (Surprise, Surprise....Not)

Letter To The Red States (Have You Seen This Trash?)

Linda Ronstadt is a bigot

List of churches Albanians destroyed in Kosovo, March 17 through 19

Mad Monica fires back (She has tapes of messages from clinton)

Madonna and Kabbalah 'Is this the End'

Making the case for teaching our boys to ... `bring me home a black girl'.

Man charged with sexual battery of a child (man and his gay lover raped 11 year-old boy)

Margaret Sanger: Intellectual Moron

Marin County: Into the Belly of the Beast [4x8 Bush~Cheney Sign]

Marine in 'Fall of Baghdad' Photo Injured

McCain rejects Kerry's VP offer

Mexican senate pushes for approval of migration agreement in United States

Michael Reagan Will Address Republican Convention on Stem Cell Research

Michael Reagan: It's Not a Campaign, It's a Hate Crime

Middle America, My A**

Militants in Europe Openly Call for Jihad and the Rule of Islam

Moms meet at Galleria for `nurse-in' protest (Demand Right To Breast Feed In Public - Houston)

Moore interviewed Berg for "Fahrenheit" [index to thread at reply #1859]

Most of You Just Don't Get It

My Opus ** (Please Read!) **

My prodigal son, the homosexual

My unlikely bridge to the right [NPR type moves right]

Nancy Reagan: "This is it."

NASA Ordered to Pull Kerry Photos Offline (This was the subtitle)

New European Studies Show Homosexual Marriage Harms Marriage in General

New Hampshire Pro-Lifer's Car Shot at While Protesting Abortion

Nice Eye Candy, But Not A Sport

Nicole Kidman/New Line Cinema Film Features Pedophilia

Nixon Thought John Kerry Was a "Phony"




Paige's outrageous terrorist charge undermines goals - (But it gets better!)

Palm Beach County Logs 88,000 More Votes Than Voters (Dem Fraud Cited as GOP Fraud?)

Passion of the Christ: Notes on the Symbolism

Paypal scam is almost believable, but not quite

Phillly Fraud by the numbers (a logical look at Philadelphia)

Poll: Most Americans Oppose Gay Marriage

Post Your Examples Of Leftists' Postmortem Reagan-Bashing Here (VANITY)

Post your Girlyman Kerry Photos Here

Price Controls on Drugs Would Be Inhumane:Price Controls Mean Many Would Suffer Or Die Unnecessarily

Pro-Bush Booth Stirs Anger at Convention

Rangel Votes Against His Own Draft Bill!

Rapes in Beslan: in Muhammed's Footsteps

Rather/Clinton Image Gallery (159 pictures available for captioning)

Reference HTML Cheatsheet

Religious Differences

Republicans Unveil NYC Entertainment Lineup (Update, MSUT READ)

Rescued: Data the Kerry/Edwards Campaign Tried to DELETE from its site! (grandpa dave found cache)

Researchers warn of infectious Web sites (More fun with windows, IIS, and IE)

Rice vs. Red-ucation: Who is the "illiterate"-Condoleezza Rice or Marxist dictator Hugo Chavez?

Rice vs. Red-ucation: Who is the "illiterate"-Condoleezza Rice or Marxist dictator Hugo Chavez?

Ronald Reagan Dies at 93

Saudi Sermon: Time for Christians and Jews to Convert to Islam

Saudi Sermon: Time for Christians and Jews to Convert to Islam

Senator Zell Miller's speech at the Republican Convention, transcript.

Students disciplined for posters on King Day

Study Funded by U.S.EPA (During Clinton Admin.) on Population Growth/Control (Targets Catholics)

Swift Boat Member Skips Rally Over Fliers at Bush Campaign Office


Teacher has kids tasting flavored condoms (Brave New Schools)

Teachers union calls for defeat of Bush - "Fahrenheit 9/11" showing at convention

The 'Offended' 911 Group “Peaceful Tomorrows” is funded largely by Teresa Heinz

The Howard Dean Re-Mix (The Funniest Thing You Will Hear On FR Today)

The Savage Nation, for the week Dec. 8 - Dec.12

The tiniest human

The Top Ten Things People Believe About Canadian Health Care, But Shouldn't

Three sisters rode school OT gravy train (Chicago Public Schools)

Three Year Old Sodomized By Homosexual Dies Of Heart Attack.

Truth Without Interruption Day (April 21, 2004)

U.S Constitution Party An Interview With the Presidential Candidate Michael Peroutka

United States of Canada vs. Jesusland

Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints

US lawmakers request UN observers for November 2 presidential election

Video: Violence against Conservative Marchers in NYC (WARNING: BAD LANGUAGE!)

We’re Not Gen-X, We’re Gen-Reagan

We’re Not Gen-X, We’re Gen-Reagan

What a Rip! Burning Backup DVDs Ruled Illegal

What if There Is Something Going On in There? - (Terri Shiavo - erring to the side of caution)

What is the best html editor to use when designing FreeRepublic posts?

When Goons Attack-Bullies Storm Republican Office ( vandalism, shooting, more-)

When One (baby) Is Enough (ultimate in cold selfishness)

Why You Can Never Convince Someone that Something is Immoral