Since Apr 11, 2003

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56 y.o. white male seeks bisexual couples for adventurous...just kidding, JUST KIDDING!

Married, no kids.
Registered Nurse (V.A.)
U.S. Navy 1975-1980 Operations Specialist 2/c USS Little Rock CG-4, USS King DDG-41
Became a Republican under Ronald Reagan, God Rest His Soul
Solidified my conservative positions under the tutelage of Rush Limbaugh.
Love movies, rock 'n' roll, travel, rock 'n' roll, reading, rock 'n' roll,
video games, rock 'n' roll, the X-Files, rock 'n' roll, and politics.
Did I mention rock 'n' roll?

Worst nightmare: Standing in the middle of the town square in nothing but
my underwear.

Second worst nightmare: America falling back under the control of Democrats.


"dandi" is a play on my and my wife's initials: d and i for David and Irma